Monday, August 30, 2021

Toot-a-loo August Weekend Recap

I'm pretty sure Ken Jeong made sure most people will always think of him when uttering that phrase.

(Thanks a lot Hangover!  Source:

The Mr and I agreed it was a weird, funk filled week.  We were getting stuff in line with our retirement stuff which lasted Monday through Saturday before having everything where it needed to be.  It was pretty mind scrambling with doing our research and choosing what we wanted in a bit of a crap show market and hoping for the best.  I won't look at it again until we talk to a financial advisor a friend recommended to see what to invest next year.  I don't need daily numbers to give me anxiety, thankyouverymuch.

The Mr's "work mom" suddenly passed away only 6 months into retirement just over a week ago.  She was getting ready to go on a trip and the next day she missed the flight.  One of her travel companions did a wellness check through the police and they found her.  She was a cruiser and did several a year so thankfully she didn't wait for retirement to travel but at 60, she was far too young to be gone.  It hit both of us hard as she was always quite complimentary to me when I sent in treats over the 12 years they worked together.  The last few years he was in that department, I would wrap her stuff separately for him to drop off on her desk because if it was sat down on a shift change, she'd get scraps.  After a week we finally got service info so we can send flowers for her.  I feel so bad for the Mr.  She was the only one who truly understood how much he was getting dumped on in his old position, had any empathy for him and tried to warn higher ups they were going to lose him.  

We did a little early celebrating for my birthday with some cake and ice cream.

I got a lovely birthday card from my mother in law Saturday.

I hadn't even opened it before going into a full ugly cry.  If you knew the start of our relationship when I was 17 and even as recently as 10 years ago, the sentiment would have been a little more generic.  (Or at minimum, it would've raised suspicion because we just didn't have that kind of relationship.)  I had a ex-sister in law who relished putting a bigger wedge between us by whispering nasties in her ear even though she and I hadn't talked in 8+ years.  To put it kindly, she was a manipulative POS and sadly my MIL let her live rent free in her head about things I supposedly said (I didn't) even after the divorce.  I was so glad when in December 2019, I finally set her straight about all of the stuff the SIL said, did and plotted over the years.  We opened her eyes to a lot of things that I know we told her but she would not let sink in before.  Since that time, she has been much more open and sweet in her cards to me even though before that, she did say she was glad the Mr had me and I was right for him.  It's like she needed to hear it from me where the witch was concerned because even the Mr telling her wasn't enough.  It sucks that Covid has kept us from spending any time with her.  She is immuno-compromised so we are very protective of her.  She will be getting a booster though and when we can get ours, we will hopefully be able to see her around the end of the year.

Sunday we had a grocery pickup after watching Looney Tunes and Transformers for a bit.  We decided to get our workout over with for the day even though it was lunch time and we were getting hungry.  When that was done, I fixed Beyond Burgers and potato wedges.  I tried to finish the wedges off in the Air Fryer but I had to do them in two batches instead of one in the skillet.  I really don't understand the appeal of an air fryer if you have an oven.  I feel like there's some big secret I'm missing out on because I'm just like "nope...oven."  There's only one recipe I want to try in there but that'll be in the next few weeks and if it's not super amazing...I'm selling or donating it since it'll only have been used 3x at that point.

Before we knew it, it was almost 4pm and we were watching a couple of dopes on YouTube driving around in the hurricane in New Orleans for longer than we should have while we were surfing the web.  Then it was just putzing around the rest of the night.

How was your weekend?

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Friday, August 27, 2021

What I'm Reading This Week #35

Hello Friday, you sexy beast.  We made our first Trader Joe's run Tuesday night in 5 MONTHS.  I was tired of overpaying the grocery store for our 72% nightly chocolate so we had no choice.  We waited until 30 minutes before closing.  We stocked up on the chocolate, 4 gnocchi's, their peanut butter (which is the best natural PB out there and we've tried many over the past 2 months since we ran out) and enchilada sauce as far as stock ups.  We were super bummed to see ZERO pumpkiny stuff given I've seen several articles saying how that stuff is out now.  Apparently not at ours.  So we'll have to see what's worth going back for.  Suffice it to say, we do not miss going there which is something I never thought I'd say.  

Let's get a few dinners in this week.

Monday was Shrimp General Tso's with pineapple.

It was Turkey Taco Tuesday.

Workout was Grow With Jo's 3 Mile Lower Belly workout.  I have to say while I'm not super into the music, I really love her energy and it's way more exciting walking workouts than Leslie.  (Sorry Les)  Plus perfect on the go since she's on YouTube.

Wednesday we had Orange Roughy and TJ's Sweet Potato Gnocchi for the first time in forever.

Wednesday was a killer YT strength workout that left me unable to lift my water bottle the next day.

Thursday was Brussels Flatbread Pizza.

Now let's kick into...

11 Surprising Foods You Can Grill That Aren’t Meat  (Grilled peaches are AMAZING and I don't even like peaches much.  Put a tbsp of mascarpone cheese with vanilla stirred in on top and instant dessert.)

How to Escape the Cycle of Negative Thinking (Great suggestions but also a hard cycle to break.)

Why You Should Stop Calling Things You Enjoy ‘Guilty Pleasures’ (I stopped using that term a few years ago.  I LOVE the movie Stayin' Alive which is considered horrible by most.  For me, that movie got me through forced visitation as a kid when I was bored at my dad's.  It's all pleasure, zero guilt.)

Jennifer Connelly Interview About Labyrinth  (Great interview with her back in the day.  Labyrinth was another sanity saver for visitation weekends and my step-brother and I loved watching it. There was a traveling Muppets exhibit we road tripped to and it included the costumes from the ballroom scene in the movie and I stood there with tears in my eyes for like 15 minutes.  Such a magical movie.  The exhibit is here for another week if you want to mask up and road trip.  If you can't road trip, here's a tour through the exhibit.  Fun fact, when I saw Grover in person...bawled like a huge nerd.)

You know, I always get a weird cringy flashback on this date because it was typically the date I started school back in the day.  Some people used to start after Labor Day which amazed me because it meant I would've had my birthday off (more than likely).  But then again, I was so anxious, I guess it was better I got it over with so I could not be stressing about it over my birthday.  But yeah, this date is always emblazoned in my brain.  No plans this weekend but I am so glad it's the last weekend of August.  I know it doesn't magically turn to Fall with a flip of the calendar anymore but it's one step closer and right now that's going to have to be good enough!

When did you usually start school as a kid?  Is it the same as when your kids/grandkids start now?  Any plans for the weekend?

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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Hump Day Poll: Not My Best Trait

What trait do you dislike about yourself?

I immediately go to the worst case scenario which flares my anxiety/induces panic attacks. ( I think much of that has to do with my parents divorce coming as a surprise to me so I always felt from age 9 on that the rug can be pulled out from under you without warning.)  

That also made me a control freak which I think I'm slightly better about but my brain refuses to not completely obliterate my mental state in times of stress.  I would change that in an instant if I could as it starts horrible spirals.

How about you?

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Monday, August 23, 2021

Equal Measure Weekend Recap

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you enjoyed the weekend and I hope anyone in the path of New England's hurricane is safe.  I peeked at a webcam in Mystic CT around 3pm and saw it was pretty calm.  I'm hoping it wasn't as bad as they were predicting for those in the vicinity though I saw many were without power.

Mystic CT  (Source)

Our Saturday was spent reading retirement crap, learning about ETF's and hybrid life insurance policies with long term care riders.  Scintillating.  It wasn't a super relaxing day but I suppose any bit of knowledge and a path we can forge is better than relaxing.

Sunday we lazed around in bed a little bit before the Mr grabbed our grocery pickup.  It was about 10:30am so we decided to take a walk around 'Grandma's condo' before it got unbearably hot.

We got in almost 3 miles, chatted with Grandma, and made a mental note to replace her memorial flag since it's taken a pretty good beating from the sun this year.  We were super hot and exhausted (especially since we hadn't eaten yet) and headed over to DQ to cool down with our last small cone of the summer.

Then it was time to head home to get a cool shower.  After that, we had caulipower veggie pizza and a salad for lunch.  The Mr decided it was naptime so I had Fantasy Island on in the background while working on this and answering some emails.  All I knew was it was nice to have our workout done for the day and we could putz around without it hanging over our heads.  Later on, we settled in with an episode or two of Chateau DIY which we haven't watched in a few weeks and our Sunday night usual of Renovation Island.

That brings us to now.  I've got some work crap to get done today and I need to work on my water.  My calories were SUPER low last week and no real water drank to speak of and the scale showed it but I was happy it threw the Mr a bone.  So it was a weekend of equal measure of productivity and relaxation for once.

How was your weekend?

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Friday, August 20, 2021

What I'm Reading This Week #34

Howdy do all!  Did you have a great week?  I hope so!  We had a short week but it always feels the same if not longer.  I am over the stinking hot weather and hoping Fall roars in and establishes itself early on.  You'll see by a few of the links that I'm already ready already.  (Anyone remember that commercial?)

Now are you ready for...

11 Foods High in Phytoestrogens  (Good info to know)

12 Awesome Health Benefits of Strength Training (We're here to up!)

My top 10 DIY hacks that make projects much easier  (Great tips!  Some I already use and some I'm incorporating!)

When Amazon Customers Leave Negative Reviews, Some Sellers Hunt Them Down (Can't count how many times this has happened to me.  I NEVER take down my negative reviews and I make sure to update them saying the seller has contacted me so think twice about how much trust you're putting into the glowing reviews for the product.  That usually ceases contact...along with marking them as spam.)

The best fictional films from real films  (Love this!  Chubby Rain for life!)

38 Fall Quotes to Get You Ready for the Coziest Season  (It's coming and I'm SUPER ready!)

I've got a friends birthday gifts I need to wrap and box up early since she's going out of town.  You didn't need to know that, it was more a reminder for myself.  (Mr- if you see I haven't done this yet, remind me.)  As you can see...big plans for the weekend!  HA!

What are your big weekend plans?

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Thursday, August 19, 2021

Rousing Retreat 2021

Another marriage retreat in the books!  I booked it exactly 3 days after our last one because I knew revenge travel was going to be real this year.  

I found a nice cabin about an hour away and Thursday we made our way out.  We were so impressed as we walked in and poked around.

The first thing I typically do when renting is wash the sheets because for some reason rental properties love to stock up on bulk store laundry detergent which is like the harshest detergent ever.  I break out in hives, can't breathe and it is basically misery so I bring my own free and clear tabs to wash as much out of it as possible.  I opened the closet where the washer and dryer were and saw a washer.  "Oh, is this one of those dual thingies?"  "Nope."  No dryer.  Are you effing kidding me!?  I throw the sheets in the washer which because there was no dryer to anchor it, bounced all over that closet and up against the pipes the owner placed poorly when it was built.  So the Mr had to babysit it so it didn't hit the pipe and cause damage.  Can we EVER just go somewhere, check in and start relaxing?? Like...EVER?  This is par for the course and I don't know how I ever look forward to travel given this is how it starts every. single. time.  The Mr set up the badminton net and I wiped down some Adirondack chairs and we got to "drying."

(Pretty sure my bestie expects first night pics like this from me every trip)

Then 20 minutes later...

So plan B was to drape them over the couch and dining room chairs with the two fans we found in the house.  That was 3 hours of dealing with the sheet show before we could actually sit down to dinner.  They were dry at 10pm.  The Mr laughed and said it was our retreat challenge and I suppose every check-in is like playing Survivor.  (Cue theme music)

One thing I cannot stand is when something is advertised and you're paying for it and it's not there.  I can understand a coffee maker breaks and you're waiting on a new one or some other small appliance.  A dryer or major appliance is another story.  I shouldn't have to travel with a set of sheets that take away room for an outfit or two over 3" of storage space for one or two tabs of free and clear laundry detergent just in case they don't deliver on what we're paying for.  Not only that but we like to come home with clean clothes and this time we had to come home with stinky campfire clothes.  


The Mr got this book as our guide since he likes to have an outline to follow.  The first exercise is writing your partner's eulogy.  I was not down with that at all so we changed it to 50th birthday party speech in a non-roasting format.  (The purpose is to write all of the good things about your spouse- tell why you fell in love with them, share stories that mean a lot to you, why you love them now, etc.)  I have to say it is a wonderful exercise to set the tone for the retreat especially when you're putting it in the spin of celebration instead of their suggestion of having their "corpse" behind you.

It takes you through topics to cover, exercises to write down and share.  Sometimes we did write things down and other times we opted for just having the discussion which seemed better for us.  Our big focus this year was money.  Well, more so retirement.  It's not that weren't not saving for it but you all know we love to travel and we purposely chose to do that traveling while we were able bodied.  I know too many people, his dad, my grandpa among them, who got to retirement age and died and they never had a retirement.  We didn't want to put our travel dreams on hold for a someday that we are not guaranteed.  We are very happy we have the travel memories we have and honestly, I have not budgeted the way I did when we were first married in a long time and I feel like we've put more money into Jeff Bezos retirement the past few years with nothing to really point to.  So that is going to be our focus and just in the few days of looking at things, it is INCREDIBLY confusing and overwhelming.  I don't know how retired people do it or where they look for answers.  (If any of you retired readers have good sources to point to, feel free to share in the comments.)  

After that emotionally draining conversation (and a short bout of panic after reading something we thought applied to us that thankfully didn't) it was time to have a little fun.

We played some badminton and sucked hard but got in a few good volleys.

We brought our vintage Jarts with us and played in the shade.

We made smores including the saddest smore ever made with the last Hershey Gold in existence from a bulk box I bought when I found out they were discontinued.

We tried to relax by the fire

We determined that "moving out to the country to escape people" is a myth.  We tried for almost 30 minutes to have a solid 60 seconds of peace with zero man made noise (cars, airplanes, power tools, ATVs, people talking 1/4 mile up the street but sounding like they were in your yard, etc) and neither of us ever got past 20 seconds.  We had to give up the quest for peace outside because it doesn't exist.  That saved us a move that would've proved fruitless because if you can't find peace on 100 acres, you're not going to find it anywhere unless we move to the Hawaiian atolls but even there you'd be coated in the world's plastic and bird shit.  

We tried to play with the sheep but they ignored us.

I'm glad we added an extra two days because we didn't feel as rushed as we did the first and second retreats, to cram everything into the night we arrived and the only full day we had.  We had three full days that weren't check in/out days and it makes a big difference.  Obviously it costs more too but with our better cashback rewards, all but one night was covered so it was a bargain.  I look at the last line of my post talking about the 2020 retreat..."I'm looking forward to it but I'm more looking forward to being able to truly say "damn, we made a LOT of progress this year, didn't we?"   I feel like we're truly there.  I mean, what tests a marriage more than a pandemic and having to spend basically 24/7 together?  This whole past year, we have done "workshop Wednesday" where we do exercises or questions from books we got to keep us connected.  Some have been quick and easy and others have been tear jerkers and gone long into the night.  I think it's important to have that weekly check in that is dedicated to your relationship and not just sitting down to talk about the horrors of the world.  I mean, have those too but it's too easy to get mired in the bullcrap and forget what the priority is.

If you're considering an annual marriage retreat yourself, please know that not being at home is the key to this being as productive as possible.  The energy of the potential seriousness of the talks needs a neutral space.  You've likely spent enough time at home this past year and beyond so give yourself the necessary mental space that is needed to focus on things and not be distracted by things at home.  

(Wouldn't you rather be here than home?)

If you're looking for some books to guide you through your first retreat, we suggest this one and this one.  If you're looking for some good self help books to begin working through your issues, this one, this one and this one are all good places to start.

Another suggestion is to book somewhere close enough that you're not spending half an afternoon driving to it and not in the middle of a tourist town (or a tourist town that you've visited before that you're not tempted to spend a day being a tourist.)  The point is no distractions.  Pick a restaurant and maybe one place to pop into and then back at it.  The place we stayed was in the middle of nowhere but there was a big town we went to Saturday morning for donuts and then back to the house.  We found an old school comfort food place about 15 miles away and got carry out from there another night.  Any other mental breaks came from doing activities at the rental including just enjoying a meal out on the porch.

(Portillo's for the win)

I'm already researching where to go for next year's retreat.  I'm not finding much luck yet but hopeful something will pop its head out and appeal to us.  I really hope the third year is a charm and we can be out of this friggin' pandemic by then and be able to focus on normal life stuff.  I can tell you that the pandemic has allowed us both a pass of sorts to not follow through because at this point you're just trying to survive other stuff but we can't do that.  If anything it's even more important to show appreciation for each other that you can literally be in the trenches together and be stronger than ever.

Would you be interested in doing a marriage retreat with your spouse/partner?

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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Hump Day Poll: Come on Ride the Train...and Ride It

Have you ever taken a train trip? If not, would you like to travel that way?

I was kind of intrigued by it but I recently read an article (that, of course, I can't find now) that chronicled this guy traveling by train and I crossed it off the list.  In a two person room, the seats faced each other and there wasn't even room for their legs.  In a 'family' suite, it could barely fit two people so it completely turned me off to the idea.  Obviously we'd never do it during this time anyway but even if we ever get through this pandemic, I don't think train travel on something longer than a tour is for me.

Have you ever taken a train trip? If not, would you like to travel that way?

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Monday, August 16, 2021

Just Needed a Little Rub and Buff

No, that's not sexual slang but you can bet it's going to be from now on.  (As you can see, it's statements like that which are the reason I make no money here.)  I asked for some candlesticks for Christmas from one of those 'buy it while we have it' places and I didn't realize they were dark brown but I knew I could fix that come spring with some spray paint.  Well, a bit of further inspection showed not only were they a different color but they were also chipped in several places which ticked me off because I've had that trouble with that company before.  I took pics and sent them an email Christmas day and heard back a day later that they would refund us 40-50% since they didn't have any left to replace them.  

Fast forward to a few months later when I saw a restoration chick I check out on IG using this European Gold Rub and Buff and I immediately thought of the unused candlesticks that I put on the mantel the week prior!  

While I liked the way they looked shape wise...

...but the chips and nicks just ticked me off every time I looked at them.

European Gold is the color my girl on IG used which gives a more brushed, old world look.  I asked her if she had any tips on using it and she said she used her finger to apply a light coat but that some prefer an art brush.  Let it dry for an hour or two then apply more thin coats if needed and buff it with a rag after.

I couldn't wait to get started and cover up the half assed job this place did with the coating.

After a little bit of thin application on my finger, it looked like this.

Already an improvement but I knew I'd need to switch to a brush if it was going to get into the crevices so I switched.  I couldn't really take pics of that part but I'm confident you all know how to paint an object.  I only needed one coat and just did touch ups if I saw any brush marks but it goes on well with just a little bit.  In 20 minutes, I basically had new candlesticks, again.

We both like the lighter effect it brings and I'm thrilled not to have to see any more chips, nicks and missed spots with paint.

It was easy to use, albeit a little messy if you're going the finger application route.  I suggest just getting some art brushes and using those because it'll save your sanity.  Just put down some newspaper or paper bags from the grocery store.  Use it sparingly.  My bottle still looks full after doing 4 candlesticks so a little dab at a time will do ya and gives a smoother finish.

If brushed gold isn't your thing, they have other colors like Gold Leaf, Antique Gold, Grecian Gold, Ebony, Silver Leaf, Spanish Copper, Autumn Gold, and Pewter.  If you're a crafter or just like to change up your accessory colors from time to time, they have a multi-pack with all of the colors.  I've seen people use them on picture frames, hinges, mirrors, drawer pulls, etc.  It's a great way to upgrade a thrifted or vintage find if you're trying to save some money!

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Friday, August 13, 2021

What I'm Reading This Week #33

Hey there y'all!  Did you have a bitchin' week?  Whether you interpret that as awesome or complaining a lot is up to you.  😜  We spent most of it blowing through Mr. Mercedes on Peacock.  The Mr read the book ( when it came out and since we didn't want to blow through our Chateau DIY show just yet, we committed to that one.  

Now let's commit to...

This doctor says delta variant has different symptoms than you think  (This is why the Mr had a Covid test last week (not the rapid test but still 1 day turnaround) with his inner ear stuff which has hung on longer than we'd have liked.  But PLEASE if you get a "cold" get a free Covid test at a CVS or wherever so if you DO have it, your numbers can be counted.)

A Eulogy For The Swimsuit Dress, A Plus-Size Rite Of Passage  (I wish I could bury mine but I've at least 'upgraded' to the tankini dress.)

This Is Why You Get Painful Toe Cramps—and How to Find Relief  (Use The Stick on the shins and around the ankles to help too.)

The Neuroscience of Breaking Out of Negative Thinking and How to Do It in Under 30 Seconds  (In the process of trying to rewire a lot of crap right now.)

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies and Gnats in Your House  (Literally one was flying in my face repeatedly as I was typing this.)

This Farmhouse-Style Kitchen Hack Adds So Much Extra Counter Space  (I've looked at these before.  Pretty cool for those of us with matchbox sized kitchens!)

Michael Jackson once pitched a collaboration with Duran Duran, but they turned it down  (Wow...mistake.  I can't imagine if that would've sounded right but would've liked the opportunity to love or bash it with authoritah.)

We are road tripping for a change of scenery this weekend which is desperately needed.  The house is becoming prison like between the pandemic and health crap so that time will be welcome for sure!

Anything going on this weekend for you?

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Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Hump Day Poll: The Po Po

I had to laugh when I saw this question...was there any time that you were almost arrested?

Back in the early 90's, we went to see a hair band for my friend's birthday.  We did our usual and waited around back to meet the bands especially as a nice bday present for her.   We always had good luck with bands signing autographs and getting pics, etc so there was no reason to think this would be any different.  

However, they were too interested in running to the bus, screwing the scantily clad ladies and smoking joints while laughing and waving at the rest of us out there waiting.  People got TICKED.  There weren't THAT many of us out there they couldn't have waited for 10 minutes to get their jollies.  The opening band, who were equally dismissive, were gearing up to leave.  Some people started sitting down in the parking lot blocking their tour busses so they couldn't leave.  So we decided to stupidly join in.  What were they going to do, arrest 15 people?  Up pulls the paddywagon.  As they started loading people in, my friend and I ran.  That was not the birthday present we wanted and her mom would've never let us hang out again.  

Idiots.  LOL

Was there any time that you were almost arrested?

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Friday, August 6, 2021

What I'm Reading This Week #32

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you've had a wonderful week full of your favorite things!  Thanks so much for your positive vibes and prayers.  We very much appreciate it.  I gave myself permission not to worry about posting meals for a while.  If you need some ideas, scroll back through previous Friday posts but you'll quickly see we tend to stick to the same crap.  LOL

But now it's time to scroll...

5 Reiki Principles You Can Use to Create More Ease and Flow in Your Life  (If I could master the first one, I'd be set.)

8 Ways To Support Your Friends Emotionally When You’re Also Struggling  (Good read because we're all going through something)

“We’re Not Allowed to Hang Up”: The Harsh Reality of Working in Customer Service  (This is horrible and why I'd never work from home for any customer service job)

10 Shows That Made MTV Matter  (While I get what they're saying and I even watched a few (Headbangers Ball and some early Real World- I also think these shows were the beginning of the end as far as focusing on music.)

No plans for the weekend that I'm aware of.  I hope sleep is in the future because I need it and if I can't get it, I'm going to have a witch doctor blow dart me.

Whatchu doing this weekend?

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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Hump Day Poll: Collections

What have you collected in the past in phases?  (Meaning you no longer collect it)

I used to be into cherubs for some reason, including during our wedding so our cake topper are two white porcelain cherubs.  I don't regret it but kind of wish I had something that wasn't so dated.   I also collected Wizard of Oz stuff and man, I had plates my mom bought, Hallmark ornaments, posters, etc.  When we moved in here, the guest room was Oz central!

The trouble with collecting is letting other people know that you don't collect that stuff anymore so you 
don't keep getting it for birthdays and Christmas!

Your turn!

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Monday, August 2, 2021

No Sleep Ever Weekend Recap

(Me all weekend.  (Source

Happy August everyone!  I hope you're ready for an awesome month.  I know I am, dammit.

I haven't shared this and I'm not going to go into too much yet but if you could say a few prayers, release good vibes or whatever your form of positivity entails, I would be ever so grateful as I go in for some further testing tomorrow.  I will share more as I know more and the backstory but I can't mentally handle well intentioned people sharing horror stories right now.  I hope you understand.  My mental health is well beyond tapped.

I was up for 48 hours with a panic attack from Thursday or Friday on.  I haven't had an attack that bad in years and it is coming and going which sucks.  Racing heart, zero sleep, icy limbs, almost passing out, racing mind no matter what the distraction, crying and all of the fun stuff.  I was able to get about 2 hours the following night/morning.  I was completely exhausted and nothing sleep aid wise ever works for me.  The second my eyes closed, my mind would race, spike the adrenaline and that was that.  I've never listened to so many meditation stories in my life.  I'm praying by the time you're reading this that maybe I got in a good 4-6 hours.

On top of that, the Mr wasn't feeling well either, went to a pharmacy clinic and got diagnosed with an inner ear infection.  So he's on antibiotics and a nose spray.  

We are just a hot mess over here.

On a happy note, my bestie celebrated a milestone birthday this weekend.  I'm bummed I couldn't be there to see her but tried to send a bit of party to her by decorating the inside of her box o' gifts.  We were there in spirit!

That's about all I've got and I can't guarantee being around much this week depending on how much sleep I get.  The only 'upside' is I lost 5 lbs this week without exercise because I was barely able to clear 1200 calories.  

What did you do this weekend?

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