Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2/22/12- Food Journal

I have found the 10th circle of hell.  Sense of smell took a hike today.  I am so looking forward to feeling better.  The only improvement today is no fever.  I walked with a fever last night only because I knew I'd be outside and it felt so good.  When I get a fever I apparently get antsy.  Tonight we went to the park and walked the flat, paved terrain so that I could get in some activity without "inflaming my bronchial airway."  Plus it was so gorgeous out today that I couldn't be in the house anymore with the creeping death.  I feel like I want to wash everything in the house.  I have project materials sitting all around me asking to be worked on and I know the Mr wants the stuff out of the way but would never ask me to do anything as long as I'm not well.  But I want to make the house a place he wants to come home to, not dread seeing all of the unfinished crap when he walks in the door.

But that's not why you're here...bring on the eats.

Breakfast was purely about fueling my body as I could taste nothing.  The cholesterol thing is still nagging at me and despite my body revolting against oatmeal, I decided I need to add it back in and what better time than when I can't taste it?  HA!  So I've got 1/2 cup of quaker oats with 4 oz of skim milk, 1 tbsp of chia seeds, 1 tbsp almond butter for protein, 1/2 tbsp of honey and cinnamon for their anti-inflammatory properties and I chopped up a banana in it.  Hey Jamie, this bowl is one of my Anthro purchases!  :-)

Lunch was just to get something in me and I didn't want something entree wise I couldn't live without tasting so I made a TJ's soy corn dog and my usual.  (Fruit salad of cantaloupe, watermelon, grapes & clementine, raw veggies with 1/2 tbsp dip, pink lady apple with 1/3 serving of apple dip, TJ's chocolate chip oat brownie bar)  I craved the milk again so I had 9 oz of skim milk with the low fat hershey syrup which was ironically the only thing I could taste with lunch.  I loved my bowl so much I washed it up and used it again.

Dinner was a heartbreaker.  It was time to use the other cornish game hen so I made a quesadilla with hummus and onions and I used hot taco sauce to get the nose runnin'.  I made some brussels sprouts for some extra vitamin C.  (Did you know 6 brussels sprouts have 90% of the vitamin C required for the day?  Just one more reason for you to get on board with these much maligned for totally undeserved reasons veggie!)

Snack once the Mr gets off of his zillionth hour of overtime will be Twizzlers because we rented The Rum Diary with Johnny Depp and Aaron Eckhart.  If nothing else at least I'll be able to enjoy the eye candy even if I can't really taste the real ones!

Calories for the day 1,983 and exercise was a walk in the park including a couple go's down the turn-a-round slides for a calorie burn of 500.  I've never seen the Mr sport a wider smile than when he went down that thing for the first time.  Soooo cute.  I even brought my camera...too bad the memory card was at home.  DER!

Feel free to share what you ate today in the comments!

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  1. You are still eating great for a sick puppy. Dinner was wonderful and sorry I had to be on the phone while enjoying it. I loved that turn-around slide and am so glad we did that! Despite being sick you've managed to keep me entertained :-)

    Now pass me some twizzlers!

  2. I LOVE SLIDES! I want to go to the park now! It's a bit too chilly right now for my blood. I can't believe you are getting exercise with being so sick. That's what separate the woman for the girls I guess! I'm such a wimp sometimes! Please feel better soon! I love that bowl!

  3. Oh be sure to tell us how the rum diaries was, I have been on the fence about seeing it!

  4. Mr- I'm glad we did the slides too hon! Sorry the workouts are so wussy this week!

    Czesia- I get really antsy when I'm told I can't do something so light walking is the eff you to this pneumonia. As long as I don't inflame my airways I'm supposedly good to go. I've gotta say, even two hot dudes and one of my favorite actors, Richard Jenkins couldn't save Rum Diary. I already knew that going in but I like to think one day Johnny Depp will surprise me. So take that for what it's worth. :)

  5. I still love seeing these...haven't had time this week to post much as I'm working ot like the Mr is. Busy, busy but one of my students came in tonight to work on his ged even though he said he worked 91 hours lasts week. I'm not even sure that's possible but what dedication! My food was boring today except for the chicken breast my Mr. made in the crock pot chock full of spicy veggies and it froze beautifully so I had it for lunch. It had enough sauce to be a little soupy but I actually found that to be perfect on a snowy day. Hope you get better soon!

  6. Oooh, love the bowl! It's the same color as the paint in my bathroom. :)

    You're still doing a lot considering your illness! I'm impressed.

    I had higher hopes for the Rum Diary but it did pass the time nicely at least with the eye candy. Hope you enjoyed it!

    Oh, and I love brussels sprouts. If people would only go to that for vitamin C instead of the high calorie OJ they think is so healthy....

  7. I can totally picture the grin on Mr.'s face going down that slide--FUN! I am glad at least the fever has abated and praying you are 100% better soon!

  8. I CAN'T EAT TWIZZLERS ANYMORE! I hate you. I'm boycotting your blog now. *sticks out tongue*

    Way to go on the slides - seriously. I usually try to go down them when it's summer and I'm in shorts - not a good idea - you don't go anywhere, and you burn the shizzle out of your legs if you go on the metal ones.

  9. I almost bought those bowls too! I knew they would photograph well! That oatmeal looks like an awesome way to start the day.

    I hope you start feeling better soon... :(


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