Friday, February 10, 2012

Hello winter

Nice of you to show up...even if only for a few days.

There's nothing I love more than seeing the snow sit on objects and sprinkle their sparkly glamour to the everyday.  It's been mild this winter and I had to take pics to prove we actually had snow of some sort.

I love the way it sits perfectly straight the fence line giving it a nice topper like a snowy lil hat.

The temp was right but the clock wasn't.  I still like that a wee bit of snow is sitting like a girly headband on top.

My plant hook is now serving as a resting place for fluffy little flakes.

This picture gives me the warm fuzzies.  There is nothing more beautiful than seeing snow of any amount blanketing the trees.  I love the way the snow is frozen in the air.  It makes me want to watch the yule log.  I think the Mr would not be pleased with that though.  (I'll do it in secret)

We're keeping our fingers crossed we can eek out one snow shoe outing from it.  We've been dying to get out there and winter has not been cooperating.

So that's what we hope to do this weekend.

What are you up to this weekend?

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  1. I dislike the snow and winter in general but I'm always the first to see snow's beauty when it first comes down. Your photos are proof of that!

    A teeny-tiny bit of snow is forecast here in Northeast Wisconsin for today and then colder temps for the weekend. I plan on continuing on my quest for household organization during the weekend; finding new ways of putting clothes away is at the top of the list!

  2. Um, I'm doing my taxes. Fun stuff. :-)

    We got some snow yesterday or the day before (and we're getting more on Saturday (or tonight. On my way home from work, there is this one road that has trees on either side that arch over the road and they were coated in snow and ice, and it just felt...magical.

  3. I'm with you on the snow--I like to have at least SOME during the winter! We have been dry here this winter as well. Your pics are beautiful! We are working our fingers to the bone for our school's benefit auction and dinner--and hopefully having a little fun while we're at it this weekend.

  4. We had one good snowstorm right before Christmas, but otherwise we've been pretty dry this year (and last) as well. I really do like snow, and I've been missing it the last couple of years.

    Weekend plans - nothing fun. Regular weekend chores, taxes, and keeping my 5 year old occupied inside while it's "ice pelleting" outside. Seriously - that's what tomorrow's weather says "ice pellets".

  5. I'm glad it went to our north this time. We've been dry as well, most of January was sunny and in the mid-50's, but over the past two weeks we've had enough to pile shoveled driveway snow up to six feet high in our yard. I want it to melt a little now, because at 5'3", I can't throw it high enough any more to get it out of the driveway.

    Weekend, not sure. DH is taking the car to his cousin's house for help with a major repair. I may have to join him later today and spend the night, after which all bets are off for what happens for the rest of the weekend. He doesn't seem to get that I work 7 days a week, lol. Isn't online work fun?

  6. So pretty! Our winter has been much the same, very tame. Although today with the 0 windchill it is a reminder that it's still winter in February.

    Celebrating the twins bday this weekend. Squee :)

    Have a good one!

  7. Just beautiful. This is so foreign to me. We had one real snow in my life, a few years ago, and it frightened me far more than any hurricane (well, except Katrina). I can't believe how HEAVY that stuff is. I was scared to death my roof would cave in. We lost more tree limbs and branches in that one 6-8 inches of snow episode than in several hurricanes combined. I can't imagine dealing with it every year. But it IS lovely! Your photos are wonderful.

  8. I love a blankety snow and the way it outlines the tree branches. Or so I remember. We haven't had more than a few flakes this year. Not that I'm complaining. :)

  9. We have snow this morning in the Northeast as well. Uh, rephrase: we have the barest accumulation so far with countable flakes coming down. Well, maybe not, "There's one, there's another - a little more "intense"."
    I have to say I have NOT missed the feet upon feet we had last year. I *do* like the freshness and beauty of new snow though.
    Love your outdoor thermometer!

  10. We had a little snow like this last night too! I am so glad! I was beginning to worry I wouldn't get to see any snow this winter at all!


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