Tuesday, February 28, 2012

2/28/12- Food Journal

I'm going to turn into a tea bag.  I've had like 36 ounces of tea today.  I will say today has been a "productive" day on the pneumonia front and that's about as far as I'll go with that.  *laughing*  This was the first time I could actually somewhat, kind of taste my food for longer than the first bite so I'm hopeful I can actually enjoy a high cal day this weekend.  When you can't taste and the sense starts to come back, you just want to eat everything!  Let's start with today's grub though, let's eat!

1/2 cup of oatmeal with 4 oz of skim milk topped with 1 tbsp of almond butter, 4 oz banana, 1/2 tbsp honey and 1/4 serving of a low fat graham cracker crumbled up on top for some crunch.  Also had a cup of green tea.  (Note to self, I need a new KPOA mug.)

Lunch was finishing up the uber noodle soup from yesterday.  Raw veggies and 1/2 tbsp dip, fruit salad, honeycrisp apple with apple dip, Trader Joe's apple bar and iced tea.

The Mr brought home some Red Vines from the grocery store for movie night so dinner had to be changed a little to accommodate.  The monster burrito wouldn't stay closed but it didn't impede its deliciousness.  Ole High Fiber Tortilla with 5 oz of homemade refried beans slathered on, 4 oz of boneless chicken breast, 1 tbsp  BBQ sauce and half a slice of lacy cheese.

Red Vines to watch Puss....In Boots!

If we get hungry later, we will have a sugar free pudding with Cool WHip lite.  Wh-ip.  WHip.  Cool WHip.  Sorry.

Calories for the day, 2086 and burned 625 calories doing Gilad in Jerusalem DVD.  That's about as hard as I can go right now.

Off to drink some water.  I'm seriously low today and that's not good given how much fiber I've had.

Anything good on your menus today?

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  1. Cool WHip HAHAHAHA! Reminds me of Family guy :). I love the idea of putting graham crackers on your oatmeal!

  2. We went to the (fortunately) cheap matinee theater for Puss...in Boots! on our anniversary. Do you mean to tell me it's out on DVD already? Oh, man!

    Burrito looks awesome, except we would put salsa instead of BBQ sauce on it.

    Don't you count your tea as water? I would/do, and I'm drinking black tea. Green should certainly count.

  3. Czesia- Yep, that's what I was thinking of. I was wondering if anyone would get the reference. :)

    Cheri- Yes, I do count my tea as water because it's decaf and I use Splenda. I know there can be a hot debate about it but I try to get in just as much pure water as tea to balance things out.

  4. Well I can tell how tired I am...I kept trying to catch up on the last couple days and thought "why am I only seeing breakfast?" Duh...The oatmeal makes me yearn for my oatmeal days. I never put anything in it except spenda but the adds look soooo good. Ditto the noodles but after almost a year of gluten free I might resort to eating dry noodles if the mood struck. I am glad you are starting to recover. Take care, Di

  5. Diane- HA, I felt like my food journal pics were taking up a lot of real estate so I put a page break in there.

    Bob's Red Mill has gluten free Whole Grain oats if you're longing for oatmeal days. ;)

  6. Cool WHip amuses me...I'm actually a little disappointed I wasn't the first to get the reference. Oh well. I really wish you could cook for me. I hate cooking, you make such amazing looking food, and you've lost over 200 pounds (yeah, I know, it's not "official" yet) so I think you need to come make me some dinner. Glad you're feeling better!!

  7. Alana- I'll freeze my meals and send 'em out like Jenny Craig! LOL


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