Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Turkey Sausage & Pepper Panini

The Mr has really been taking care of me while I've been sick.  I decided I wanted to reward him with a tasty lunch Sunday so I made him a sausage and pepper panini.  I lightened it up a bit but it's still quite the sodium bomb.  But what this baby delivers in sodium, it also delivers big on fiber, protein and taste.

Here's what you'll need to make this baby.

3 oz of Trader Joe's Smoked Turkey Kielbasa
2 slices of Trader Joe's Whole Wheat Fiber Bread
1/4 cup sliced onions, grilled
1/4 cup red pepper slices, grilled
1/4 cup Prego Meat Sauce
1/4 cup Trader Joe's No Salt Marinara Sauce
1 slice Trader Joe's Jarlsburg Lite Swiss

Cut the turkey into large chunks and grill along with the onions and peppers.  When all have a nice bit o' char on them, turn the heat down and fire up the panini press.  Spray one side of bread with cooking spray (or olive oil but this will change the nutritional content) and place oiled side down on the press.  Mix both sauces together in a microwave safe bowl and add any salt free spices if desired.  Heat for 30 seconds if they're cold.  Layer 3 oz of sausage, onions and peppers on the bread.  Ladle some of the sauce on top, you likely won't use all of the sauce unless you want an unholy mess.  Top with cheese and the other slice of bread.  Don't forget to spray cooking spray on top of the bread before pressing.  Slightly overcook the bread so it stands up to the sauce.  Slice in half and enjoy!

Nutritional Information per sandwich:  Calories 461  Total Fat 14g  Sat Fat 2g  Cholesterol 65mg  Sodium 1339mg Potassium 284mg  Total Carbs 56g  Fiber 13g  Sugars 15g  Protein 34g  Vitamin A 41%  Vitamin C 82% Calcium 8%   Iron 29%

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  1. Thanks so much for making this for me. It was wonderful and I highly recommend it!

  2. That looks really tasty. A panini press is one this I really want, but I just don't have a place for it in between uses.

  3. That panini looks delicious. I have often thought I need a panini press. I have a quesadilla maker, do you think that would work? I realize it wouldn't put the cool grill marks on it, but it should flatten the sandwich nicely. I used that quesadilla maker once just after I got it a couple years ago, then put it away and haven't had it out since.

  4. Mr- You're welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

    Another Layer- You can get a press that doubles as a table top grill/griddle so that it's multi-functional. I also grill chicken and such on it!

    Dupster- I'm pretty sure a quesadilla press would work as well. It's more to get the crispy schtuff on the bread, ya know? Of course you could easily morph it into a quesadilla if the bread thing doesn't work out! YUM!

  5. This recipe looks great. Glad you are on the mend from being sick!

  6. Oh goodness, that looks delicious! :D Feel free to make one for me too!!

  7. LOVE the marinara on this sammie! Sodium was so not on my radar until I was helping a friend meal plan to keep hers under 1000 per day (very hard!).

    I input my food for the day: sauerkraut, deli ham, pickles, all told I had 6000 mg in one day!

    Now I just drink lots of water. :D

  8. Now that you mention it, I think I have seen those mutli-purpose ones. My old George Foreman grill has certainly seen better days, maybe it's time for an upgrade.

  9. I use a George Foreman for our Panini Sammies :) That looks so good. I really should make this for my hubby he loves sausage and peppers!


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