Monday, February 20, 2012

2/20/12- Food Journal

I swear I barely had enough strength to lift my camera to take pics of my food today.  I am so sick that I can barely function.  If I could curl up in a ball and cry all day, I would've.  The facial pain, the headache, the ear pain, the chest congestion, the hacking, hearing my own heartbeat in my all sucks.  I wanted to do so much more today than I did and I can't thank the Mr for all he has done to take care of me while I've been feeling bad.  (He should, he gave it to me.  The scallywag.  *wink*)

Let's eat...

Breakfast was a bowl of Fiber 80 with skim milk, a banana with nutella and green tea.

Lunch was a TJ's chicken hot dog (no nitrates or preservatives) with mustard and onions, raw veggies & 1/2 tbsp of dip, fruit salad, apple with apple dip, TJ's chocolate brownie oat bar and iced tea.

Dinner was cornish game hen and italian home fries with onions.  Don't worry my lovelies, the recipe is coming soon!  ;-)

Night time snack was a twofer because while there was a good amount of meat on the hen, the Mr and I were both hungry not long after.  So we had a kettle corn (not pictured) and a skinny cow ice cream sandwich.

Calories for the day, 2051.  Exercise was switched to a hike in the gushy woods and I burned 720 calories.  If ever there was a day I was going to skip exercise, it would've been today.  Seriously, I have never been in such horrific pain due to illness in a loooong time.  I refused to let it break my almost 3 year exercise streak.  Unless I'm in the hospital, I will always do something!

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  1. You are absolutely amazing! I'm so sorry you're so sick.... sounds the same as my cold last week. I hope you get well SOONER! {{HUGS}}

  2. I'm aching in sympathy with you. You're amazing...I would never have gone for a hike while that sick. Hope it doesn't PUT you in the hospital.

  3. If you get the deadly pestilence (otherwise known as this years 'flu')it doesn't count against your exercise streak if you have to miss a day or so. Being sick is the same as having an injury - failure to treat it makes it worse. Feel better!

  4. You are very STRONG to take that hike when you felt so badly yesterday. I let a flu-type illness last weekend interrupt my 100-day challenge to walk at least one mile per day. I know 100 days--that's nothing, compared to your every single day for evermore!
    Hope you are better soon. It is to be 45 here today, with 50's promised for the rest of the week-looking forward to some outside walking again--if the roads will dry up some. I wonder how many extra calories you can burn if your shoes are loaded down with MUD?

  5. I need to stop reading your food blogs when I'm hungry. Makes me want to eat everything on the page!

  6. I'm heading to Trader Joe's this weekend--need to look for those brownie bars!

    I feel pretty ashamed of myself because I will use ANNNNY excuse not to exercise, and here you are sick and still fitting it in. I hope that you'll take a break from it if you need to, though--it sounds like you need to rest! And drink more tea!


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