Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chicken Cordon Bleu Burgers

I'm sorry y'all, December's bake-a-thon really took it out of me.  I have not had the desire to make a recipe to do for the blog all month!  So I figured I should start February out right.  You'll have to excuse the pics, they're awful but the house is torn up and I think the Mr would shoot me if I broke everything out and took up the last bit of real estate available in the house.  On the bright side, this recipe was so yummy, it got a thumbs up and declared one of the Mr's favorites.  Not bad for throwing it together!  Let's get started.

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.  Grab a bowl and add your pound Gold'n Plump Ground Chicken, 1 egg, 1/4 cup of Ian's whole wheat panko, italian seasoning and pepper. We're going to pretend I'm not still using Christmas bowls in February.  Who am I kidding, I use it year round.

Combine until it turns your stomach from the appearance then divide into 4 portions, just over 4 oz per ball.  Ugh, I can barely look at them!  *retch* (But hang with me)

Time to grab some Land O' Frost deli ham and Trader Joe's Jarlsburg lite swiss cheese.

Divide each chicken ball in half and make 2 patties per ball.  Add a folded piece of ham and half a slice of cheese folded over to the middle of the patty.

Take the naked patty and cover the ham and cheese making sure to seal it on all sides so the cheese doesn't ooze out while cooking.  They'll look like this

*retch*  (Am I selling you on it yet?)

Grab a skillet and sear each side.

Then transfer the patties to an oven safe dish and bake for 7-10 minutes or until done.  When you cut into it, it should look like this

Hello lover.

We had ours on a whole wheat bun with spinach.  (Oh and some garlic basil mashed potatoes)

We didn't use a condiment on it because it didn't need it but it would be awesome with BBQ sauce or even a good marinara which is how we're having it tonight.  There's nothing like the Mr raving about a recipe as he's stringing gooey cheese from his mouth.  *grin*

Nutritional Info per burger patty:  Calories 228, Total Fat 13g, Sat Fat 4g, Mono Fat 1g, Cholesterol, 131mg, Sodium 143mg, Potassium 18mg, Total Carbs 4g, Fiber 1g, Protein 27g  Vitamin A- 2%,  Calcium- 1%  Iron- 8%

For the printable version of this recipe with exact ingredients, click here.
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  1. I need a dinner option for tonight and now this is it. Thanks, lady!

  2. This is definitely an approved Mr Favorite! It was delicious and needed nothing extra because all the flavor was right there and all work together well. I highly recommend it and am looking forward to tonight's dinner!

  3. They look wonderful... cooked! This will definitely be on the menu next week, thanks!

  4. Well . . .once cooked, they look like a winner. Wonder if I can talk my Mr into actually making them so I don't have to look at them before they are done?? Seriously, they look yummy and this will be on our plates tonight. Thanks!!

  5. The cooked version is definitely more appetizing than the "in progress" version.

    Is that a pound of ground chicken? Must be if each patty is 4 oz.

    I may give this a shot on hubby's next days off.

  6. Glad this is appealing to everyone despite how it looks raw. I don't know what it is about ground chicken or turkey that just really grosses me out but ground beef doesn't.

    Another Layer- Yes, it's 16 oz of ground chicken. I adjusted the recipe, thanks!

  7. Uh, YUM! is all I have to say. They look great and I think I might be able to get this one past everyone in the family--yahoo! You're right, raw ground chicken and turkey are just sick looking--good thing they cook up great!

  8. Heeey, that's such a great idea. I've never even thought of having cheese on the inside! :D

  9. Definitely going to try this! The final product looks delicious!

  10. Oh, YUM--the finished product, that is. Raw ground chicken is definitely gross, much more so than raw ground beef. Go figure; think I need to pick up the fixings for that and try it next week.

  11. Hmmm, I'll just bet I could do a baked chicken Kiev with the ground chicken part of the recipe. I'll just try not to look at it until it's baked. :)

    Thanks for sharing this recipe!

  12. O.M.G. You are my new best friend!!!

  13. Wow! That looks awesome. At least at the end!!

  14. This looks delicious! I'm definitely trying it soon. I never thought of putting ham in the middle or baking in the oven.

  15. Just found this last night and made them tonight for supper. YUM! Everyone loved this deliciousness. Thanks for sharing!


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