Saturday, February 11, 2012

When Will I Learn? - Weigh In

Up a pound.

Now y'all have seen my workouts and I've been burning additional calories with painting and such that I haven't recorded so officially I burned 4200 calories last week (my goal) plus extra I didn't calculate.  You saw some of what I ate and my average calorie consumption for the week was 2035 only because I was over on Sunday, the rest of the week was in the teens or no higher than 2050 2 days.  So why the gain?

Just as I was about to go off and sledgehammer the scale, I thought "what happened the last time you gained?"  No water.  Guess what happened this week?  No water.  I mean I basically only got in what I drank at meals (13 oz for lunch and dinner) and a few little swigs during workouts.

This week I'm committing to get in my water.  I'm going to need to set the timer in the kitchen to go off every hour to signify a "chug alert."  I used to do this when I was looking to get it in and I got really good about being regular but this is just ridiculous anymore.

So as I sit here parched and ready to welcome our friends who will be installing crown molding, I must remember "raise a glass...a lot."

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. I find that getting enough water is a bigger challenge on the weekends when I'm at home. I make a point of filling all my water bottles right away in the morning and then as I'm passing through the kitchen, I stop and take a swig.

    Like you, I find that when I haven't had enough water my scale is not kind to me.

    Have a fun Saturday! Our teeny-tiny bit of snow yesterday ended up being 3.5 inches and since today is sunny (but cold) I think I'm going to play outside for a while this afternoon.

  2. Water *IS* easy to forget to drink when we get busy. I like your timer idea! I could use that for spans of time when I am home. I became a power-drinker again this past week myself. The body has finally reaclimated to what levels I should be drinking so I'm not hopping up all night long.
    Yeay to crown molding day!
    "I don't know, I don't know why... I can't get enough of your dust, babe!"

  3. Every time, no MOST of the time, I have trouble with the scale it's due to water intake of lack there of. Drink up!

  4. It could be the water, or it could be that with your extra exercise, your body held onto some calories, thinking it might need them. Could be you'll have an extra loss next week. *fingers crossed*

  5. I drank all my water, counted my points all week, introduced strength training and I was rewarded with a 2.8 gain this week - but I know I am doing the right thing, so I am going to keep at it.

    Here's to both of us having a great week!

  6. Oh that water. It's so weird, because I can be sooo goood with it, drink more than enough for a week. And then I'll have several days without a drop. So stupid! Let's hit the water wagon :D

  7. The only time I am ever successful with my water is when I fill one of those enormous 32 oz water bottles and carry it around with me, committing to finish one before lunch, another before dinner, and one before bed. Otherwise, I totally forget. Grrrr. It will be gone next week!

  8. What a total difference in attitude you have than I tend to. When I have been 'good' and don't lose my first thought is to whine and dive into a bag of potato chips because life isn't 'fair'. You instantly thought of what might have been different this week and looked to change it. Amazing. I am not usually there (yet). I've loved your food blogs even though you've been busy you managed to keep them as healthy as possible. Thanks for them.

  9. I need a heat wave so I'll think water instead of hot tea when I'm thirsty. I'm going to go and down 16 oz. right now.

  10. Weight! What a weighty topic! It's HEAVY! Full of FAT! Enough puns now. Why is it that when the scale is nice, we have a better day? YOU KNOW you had a good week--burnt extra calories--and yet the scale doesn't show it. Heck 4200 calories is over a pound!

    Perhaps it is a GOOD thing that our self-esteem is hooked up to that damned scale. It matters. It's important. We work so hard to see the numbers go down, doesn't it make sense that when it does NOT go down, we are upset? For the first several months after I started this CARAVAN to lose weight and get healthy, I didn't even own a scale. I have to tell you it was not at all satisfying. I don't know how I stuck with it. After I bought a cheap scale and could see my progress I was a lot more excited. I still weigh myself every single monring, and sometimes at night too. I know I'm obsessive. I should weigh once a week. I always knew I should move my scale out of my bathroom and put it someplace that was less conveniently located, but I never did. And now I still hop on every single day, even after maintaining the last 10 months. I think it's important to stay on top of those numbers, JUST IN CASE. And indeed, I did slowly gain pounds over Thanksgiving and Christmas and even afterwards. Once you get into that over-eating mode it's hard to stop. But I think I've turned it around. As of this morning (of course that was after a day of being sick), I am down 5 pounds from that high weight I recorded a month or so ago (which was still 10lbs. below my goal weight), and only 5 pounds still up from my all time low, which I hit on Oct. 30, 2011 (139 lbs.--I may never see the 130's again however, I think it was a one-time deal before my body rebelled). This 5 pounds might mean more to me than any 5 pounds I lost during the whole damn journey, cause it's a reveral of a trend. Before, when I would start gaining, it never stopped until I gained it all back plus some. NOT THIS TIME. That's why I really truly think this time is different and maybe, just maybe I can maintain. At least that's what I tell myself!

    So keep getting on that scale, letting it dictate your behavior and mood. In the end--it really is a GOOD THING.

  11. I have to remember to fill my huge ass cup every morning when I am at work or at home, or else half the day goes by and I haven't had anything!

  12. That has always been a problem for me too. I'm just never thirsty! But now when I have something to drink, I fill my glass again right away. Having it sitting there is a constant reminder to drink my water!

  13. New visitor here :)
    Wow you have really accomplished a huge weight loss, CONGRATULATIONS!!!
    water is a biggie for me, I bought some jugs and fill them every morning. I have little "karla rules" lol ..... Like I have to drink a glass of water with my vitamins, and I have to finish a liter of water before I get to work in the morning (i have an hour commute)
    They are silly, but hey they work

  14. Thanks guys! So glad I'm not the only one who has to really focus on water to get it in. I have my 32 oz bottle sitting beside me all day, I'm just naturally not a thirsty person so it really is hard for me to remember. (Just took a swig)

    A big welcome to the new commenters! Great to see you!


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