Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Magic of the Leap Year

Big things always happen for the Mr and I in leap years.  My experience with them for as long as I thought about it has been largely positive.

1988- Met a good amount of rock bands that year that started the "hobby" for me.  (No I wasn't a filthy, whorish groupie!)  That hobby got me quite a few friendships with some hair band boys back in the day and I still keep in touch with one of them and still mourn lives lost too soon.

1992- First year of dating the Mr.  (We'd only made it "official" 1 week before the new year)  We all know how that turned out!

1996- Married the Mr, went to Hawaii and found our passion and second home.

2000- Survived the fear mongering of Y2K and saw the turn of a century.  Something to count as a positive.  (But where are the silver space suits?  Aren't we supposed to be driving flying cars and wearing space suits? Good God, you see how bad it is on the roads, can you imagine the anarchy in the skies!?  Maybe it's better that one hasn't come to fruition.)

2004- Lost a dear family member that was the glue.  In looking at positives of that horrible experience, it was the year people's true intentions were revealed and we worked on putting effort toward people who deserved our love, respect and time because life if too short to settle for less.  Through pain of realizing nothing you do will ever be enough to satisfy others, you realize the only people that matter are those whose intentions are pure, free of ulterior motives and manipulation.

2008-  The year we finally got our act together where weight loss was concerned and started doing something about it.  There was unfortunately a gap in there of 6 months but picked it right back up and learned lessons that we've applied ever since.

2012-  This year may not have started off as the juggernaut I thought it would be where weight loss is concerned but I have to believe I will find what works for us long term because if I don't...well we're not even going to think that way, are we?  So here's to wishing for bigger and better things for this leap year!

Do you have any stories from leap year's past or hopes for this one?

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  1. Sadly - no. It's always been just another day for me.

  2. You have a mind like a steel trap--I can't remember what happened 2 weeks ago, let alone on each leap year since who knows when. I rely on my hubby to remember important things as far as dates go. That said, I'm really glad leap years have been positive for you! I see no reason for that to change this year! Happy Leap Year, my friend!

  3. Don't give me that much credit girl, I just went back 4 years from this year and thought about what happened those years! LOL

  4. Lets see what I was doing!!! In 1992- I was three years old and living the high life. 1996- 2nd grade and it's hell called multiplication tables hit. 2000- Scared to death of y2k but had no idea what it was. 2004- Up to no good, I am sure. Boy crazy. Probably hoping a boy would take me on a date on Leap day! 2008- Also started to seriously focus on my diet. Marc and I moved from Georgia to Wisconsin. 2012- Working on losing the last 17 or so pounds! Happy, and in COLLEGE! crazy craze.

  5. Wow, this is really interesting! All those years are pretty significant for me: some good, some bad. I never pieced together that they were all leap years!

    1988- My mom had a debilitating stroke

    1992- Tragic move to another school district (my freshman year of high school and I knew no one! And I was the fat girl!)

    1996- graduated high school

    2000- Took the plunge and moved to California from the Midwest, all by myself

    2004- Married a wonderful man!

    2008- I also started my weight loss journey this year!

    2012- Guess we'll see what good is in store for this year... :)

    Thanks for that trip down memory lane. Very interesting...


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