Thursday, March 31, 2022

One Deep Thought from Two Different Sources


If anyone was/is a caregiver for a dementia patient, this could be triggering.  If that's the case, skip to the final paragraph for a small way you may be able to improve the quality of life of the person being cared for.

The other day we were watching this show on Netflix called 100 Humans.  It takes 100 people from different age groups, backgrounds, etc and does social experiments on them (that are usually highly skewed) and give you the results of their findings.  One of them in the last episode was "do old people have a smell?"  The funny thing is I stumbled upon something similar to that earlier in the day online and it is a very interesting reason as to why it is and how to combat it.  I'll give you a more reputable link here.  The 100 humans were blindfolded and asked to sniff two different rooms to see if they could smell old people vs young.  They could but really only after exercise.

Later that night we watched the newest episode of This Is Us and as you know, Rebecca is going on her dementia journey.  This has been incredibly painful to relive bringing up all kinds of trauma associated with my grandma's decline and eventual death from the disease.  I remember the days after diagnosis of taking all of the pictures like we were going to shove a lifetime of what she had left into photos before you could physically see the decline and pretend we hadn't wasted opportunities over the years.  Nothing quite prepares you for the day you see the picture you took and the soul of what made them who they are visibly absent in their eyes.  It is a feeling that will gut you to your core.

As we were finishing up the episode and seeing 'old Rebecca' and it reminded me of the earlier show and the "old person smell."  I said aloud how one of the worst things was the death of her smell while she was still alive.  She very much had a particular smell to her...a light whiff of White Rain hairspray and White Diamonds perfume.  The house smelled like it when you walked in and you would know blindfolded that you were at Grandma's by that smell alone.  She didn't smell like an old lady to me, it just smelled like her like it had for so many decades.  When she began to decline and family and caregivers took over her care, they stopped giving her a spritz of perfume and her hair wasn't getting done anymore except when it looked particularly bad they'd fill in the holes from laying on the pillow but no hairspray.  I remember the day I walked into the house and I couldn't smell her anymore.  I almost had to turn around and walk outside.  Now it smelled only like her husband whose smell I compared to a decades old sleeper sofa in a cabin and the Mr said I was spot on.  I was able to keep it together for the time we were there but as soon as we got into the car to leave I said "the house doesn't smell like her anymore...she's gone" and burst into tears.  It affected me profoundly.

I wondered what kind of mental effect that might've had on her to have a light spray of her favorite perfume.  To smell like herself and her signature scent.  Our senses have such a huge role in the way our brain processes things and I wonder if that would've brought her some pleasure to have that familiar scent and have one thing that she could still hold on to but couldn't ask for.  I love how doctors always tell the family how "they don't know what's going on" but the truth is, that is said to comfort families.  No one has come back from dementia to recover to say "I don't remember a single thing about that time."  It's a hypothesis and one I don't completely buy.   I would sob some nights thinking of her being completely coherent on the inside and not able to express it on the outside.  Screaming "why can't anyone understand me!?  Why aren't you hearing the words I think I'm saying?"  She would have this look on her face sometimes like she was in so much pain (she, like me, was sensitive to sound) and when I would say something to others, it would get brushed off like she was fine.  How did they know she was fine?  Because they wanted to believe it?  Because she couldn't tell them she wasn't even though she was visibly agitated??  

I think back to those days after this realization with smell and familiarity and I wish on holidays at least, I would've thought to put a little perfume on her wrist to see if she liked it.  I wish I could've given her something like that that would've brought her comfort in a way we all missed.  If anyone is going through dementia with someone they love, maybe suggest doing this if their loved one had a particular lotion or perfume/cologne they wore.  It keeps their house smelling like theirs for a lot longer and I have to imagine gives even a slight boost or moment of happiness which they so desperately deserve.  

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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Hump Day Poll: Anything But That

What songs would be played on a loop in hell?

Anything by Bon Jovi.

How about you?

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Monday, March 28, 2022

Still Reeling Weekend Recap

It was a real crapper of a weekend after finding out Foo Fighters/NHC drummer/singer Taylor Hawkins died at 50.  


My friend messaged me Friday night after he found out and while the news was shocking, I guess I wasn't overly surprised.  I never pictured him being an old man.  There was always just something about him that made me wonder if this could happen and hoping to God I was wrong.  Obviously we're in the early stages of information but every news outlet shows strong evidence of drug involvement and the last report being his heart was double the size of an average man's heart which can happen with prolonged substance abuse without the person even knowing it.  He was reported to have chest pains before emergency services were called.  My heart breaks for his family both personal and musical.  I think Dave Grohl has to be feeling the pressure of the world on his back waiting to hear what he has to say.  So many people made early comparison's of him losing Kurt Cobain to Taylor.  While the loss of Kurt was great for the music world and obviously Dave as his bandmate, he knew Kurt for four-ish years...he's known Taylor for twenty-five.  The losses I'm sure are very different for him and for different reasons from both time and circumstance perspectives.   I can't imagine what he is going through right now as the worldwide Foo family await his words; knowing that somehow a planet of people hope for comfort from Dave when there is no comfort for him having just lost his best friend.  I spent much of the weekend scouring the web for any updates as many other Foo fans did, still in disbelief.  I pray for his family, friends and fans who are all affected.  You don't have to have met someone to be profoundly affected by their death.

It was a decent weekend here.  The temps have not been cooperating so we're nowhere where we were hoping to be with the garage but the Mr has been compounding and sanding his arms off.  We can't paint until the temps come up a bit so sometime later in the week or else it'll just be a gloppy mess.  Small progress is better than none.  

We were finally able to renew our passports online.  It's not like we're planning on going out of the country but we do like to go on jaunts to Niagara on the Lake and kinda need a passport for that.  Because you're not allowed to smile in your photo, I look like a cross between being irritated, gave up on life and that fart might've been something more.  It's a great impression to give our friends up north.

We watched Windfall on Netflix Saturday night and it was decent.  Certainly not a feel good movie but it was nice to have a distraction.  Sunday morning the Mr woke up with a migraine; no doubt from all of the overhead sanding.  Luckily I had some lemon blueberry pancakes frozen and between that, eggs and a banana (and of course Excedrin) he was able to kick it to the curb.  We enjoyed a few spits of flurries.  Well, enjoy to gasp at there being flakes then blink twice and they were gone.  Sigh.  

Before we knew it, it was time to get in a workout (of course just as I'd FINALLY gotten a little relief from rolling bunged up muscles in my feet on the lacrosse ball) and that was curtains on our weekend.


How was your weekend?

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Friday, March 25, 2022

What I'm Reading This Week #12

Happy First Friday of Spring y'all.  (Doesn't really mean anything but good tidings nonetheless.)  The Mr decided to delve into a project we've been putting off for 2-3 years...the garage. that happened.  We have water damage from a flashing issue from 20 years ago that has started a mass exodus on drywall tape out there and if we ever decide to sell, it would be a problem. 

I did a lot of the basement wall taping/mudding in 2019 and the Mr said he would do the taping/mudding out there and I wished him well.  I caulked some gaps and filled in what I could with some foam which I loathe working with because it comes out the sides of the straw instead of the front and glops down the wall.  So we've got a LOT of work ahead of us but that wall needs addressed before we can start working on the crap show that is taking up the garage.  Thankfully, the Mr anchored the shelving unit into some studs so we don't have to worry about a garage full of our crap coming down on his car when Hyundai decides to get off their butts and get the recall stuff taken care of.  So there's an ongoing project.  Yay.

Now let's project onto...

10 Foods That Are High in Zinc  (I'm always low on zinc so I'll have to add some of these!)

Doing This Before Bed Could Lower Your Risk for Heart Disease and Diabetes  (The irony was not lost on me that I found this on my phone scrolling before bed.)

Is It Bad to Eat the Same Thing Every Day? (We tend to do this out of habit and are often in a food rut.  I track everything in Cronometer and supplement where needed.  Speaking of which, I apparently need to pop a 1/4 zinc tablet today.)

5 Lifestyle Changes Could Reduce Your Risk of Alzheimer's Disease (I'm learning Italian and sometimes my brain friggin' HURTS after a lesson!  But I take that as a good sign)

Alcoholism drug restores macular degeneration vision loss in mice  (Definitely something to bring to your docs attention if you or someone you love is dealing with this condition!)

17 Signs You're Having a Midlife Crisis  (Yeah...that tracks.) 

Why Experts Recommend Washing Your New Clothes Before Wearing Them  (People REALLY need to be told this!??!  Never mind the toxins in the clothes, think of how many people have potentially tried on your clothes in store/touched them in the process of making and packaging them.  heebie jeebies  Lest you think I'm being dramatic, I worked in retail...I've seen some shit in fitting rooms.)

How Nostalgia Deceives Us  (Yep, there's definitely no going back, that's for sure and not in the way you may be thinking.)

Nothing going on this weekend that I know of.  Rainy and cold so no kiteboarding or anything like that.  I'm sure something with the garage will be done whether it be sanding, patching and/or painting but I don't want to think about that.

Whatchu thinking about for the weekend?

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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Hump Day Poll: PeeeeYooooo!


Where is the worst smelling place you’ve been?

I mean absolutely zero disrespect to this state as a whole but when we drove home from Yellowstone past a corporate cow "farm" in Nebraska, it smelled like the entire state farted at the same time.  I almost threw up and the smell lingered STRONG for 5 miles and could still be faintly smelled at 10. It's like when you drive past a dead skunk and can't close the vent up in time and it sears into your nostrils rendering your nose completely useless for at least two hours.  I'm sure Nebraska is lovely but that was an atrocity to smell!


What about you?  Where is the worst smelling place you’ve been? 

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Friday, March 18, 2022

What I'm Reading This Week #11

It's Friday...woot wooooooooooooooooooot!  It's an extra good one here as the Mr is done with his colonoscopy and got the all clear.  No polyps but some pockets of diverticulosis.  I'm a little irritated they didn't bring me back before the doctor explained this to a groggy Mr because I had questions and frankly, they look pretty scary to me on his pics.  They're just like "eat more fiber."  I guarantee because he's heavy, they took one look and assumed he eats crap and no fruits and veggies of which he eats 6 days a week.  (I was told the same thing after mine for internal roids...well, guess what, my fiber is well within and usually above recommended limits.)  

My grandma had diverticulitis and was hospitalized when I was a tween and it was very scary so I would've liked to have had a chance to speak with the doctor instead of the nurse saying "it's no biggie and just eat more fiber."  (If you click the link above, you'll see there's really no link between increasing fiber and making the condition better but he could still stand some fiber boosting on lower fiber days anyway.)  

Boy, nothing cements you more firmly into the second act of your life than colonoscopies and fiber supplements, eh?

Anyhoo, let's bulk up on...

8 Surprising Health Benefits of Garlic  (Love garlic and need to get some more.)

Can't Do Child's Pose? Here's What Your Body's Trying to Tell You  (Great alternatives to do until you can finally get there.)

8 Health Benefits of Epsom Salt (Helps with so much more than sore muscles!  If you can't get to a bath right away or are traveling, this epsom salt gel always works for us until we can soak.)

Before Commenting on Someone's Appearance, Watch This Therapist's "5-Second-Rule"  (Everyone needs to watch this video because it doesn't just apply to weight.  Also...if that woman touched me in that way, I cannot describe the hell fire that would be unleashed on her in 1.75 seconds!)

At What Age Should You Start Using Retinol? Several Dermatologists Weigh In  (Anyone use this regularly?  I use a plant based version but don't know if the point is to see no further deterioration on your face or improvement.)

How to Make a Braided Doormat (I'd love to have the patience to make one.  I'll probably just buy one though.  It reminds me of the place we went to in Mystic CT but I'm too cheap to pay their prices.)

If You Love ASMR You Might Be More Sensitive  (No doubt but only certain types.  Whispering will send chills straight down my spine into my lower back but that tapping crap sends me over the edge in the opposite direction.)

We actually have plans this weekend!  As I mentioned, we'll be heading out to the Mr's old stomping grounds so he can get some of his favorite treats as a reward for being awake for his butt scope.  I'm glad I was out for mine because afterward he was able to describe the whole thing  (I just hope the rain they're forecasting lightens up a bit or it's going to be a miserable day for travel.)

He did thank me for taking detailed notes of my experience so that we could use them to make him more comfortable.  (He said the diaper rash cream was a lifesaver and a post procedure rip blew out the walls when activating his air release valve!)  If I had to add anything to my instructions from his experience- if you have already started your prep, don't play 'fart or consequences' will lose.  (Hence, adult diaper)


Any plans for the weekend?

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Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Hump Day Poll: Wow That's Bad

What’s the worst commercial you’ve recently seen? Why is it so bad?

That God awful one where John Goodman is a fingertip or something...I think it's for gambling?  It's super embarrassing.  Like the kind where you're embarrassed for the person enough for both of you.  We saw a new one the other day and I swear it looks like Sharon Stone but we're not sure.  Super cringe!  It always amazes me when people make a commercial so out there that no one can remember what it's selling.  Kind of opposite of the point.

What’s the worst commercial you’ve recently seen and why is it so bad?

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Tuesday, March 15, 2022

A Little Late Weekend Recap


I hope you had a great weekend and good start off to the week.  Our weekend was low key.  We checked a gift card we had that we swore we used but it had a full balance on it so that decided lunch.  We had hot chicken and I got the hottest version because their spice level has dropped off considerably over the years from when it got started.  Well, they brought the heat this time and I spent the rest of the weekend paying for it's revenge.  😂  I had to laugh a little because we watched Tyler Henry's new Netflix special Life After Death and after a reading, he'll paint or meditate to release the energy and one of them he was like "this looks like a fiery butthole" (paraphrasing) and after that first post chicken bathroom visit I was like "I feel like a Tyler Henry painting."  What can I say, I overshare, you know that.  I know some people may roll their eyes at Tyler Henry but if you're into that kind of thing, I can't recommend his first book enough.  We listened to it on the road and my goodness, his story is so intriguing and heartbreaking.  I was excited to see he has another book coming out at the end of the month which we'll definitely get.  His show is really good not just because of the readings but they found out 3 years ago that his mom was actually stolen as a baby and they are following her journey to find out what happened to her.  So even if you aren't interested in the readings, following her story is a show on its own.  We also watched The Adam Project on Netflix and it was really good.  It was impressively big budget until you got to Katherine Keener's younger self deep fake and it was cringey bad but other than that, recommended!  We started watching Upload which has been two years since season one wrapped up so we feel a bit lost even with a recap.  The first few episodes were a bit snoozy but it's seeming to pick up just a little bit.

Today is the Mr's liquid diet day.  He's got his colonoscopy tomorrow morning and I'm hoping that him seeing me going through it in November has at least prepared him a little.  He'll start his prep at 6pm then because he scheduled early, he'll have to get up in the middle of the night to finish the second half of the prep.  I got him some popsicles and Jello (obviously not red-  Mr if you're reading this- NO CHERRY popsicles from that box!)  He's been focused on the fact he gets no food for over 24 hours but I think he's going to find out once that prep kicks in that goes out the window.  


He's got chicken broth and herbal tea too so he'll be fine on that front and he's got a good meal awaiting him for dinner as a reward.  Also as a reward, we'll be going to his hometown this weekend to get and freeze some of his favorite treats and just to have a change of scenery.  So if you all could throw out some prayers/good vibes/whatever you believe in that he has a good result, we would appreciate it.

How was your weekend?

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Friday, March 11, 2022

What I'm Reading This Week #10

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you had a good week.  This week seemed really long to me for some reason.  Oh, it might be because my nips feel like they were sanded after trying to gently pull off the metal sticker they put right in the middle for my mammogram Tuesday.  I have these medical tape adhesive remover pads that I reaaaally wish I brought with me and you can bet your sweet bippy I'll take them next year.  The good thing about those is not only can you use them for that but if you have a label you need to get off glass that's leftover those get it right off.  So I've probably got a good week of Aquaphor and this tea tree oil ointment to aid healing so workouts aren't so torturous.  

Speaking of workouts, here were ours this week:

Sunday- Strength Cardio Supersets  (OMG this kicked our butts)
Monday-  Turbo Fire 45
Wednesday- Powerstrike
Friday- Likely gonna be a walk with Leslie because I'm toast

Let's walk into...

An hour of strength training per week cuts risk of death by up to 20%  (In case you needed another reason to incorporate strength training)

The 17 Best Resistance Band Exercises and How to Get Started  (We love our resistance bands especially when on vacation.  They are NO joke!)

Stop Venting! It Doesn’t Work  (Interesting take but holding it in doesn't do much good either.  I think a good vent about a singular subject is fine but on stuff that is out of your control for the long the last two years- I totally agree.)

This Easy Trick Will Help Your Foundation Look Seriously Dewy  (Anything to not get the dreaded undereye caked look amplifies the creases.  I don't think you need their specific suggestion, this is mine.)

A Clean and Tidy Home Can Boost Your Mental Health—Here's Where to Start  (I need all the boosting I can get in this department)

15 Must-Know Spring Cleaning Tips From Cleaning Pros  (Tis the season y'all.  If only we had to spring clean once a year to keep it away all year long.  I'd like that plan, please)

How to Make Homemade Granite Countertop Cleaner  (From an actual granite company.  Will give it a try when mine runs out.)

35 Times Total Strangers Made Each Other's Day  (Because we all need some feel good vibes)

No weekend plans that I know of which should be the name of my next album.  They claimed we could have snow, now they don't and it doesn't really matter in the end.  I need to dig into my legs some more because all of this strength training is making a 4 month bad situation worse.  So there are my big plans.

Any big plans for you this weekend?

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Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Hump Day Poll: Habit Out of Hardship

See that peanut butter jar?  That's what it looks like when I'm done with it.  Actually, I'm disappointed in myself for leaving those bits I can see behind.  When I get to the end of a jar, tube, box, whatever, I try to get every last bit of it.  After the divorce in 1983, we had to make everything stretch and if that meant cutting open the end of the toothpaste tube, so be it.  (Dang, sure could've used these back in the day!)  I don't even remember if my mom actually told me to do that or if the peril of "will we or won't we get dad's child support check this week" prompted me to do those things.  On stuff like that, the Mr will leave enough for a serving left, consider it empty and fill it with water to 'soak' while I come upon it and about have a heart attack.  It brings up every food security issue I ever had until I got married.  We never starved but almost 40 years later I remember like it was yesterday being blown up at for eating a whole can of tuna instead of half of one after dad left.  I wasn't sure at the time if she didn't want me getting fatter or if she was worried about making food stretch.  I'd like to think it was the latter but obviously, she should've worried about the former as well.  *pokes belly*  

So despite the fact that we can "afford" to leave a little behind instead of grabbing the small rubber spatula to get as much as possible, I will always scrape them clean.  The 9-year- old in me won't allow me to waste food if I am able to catch it in time.  (Like the tuber laden potatoes I cut around and boiled up yesterday for dinner sides.)  

Did you form any habits out of hardship?

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Monday, March 7, 2022

Lent, Back to Our Roots and Shady Olive Branch Weekend Recap

Good Monday to you all!  I guess it's Lent now.  Although brought up with religion, my Dad never went that hardcore with it.  Does anyone else participate?  If so, feel free to share what you're giving up.  

(I know my regular readers don't need this but I'm putting it out there in case anyone is having a knot in undies kind of day.  I respect anyone's right to their religious practices.  12 years of Catholic school for him and seeing some unsavory way divorced people were treated in the church means we may have opposite experiences from you and therefore have a sense of humor about certain things.  If you're touchy about your Catholicism, skip past the gifs cuz this part isn't for you.)

The Mr and I were both raised Catholic (though that stopped for me when Dad left at 9) and I remember our first Friday together during Lent.  Mom and I always ordered pizza on Friday and he was like "my parents called to make sure I was having fish."

"We're having pepperoni pizza, if you want fish, have at it."

"I'm eating MEEEEEAT!!!!  On the first Friday of Lent!!!!!!!!!"


It was Catholic gone wild, I tell you.  We're not Catholic anymore but whenever Lent season rolls around, I always think of that moment and laugh.  The following year when they reminded him to eat fish on the first Friday.  He smiled and was like "mmm hmm."  
His mom said "you still eat fish on Friday don't you?"

"Sure thing."




It was when she knew she lost her hold on him for good.  Not my fault, I just gave the man free will.  He chose pepperoni.


I cut the Mr's hair because he was looking shaggy to start Saturday morning.  We got takeout from this breakfast place we went to in Charleston, SC and it was so bad in comparison.  I don't understand why every time a place finally gets to our neck of the woods they're like "we effed it up real good so it's all yours now!"  Gee, thanks.  We went for a little drive and it was just bad.  It was over 70 degrees and there was a bad vibe out there.  The Mr had to get off the freeway because of it so we weren't out as long as we'd hoped.  I did get a surprise box of goodies from my bestie of my absolute favorite scent of soap which is super hard to find that she had been saving back for a special occasion.  My punani all clear was just such the occasion!  😂  We had a pretty chill night and put that Saturday in the books.

Sunday I shared with the Mr some of the videos that popped up for me after watching a French YouTuber, one of them being why French people don't really get fat.  Pretty basic stuff but it harkened back to our early days of weight loss when we actually mindfully ate our food and dropped 50 lbs without really trying by just doing that alone.  We just happened to catch Paul McKenna's I Can Make You Thin on TLC and that is what sparked our whole weight loss journey.  The fact that he wasn't hocking anything and we had nothing to lose but weight at that time, which we did.  It hit at such a pivotal time in our lives and who knows if we'd even still be here if we hadn't at 494 and 455 respectively.  You can't find that exact special anywhere but he does have the book/CD version still available and the great thing about it is regardless of what crap comes and goes, it will always be relevant.  It essentially reinforces all of the things I read about the way the French eat even with their cheese, desserts, breads, etc.  We never did the tapping thing to 'rewire the brain' but we did everything else.

We decided to go and enjoy the warmer temps even though it was super windy.  We walked my grandpa's cemetery and when we got home, we went straight downstairs and did a strength workout.  I had this Baked Teriyaki Cauliflower dish I modified a week or so ago down for dinner.  I SO wasn't in the mood to go to the trouble but it's too yummy to pass up so I made it.

We made an effort to eat slower and did but not as slow as lunch after being so beat.  Oh, here's a fun situation.  So back before our dog died, our neighbor got a dog.  She let it bark incessantly and after our dog died we could not take 20 straight hours every day.  So we gave it 8 months of being patient and finally asked if she could keep the dog a little quieter and if she needed to train it to get used to people we were more than happy to help socialize it.  We got a letter from her saying we were just jealous because her dog was alive and ours was dead.  Yeah.  So I decided to start this 16 year relationship out by sending her a box with treats, a doggie puzzle and a soft toy so we couldn't hear it.  That way she couldn't say we were jealous dead dog having a-holes that had it in for them ahead of time.  Saturday we received this:

So clean slate?  Hopefully this dog will be much less 'vocal' as the previous one and we can all just have zero issues even if we're all just kind of putting out a shady olive branch to each other right now.  We'll see how long that lasts.  (I'm not trying to be pessimistic but we don't trust this woman as far as we can throw her after witnessing 26 years of supreme bitchery on some stuff.  We're open to a clean slate but we're going in with our eyes wide open where she's concerned.)  We had some of it while renting Scream and we'll unfortunately have to pitch the rest of it because it's not good enough to be worth the calories.  Garrett has definitely spoiled us on popcorn.  Damn my Chicago friends!  LOL  But we still appreciate the gesture.  (Oh and neither of us were impressed with Scream and we're super fans of the original but who knows, you might like it.)

That ended the weekend for us before going to bed to crash from our 2 hour workout.

How was your weekend?  Anything fun, productive or otherwise?

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Friday, March 4, 2022

What I'm Reading This Week #9

Happy Friday!  The first few days of March are in the books.  How did March come in for you?  Like a lion or lamb?  It's been lamb-ish here so it'll be interesting to see where we are in 28ish days and if the lion comes out.  Do people know what I'm talking about when I say all of that or does no one remember that saying and I sound like a nutball?  (More than usual)

It's been a long week.  We had to order a security system because there are just too many reports of skeezers between attempts at seeing who leaves their cars open and now a report of a door to door person harassing people trying to get personal information.  We haven't had this problem in 26 years until we got construction going on all sides of us.  No idea if that's a factor or not but I remember when 10 years ago we had a weather event that took our power out for over a week and while 80% of the neighborhood evacuated, we didn't.  We immediately saw a few unfamiliar faces in the neighborhood that we hadn't seen before.  So...

(Surprise muthaf**ka!  Source)

We didn't leave and I booby trapped the hell out of the house at that time so I guess we're gonna have to go there.  It's like scumbags operate on change in routine in neighborhoods to take advantage.  But, it's everywhere now.  That's apparently the world we live in and the Mr is prepared to take other precautions for the pending apocalypse.  Aces.

Here were our workouts for this week:
Sunday- Leg Day with The Work on Beachbody on Demand
Monday- Walk at the park as long as we could stand...see previous day's workout
Tuesday- Upper Body dumbbell workout
Wednesday- Walk at Grandma's cemetery
Thursday- Full Body strength workout to fully cripple me
Friday- undetermined cardio but it can't be insane because my body is broken

Now let's break into...

How to Burn More Fat: 10 Surprising Tricks to Try (We desperately need to work on #3.  It's how we lost 50 lbs without even trying in the very beginning.)

5 Best Spices For Inflammation (Yummy additions to keep the bod hummin')

This scientist busts myths about how humans burn calories—and why  (Courtesy of the Mr.  Maybe we'll do math problems while working out.)

4 Simple Moves for Knee Pain From Muscle Imbalances  (You need to do these especially if you sit for your job and if you do, you have imbalances.)

People Are Sharing The Underrated Cooking Advice That Actually Changed The Way They Cook (Some really great stuff!  Definitely putting a few of these in my back pocket!)

Ty Pennington Reacts to Critics of His Body After Swimsuit Photo: 'I'm Human and I Have Feelings'  (It's not just the ladies that get body shamed.  Good for him for telling people to eff off!)

Waiting: Rediscovering Boredom in the Age of the Smartphone  (I've thought about doing this on our walks.  We take our loop for granted.  I spend most of my walk looking down so I don't step on something instead of looking around.)

50 Uplifting Animal Pictures To Help You Get Through The Week (Aww!!  Animals are so good and pure.  Society could learn a lot from their unconditional love!)

No plans for the weekend.  It's going to be warm then rainy then cold so basically mother nature is also feeling like Doakes and throwing out temperatures like Powerball numbers.  Hopefully the mood will strike us to get out of the house but finding a place to go that isn't full of people will be a trick.

Anything you've got on the agenda for the weekend?

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Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Hump Day Poll: "So shines a good deed in a weary world.” ~ William Shakespeare

What is the nicest act you secretly did for someone?

I don't know if it's the nicest but it's the one that makes me feel pretty good.  We're always on vacation for our anniversary (well...not 2020 but...) and I like to pick an older couple having a meal and ask their server for their bill and not to tell them.  I like to treat a couple we're hoping to emulate by being together so long.  (I know, they could have been remarried and for less time than we've been together but in the end, who cares?)  

We tried to get away with it in Montana especially when we saw the people split a dish and only splurged on a drink but I'll be danged if the server told them anyway when pressed instead of saying "I don't know."  They thanked us profusely and asked why we did it and we said we just like to pay it forward to married folks doing it right.  My favorite is catching someone at breakfast though, you have to assume their whole day probably got a lot better.

What is the nicest act you secretly did for someone?

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