Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Chicken Farro Bake

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I hadn't planned on making this a recipe but it turned out too good not to share!  I was scrolling the 'gram when I saw Sur La Table showed some chicken rice bake and it appealed to my every fiber screaming for healthy-ish comfort food.  I didn't click on the recipe and decided to wing it and make my own.  I'm weird that way, usually preferring to make up my own version of a dish from a picture.  I find most recipes from people who aren't watching it a little diet wise always start with copious amounts of stuff that doesn't need to be there so I have to heavily alter it anyway.  On with the recipe!

Here's what you'll need:

1 lb chicken breast
1/2 cup farro (or brown rice, quinoa, etc)
1 can reduced sodium cream of mushroom soup (or cream of chicken)
4 cloves garlic
12 oz sugar snap peas (or whatever veggie you want)
1-1 1/2 tsp hickory liquid smoke (optional)

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Boil 2 1/2 cups water and add farro (rice, quinoa, etc) to begin cooking about 10 minutes before starting the rest of the dish.

Trim excess fat from chicken breasts and rub poultry seasoning on them.  In a medium high skillet, spritz a little cooking spray or your favorite oil (not included in recipe nutritional info if you go that route) and sear the chicken breasts about 2-3 minutes per side.

Set them aside on a plate and toss the sugar snap peas into the skillet and cook until almost tender.

Add the soup, minced garlic and liquid smoke into the cooked farro to combine, then add it to the skillet with the peas and stir.  Set the chicken breasts in the rice and place in the oven for 7-10 minutes or until chicken is cooked all the way through.  (Tent with foil if the farro is getting a crust on top)  If you prefer not to use the skillet in the oven, put all ingredients in an 8x8 dish then put into the oven.  

Use a potholder to remove your dish/skillet from the oven, divide in two and serve.

Perfectly comforting, easy to put together and the farro portion could easily be done ahead and reheated once the chicken breasts are ready if you're going to be tight on time.  Delicious leftovers for lunch the next day too if you want to double the batch.  

Tweak it how you like it.  Use half a can of soup with a cup of low sodium broth for a slightly thinner, less sodium version.  Use different veggies, different grain, different meat like pork or turkey.  All there for you to mix and match as you please!

The nutrition data provided with each recipe are estimates and cannot be guaranteed. It should not be used in the treatment of medical conditions and you assume all risk should you choose to prepare the recipe.  Nutrition info calculated using Very Well Fit's nutrition calculator and you are encouraged to enter the exact foods you have on hand for a more accurate count.

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Monday, September 20, 2021

Weary Weekend Wrap Up

Howdy do Monday.  Oh...and hello to you as well!  Another weekend swirled down the drain and it was a hot one.  Despite that, the Mr and I were going stir crazy so we went on a drive for a few hours.  We ended up at a park in a spot away from other people.

I could see on the Mr's face the same thing I was feeling.  I asked for a mental check in and he said things were both okay and not okay, driving around was both good and bad and we talked about a lot of our similar feelings about pretty much everything.  I know that sounds ridiculous but any couples will know what I'm talking about when you're like minded and see people acting a fool.  Our mental health has taken a real hit lately with no tangible end in sight.  I had to actually tell myself to look at the trees, not through them.  I forced myself to scan the ground and found a squirrel to watch to pull my brain out of glaze mode.  It helped a little and we were glad for the change of scenery.  We drove around a bit more before heading home.

We didn't have anything on the agenda but the Mr got a code from Redbox for $1.25 off and we figured we'd put it toward a movie we've been waiting on...

We saw the original when we were dating and it's in Halloween movie rotation so it had big shoes to fill in our eyes.  We weren't fans.  There were parts toward the beginning that had hope but they got slow in the middle and never recovered.  Definitely a renter when it's not $20.  Beh.  But it was still nice having a date night with my honey with all of the lights off and candles lit to kick off horror movie watching for the season.

Sunday the Mr had a migraine that sadly, took over most of the day.  We were able to get in an MBF Lower Body workout that kicked our butts.  It always amazes me how those ropeless jump rope moves get your heart rate up before a workout.  We use them now in warm ups and cool downs of all kinds.  Then we settled in for the night after some turkey lentil pasta and a salad.

What did you get into this weekend?

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Friday, September 17, 2021

What I'm Reading This Week #38

'Sup y'all?  It's the last weekend of summer!!  I will nod my head in mourning for those of you who are sad but don't look too close because I will have a big smile on my face.


I am more than ready for Fall, as you know, and hope the temps get to and stay in the 70's sooner than later.  I'm ready for horror movie marathons with Freddy, Jason and Ghostface, curling up with my favorite tea and fuzzy socks and flipping the remote on the candles for some hygge time when the killers are done with their business.

Let's get to what we were shoveling in the pie hole this week.

Monday was what I made for the Mr the first time I ever cooked for him...green pepper steak.

Tuesday was glazed salmon with sweet potato gnocchi and broccoli.  ("She's choppin' brocc-uh-lay.  She chop...huh!")

Workout was MBFA Total Body EMOM (strength).

Wednesday was Turkey Tacos.

Workout was walk around the park which we had almost all to ourselves after rain came through!

Thursday was General Tso's Shrimp.

Workout was walk around Grandma's cemetery.

Now let's walk into...

Walk For Weight Loss With This 4-Week Video Workout Plan — Just Press Play and Follow Along!  (This is the girl I've been telling y'all about!  I was so excited to see her featured! You should totally consider following this plan if you need to change things up)

Here’s What Happens If You Don’t Wear Shoes At Home, According to a Podiatrist  (I can vouch for this.  But I do need to wear my house sandals more often.  My feet always thank me for it.)

5 Habits to Add to Your Day to Prevent Cognitive Decline  (Great suggestions!  The first two were prescribed by the doctor when we were dealing with it in our family and it wasn't followed.  Therefore the decline was QUICK.  Get in the habit now before a doc prescribes it for you.)

The Biggest Wastes Of Time We Regret When We Get Older (In youth we learn; in age we understand. Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach)

30 Chic Mantel Decor Ideas to Celebrate the Fall Season  (So many fun ideas!  I laugh when I think of what my 16 year old self in my black lacquer/sleek lines days would think of my style now.)

Browser settings to change ASAP if you care about privacy: Chrome, Firefox and more  (Our privacy gets breached enough without giving it up on our browsers.)

7 Easy Ways to Save Money Every Day  (They're right, this is easy stuff to do!)

14-Year-Old Golden Retriever Brings Surprises to Neighbors Every Day  (Oh you sweet, sweet nugget!  I wish we had a pup that wandered over to visit us every day!)

I've got a few Christmas presents that arrived so I'll contemplate wrapping this weekend.   The Mr and I need to do something...not sure what.  Whether it's our first movie of the Fall season to an in home spa night or a board game that won't leave me wanting to frisbee it in frustration.

Anything on your end this weekend?

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Thursday, September 16, 2021

It's All Connected: How I Determine Where to Roll for Muscle Release


The most important thing I retained during my stint with my chiropractor was "it's all connected."  I would tell him where I had pain (ie- in my foot) and he would do myofascial release either in my shin or my calf depending on where the pain was.  I would ask questions about why he was doing it where he was and he would gleefully give me an explanation of what muscles connected where.  Like if you dig into certain parts of your calf muscles, you could feel a tingle in the arch of your foot because it's all connected.  Not only was I interested in learning about what muscles attached where and I would ask because it was apparent from his excitement that no one else cared but ultimately, I'm cheap.  Even with coverage, I had to pay $30 a pop for each visit and if he wasn't going to use a laser or something I didn't have access to, I was going to learn on my own how to take care of my screwed up leg muscles.  Ultimately, it ended up preparing me for the pandemic when going in to see him wasn't going to happen.  

Let me preface this by saying I am not a doctor.  Nothing in this article should be construed as medical advice and should you choose to do any of these things, you do so at your own risk.  Consult your doctor before trying any of these techniques on your own.

This post contains affiliate links.  Buying through them may give me a small commission to keep the blog running at no cost to you!

One time, I had horrible tugging pain on the tips of my toes.  No amount of rolling with The Stick in the muscles above my ankle would relieve it despite it being very tender and obviously a problem.  When I went to him, he found a small knot about 3" below my knee on the extensor digitorum longus muscle.


You can see how that muscle attaches close to the knee and runs all the way down into the four smaller toes.  While technically I wasn't wrong rolling at the ankle, I was rolling the smaller muscle not realizing the bigger muscle and the one doing a majority of the work was above it.  Where the chunkier part of the muscle goes into the smaller part of the muscle is often where I will get a knot that limits range of motion. Now that I knew that, I went home and started looking some stuff up.

I love to go to anatomy websites so I can learn which muscles are connected to each other so that I can more effectively relieve my own pain.  Obviously, there are plenty of YouTube videos and such you can look up but for me, I've always retained more when I can see more detail.  I love websites like Teach Me Anatomy and my absolute favorite is Innerbody Research because you can click on the muscle and it'll show you where it is and what it attaches to.  

I tend to have IT band syndrome quite a bit where after some more strenuous (to my muscles) workouts, I have extreme tightness on the outside of my thigh connecting from my hip to my knee.  This is the Iliotibial Tract.  So a click on Innerbody shows me that area.  In my estimation, I would think that rolling the only muscle in the tract up top by the hip with the Stick or a foam roller would release any tension in that area.  The rest of it is all connective tissue so my method would be to then use my Graston tool to smooth out any scar tissue that is bunging things up in there.  That is a two pronged approach I wouldn't have thought of had I not looked at that page.  Instead, I would spend time after a workout just foam rolling from knee to hip and wondering why it was still tight.  When I did have to see my chiro for something unrelated, I ran this theory past him and he smiled and confirmed I was on the right track and said the only thing was I needed to do it daily if I wanted to keep things pliable.  He seemed impressed I even bothered to look that stuff up and I felt better knowing that I had the tools to figure things out for myself.  

Rolling truly is one of the most overlooked parts of body maintenance.  It doesn't matter if you workout or not, you really should consider rolling especially if you're sedentary/working from home.  All of that sitting shortens your muscles and doing some foam rolling or using the Stick to help lengthen things is always a good idea if your body can tolerate it.  Again, that is something you need to check with your doctor about so you can determine if it's the right course of action for you.  For me, I like being able to figure these things out for myself and know that I can course correct a muscle or two trying to throw a wrench into life.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Hump Day Poll: Yay or Nay

Nutella...Yay or Nay?

We have it on occasion and it makes some damn fine fudge come holiday time but it seems to be one of those things people either love or hate.

Nutella...yay or nay?

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Monday, September 13, 2021

Funk, Schoolhouse Rock and Shaving Like a Yeti Weekend Recap

Originally I titled this Having to Shave Because of My Balls Weekend Recap and then I thought of the types of weirdos I would attract and decided against it.

Happy Monday the 13th everyone!  Why is there such an association of dread putting Friday and 13 together but not any other day of the week?  Actually, I just looked it up and if you want to know the supposed origin, you can go here for your factoid of the day.

I was hoping the mid-upper 70's we experienced last week would stick around but here we are back at 90.  (Finger gesture)  It was a low key weekend.  Didn't go anywhere or do anything.  I picked up little things here and there but nothing that made any noticeable difference.  We both have reached a mental crack with the world in general and crushing frustration in having a dream and not being able to act on it for various reasons.  You throw all of the crap given the date over the weekend and me REALLY wanting to say some stuff statistic wise that would piss people off and we ended up having to watch a few cartoons before bed Saturday night just to get out of a bad headspace.  

Did you know that Jack Sheldon, the dude who sang "Just a Bill" and others for Schoolhouse Rock was a bitchin' jazz artist??  I listened to some of his stuff on Prime music and it was really good.  Give it a listen if you're so inclined.

I did manage to wash up our living room blankets in this detergent that makes everything smell heavenly despite it being overwhelmingly strong in the bottle.  I learned the hard way that my knit Christmas blanket does not care for my wool balls (that's what she said) bouncing off of it in the dryer so I had to spend a few hours shaving it down.  The balls are fine for everything else so I don't know why that particular blanket was being a butthead but it was.  Now it's all folded up and on the blanket ladder waiting to be cozied when the temps drop at night.  We watched Police Academy 1 and 2 while I was doing that so it wasn't so bad.

Sunday I jarred myself awake just in time for the Amazon Fresh delivery and Aldi pickup.  We had another long, world problem solving talk before getting to our kettlebell workout that completely kicked our butts.  We both had to take showers and by the time we got back downstairs, it was 1:15pm and it was time to make what was supposed to be brunch but ended up being late lunch since we didn't eat until almost an hour later for some reason.  

I wish I could say I felt more awake after that but I was plagued with tiredness all day long that I couldn't really snap out of.  I wish I could say we got some kind of push to do big things after that but we didn't.  Definitely feeling a funk but just have to keep pushing forward or it has the possibility to swallow us whole.  

Before we knew it, it was time for dinner.

Veggie taco salad is nice and filling and got that big azz cauliflower head out of the fridge.

Oh yeah, I started my Christmas shopping so there's that. 🎅

What did you get into this weekend?

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Friday, September 10, 2021

What I'm Reading This Week #37

Well hello there Friday!  I see we meet again after the longest week ever of course, since last weekend was a three day weekend.  I have been looking up a lot of Fall recipes this week because I'm just ready, regardless of the weather.  Speaking of eats... 

Monday was our version of a cookout with Beyond Burger and potato wedges.

Workout was a walk earlier in the day and caulking the bathtub.

Tuesday was a Teriyaki Turkey Bowl.

Workout was The Prep Total Body Push/Pull.

Hump day was mahi fish tacos and Brussels.

Workout was P90x Sweat B.

Thursday was Chicken Farrow Bake.  Comfort food season is here!

Workout was a walk around cemetery in pleasant weather.

Now let's get to...

The Best Cholesterol-Lowering Foods  (Most of these are delish!  You can keep your eggplant though.  Bleck)

Tips & Tricks For Sitting Less During The Day To Protect Your Mental Health  (No one needs dead butt syndrome.  (Yes, it's a real thing!))

How to Calm an Anxious Mind with Only One Word (I've actually been doing this for a week and it works about 75% of the time which is quite a step up for me!  Definitely worth a try!)

10 obscure but brilliant hair metal albums  (Hee hee, I knew Pretty Boy Floyd was going to make the cut.  I was lucky enough to meet and hang out with all of them back in 1990.  (For anyone wondering "hang out" is not code for bumping uglies.)  Vinnie, the blondie in the band, was my favorite (and the drummer) and he called me a few weeks later and we chatted for a bit.  I did an interview with him once for an old, defunct site.  He was so delightfully weird but sweet.  Sadly, another one gone way too soon as he passed in 2010 at 46.  I was totally heartbroken but so thankful for our pics, emails and memories of his kindness.)

Roomba Mapping Out House Encounters A Very Lazy Obstacle  (OMG, this is hilarious!  Does anyone have one of those?)

Not sure if we're doing anything this weekend or not so we'll see.  Maybe finally clear off the kitchen table?  The possibilities are endless.

You getting into any tomfoolery this weekend?

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Thursday, September 9, 2021

Do Something Today That "Future You" Will Thank You For

As the world's biggest procrastinator since birth (seriously...I was two weeks late), I've always had an answer for the quote "why put off tomorrow what you can do today?"  

"Because I can."

While that's true for most things, the problem with that is that it creates unnecessary stress.  I was raised in a house that was not 'company ready.'  Piles were the theme of the day as my mom was always putting a pile on the stairs to go up which we would inevitably pass by for weeks.  A stack or two on the kitchen table that was the "later/sort" pile so you barely had enough room to sit down to eat.  Usually we didn't, it was TV tray city from 5th grade on.  If you look around my house...same thing.  Piles on the stairs that we both ignore and a stack of crap on the table that I look at, cringe and walk by.  It creates unnecessary stress for both of us and it's hard to enjoy all of the lovely Fall décor I've put out when the house isn't picked up.  I think it's a problem with living in a small house because unless you have some kind of magical storage closet, something needs to find a home and if you're bursting at the seams, that means a purge and oy.  

But I actually got off track because that isn't necessarily what I meant by the above title.  It doesn't have to be something as daunting as a whole house purge; though that would certainly help my mental state.  It can be little things.

Pre-split your supplements or pills for a few weeks in a row.  We take supplements to boost the nutrients we fall short on no matter how many fruits and veggies we squeeze in.  I don't believe in power dosing and taking 500-1000% of something.  That is ludicrous and dangerous.  I will take that 300% pill and split it 4 ways.  We both loathe it because TJ's B Complex crumbles apart and it's an orange crap show in our pill splitter.  But when we do it, and jump ahead for the following week, future us is always thankful for it.  I think I'm ahead for two weeks right now so future me (or him) is already happy.

Fill in regular items on your food tracker.  If you have foods that you eat/drink on the daily, save yourself a little time by copying and pasting them into each day for a few months.  It only takes a few minutes but for us, at least, it's always nice to have one less thing to hunt around for in the database.

Start planning your holiday expenses and/or Christmas shopping now!  There are lots of ways you can start preparing for the holiday season now.   The same shipping issues we experienced last year are expected to be just as bad, if not worse this year.  There is also chatter of production bottlenecks that will seem like shortages but are more like back ups in getting things where they need to go.  (This includes smaller turkeys for smaller gatherings!)  Be ahead of the game and start asking for Christmas lists now.  It's not like the old days when Black Friday was the only day of deals, there are plenty to be had now.  Also, get your Christmas cards now.  In a time where our connections have been broken and the likelihood of the holidays still not being the same this year, if you don't usually send cards, consider it.  I am using the leftovers I have from years past and bought a filler pack to round them out.  Amazon actually has the same Hallmark cards for cheaper!  My friend and I bought each other the same card for our birthdays and she paid a buck more!

Get your Fall gardening tasks done.  Pull those weeds (this thing is a life saver and I also use it in the Spring to make holes for annuals!).  Prune the small tree/bushes.  Better yet, get the stuff you'll need for winterizing like burlap with some stakes so when the time comes, you're ready to roll!  Plant those spring bulbs so you can have maintenance free beauty next year.

Do research on switching doctors.  More than half of people feel like their doctors don't listen to them, give them the proper amount of time or are pushing their own agenda.  If your last physical left a bad taste in your mouth, now is the time to research finding a new one.  I usually go to Healthgrades.com to see what other patients are saying since I don't trust the reviews on the doctors website.  You can filter by gender, age, distance, etc.  (Pretty disheartening to see there are no docs in my immediate town that get 5 stars.)  Many doctors schedule months in advance, especially for new patients.  Be on the ball so you're not screwed with sticking with the same dope the following year.

Get you or your kids lunches ready the night before.  The Mr always spends 15 minutes of his 30 minute lunch hour preparing his lunch, has 10-15 minutes to eat before he's back at it.  When he went to work a few days a week, he would pack his lunch the night before even getting his salad together in a salad container so he could grab and go.  I've hinted at going that route again and I bet future him would enjoy the extra time to chill with his honey!  

Meal prep for dinner.  Speaking of making stuff ahead... Whether you work from home or are waiting for dinner to cook, you can get a jump on the evening's/next day's dinner.  If you plan your meals for the week, you can see what items can be prepared ahead.  I have these bowls that do well for holding cut veggies like onions, peppers, etc as well as make-ahead sauces.  Mince anything like garlic or ginger so it doesn't feel so tedious when the time comes and give you temptation to skip it or use dried.  Often times the thing that keeps me from throwing together a more 'whole food' centric dinner is coming up from our workout only to have to do a bunch of slicing and dicing when I'm not feeling it.  This makes it so I only have to cook meat or roast veggies, pour and go.

Break down the boxes.  Some people do this the second they get something and others wait to do it.  Just keep a pair of scissors handy to break down your boxes as they come in because who has room to keep them fully assembled?  Certainly not us!  Also remember to keep boxes that are still in good shape for holiday shipping.  (Ship two weeks before the cut off this year or you could be sorry!)  Break them down and store them somewhere you can put them back together when it's time to ship.

Go through your spices.  Don't act like you don't have poultry seasoning (or a similar less used spice) from 6 years ago hanging out in your spice rack.  While they may smell okay, they aren't fresh and you're not getting the most out of them anymore.  Start with two spices per month to replenish so by the time the holidays roll around you've got all of the fresh spices your favorite cookies or homemade stuffing deserve!  

Re-Caulk the Tub.  Yes, it sucks and no matter how many times you clean or how powerful a fan you have in the bathroom, there comes a point where the mold wants to win.  While you can put some of this and a paper towel around the perimeter all night, it'll buy you a few weeks.  But if you're at the point where nothing works, just get a caulk removing tool and we recently used this caulk to redo our tub.  Use some painters tape above and below where you dug out the caulk to make a straight, clean line!

Take time for yourself even if it's just five minutes a day.  Take that favorite serum and put it on after your shower or before bed.  Put on your favorite lotion in a soothing scent to calm your senses.  Put on that sheet mask after a long day.  "Now you" can put those items on your pillow so you don't forget before going to bed!

You can see it varies on the time and effort scale on what can make future you happy but they're all worth it.  Start with the things that take five minutes and move up to the more time consuming ones.  When we are able to bring down stress levels any time of year but particularly as the holidays start to creep in, you're going to be thanking 'now you' for being on the ball!

What could you do now that would make future you happy?

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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Hump Day Poll: Underrated

What is your favorite, most underrated album ever?

Mine is School of Fish by School of Fish.  If you listened to any college or alternative stations when the 90's were born, then in 1991, you likely heard 3 Strange Days.  It was also in decent rotation on MTV back when they played music.  

The track list is as follows:

"Intro" into "3 Strange Days"  (This is the one you may have heard.)

"Talk Like Strangers"  (Moody, cool effect on Josh's voice, great driving but simple drums.)

"Deep End" (Has a Cure vibe on the guitar, and perfect to just zone out looking at the ceiling contemplating life which is pretty much what I did then.)

"King Of The Dollar"  (Great bouncy song for an alt band and love the nod to the Stones 'Satisfaction'.  I very specifically remember this being the one that got the crowd going at the concert.  A big mass of humanity bouncing in unison.)

"Speechless"  (This one brings me to my knees every time.  If you could float while listening to a song, this one is as close to an out of body experience as you can get.  But that's what one would expect with an opening line like "I'm flying over the city in a suit and tie."

"Wrong" (Love the keyboards in this and driving, bouncy beat.)

"Rose Colored Glasses"  (Another great one that might've been a radio play.  "Right now she's everything and you're not enough."  Some awesome lines in this one and just a fun bop.)

"Under The Microscope"  (The way the song starts as background then slowly fades in and starts just gets me every time.  Probably a good one to chill if you're blazing with a bag of Cheetos next to you.)

"Fell"  (OMG, the sweetest little song ever.  It reminds me of "Hey There Delilah" in some ways but just better.  I'm listening to it right now and I'm as squishy inside as I am outside.)

"Euphoria"  (Another out of body song.  I'm lucky if I can get to Josh singing before I am bawling.  "A heart can only break so many times.  So why do you feel the need to see what you can do to mine?")

This album was released my senior year of high school.  I introduced the Mr to it when we started dating and he loved the album as well and puts some of the songs on his personal playlists.  They released a second album a few years later and I was first in line to get it.  Unfortunately, it couldn't compare to the first one but it's very hard to bottle lightning twice and the band broke up.

Sadly, the lead singer Josh Clayton-Felt would be diagnosed with testicular cancer in 1999 and gone by January 2000 at the age of 32.  


This album captures a time for me.  It helped me through my teen angst.  It made me happy, sad, wistful and was everything to me and still is.  I saw them in concert in '92 when they were  new on the scene.  Josh was running to get to his van and I yelled his name and asked if I could take a pic of him (with my 110 camera 😮).  He stopped and said I could but he had to take it of us.  I said my friend could take it and he said no, he was really good at it.  I gave him side eye especially when he held it VERTICALLY so I was sure I was just going to end up with a pic of me with his hair against mine.  To remind you or to school those too young...this is what a 110 camera looks like...


Also remember you had to wait until your roll was done and you developed the film to see what fresh hell awaited in your 24 chances to take 8 good, non blurry pics FACING your subjects.  Selfies were 99.7% likely to end in disaster.  That mofo went from landscape to portrait...and friggin' NAILED IT.  His sweet smiling face next to mine, perfectly centered like the rockstar (literal and figurative) he was.  I am forever grateful for his music and that moment in time I got to share with him.

What is your favorite, most underrated album ever?

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Monday, September 6, 2021

Busy September Weekend Recap

Happy Monday/Labor Day everyone!  I hope you had a great weekend with all of your fabulous plans!  I can honestly say for the first time in what feels like a bazillion years, we did a crap ton of stuff this weekend.  Quite the way to welcome September!

First off was the Mr and I celebrating my birthday and he was antsy for me to open my presents.

I got some DVD's (yes, I still prefer DVD's because I've watched people's music and movies purchased digitally disappear) and some Christmas antiques and reindeer slippers to get ready for the season.  My favorite was Street Gang: How We Got to Sesame Street.  It was a great BTS look at how they made it and I found myself silently weeping several times OD'ing on nostalgia.  So funny how a few notes or seeing a familiar face can give you the warm fuzzies.  

Thankfully, my Mac Pie from Hawaii arrived without incident, although a day late because I knew they sent it out too late.  Always glad I think ahead and allowed a 2 day cushion before we needed it.  

We also enjoyed a spot on Pequod's pizza from Chicago which is our favorite.  

Most people say "eww, they burnt it!"  Nope.  That is called caramelized cheese.  There is not a whiff of burn to it and the best part of the slice!

The Mr has had these horrible, cheap French cleat shelves in his office for the longest time.

If I thought about it, I would've taken the pic from the side of the shelves where you could see how they tilted forward so everything on the shelf had to be tilted back so it didn't fall.  It'd been like that for about 8 years and finally, I thought he needed to get an upgrade.  He always gravitated toward live edge shelves or tables if we'd see them out in the wild.  They are expensive especially on Etsy and places like that.  I did a search and happened to see that World Market had some in the size of his shelves and showed them to him and he gave them the thumbs up.  I got some brackets from Home Depot that worked but I wouldn't buy them again since I didn't realize they were faux wood and cheaply made.  We just got them hung by the skin of our teeth but they look much better and are straight!

We had some shelves I got last year that I didn't quite trust the stability on anymore so the Mr put in longer screws and it seemed to make it better so I could put my Fall stuff out.

I got the mantel ready for Fall...

it's definitely giving me all the hygge vibes!

FINALLY, after a year, got my gallery wall together behind the dining room table.

I'm sure the Mr is mumbling quite a few new 'pet names' for me under his breath but given we typically share a blood supply with the couch, we're due for some bursts of activity.

We did have to run out to grab something from Walgreens and we saw this monstrosity.

Now I love regular and especially caramel candy corn but WTAF!?

How was your weekend?  Would you try that sh*t show above?

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Friday, September 3, 2021

What I'm Reading This Week #36

Happy first Friday of September!  I hope everyone is doing well and ready for some tomfoolery this weekend.  Yesterday was my birthday so I opened gifts from my two besties to celebrate and did a video call with one of them.  No pressure.  I tend to wear my emotions on my face so I had to make sure if there was a WTF item that I gave it equal enthusiasm.  You're much more cognizant of it when you're in person but when they aren't in the room, you have to be more aware.  At least I do.  HA!

Let's get aware of... 

Unplug These Appliances That Hike Up Your Electricity Bill  (I did some yanking of plugs after this one)

Even Millennials Might Not Be Able To Pass This '80s Knowledge Quiz  (Um, why would millennials pass it?  The earliest ones were barely able to process memories before the 80's were almost over)

I wanted a birthday celebration of stuff from my favorite restaurants from our travels this year so Goldbelly to the rescue.  We have a chocolate macadamia nut pie from Mac Pie on the Big Island of Hawaii that we haven't had in 10 years and pizza from Pequod's in Chicago which is by far superior to all other pizzas in Chicago.  I ordered extra since it was only $30 so if we got the itch some other time, we could thaw and have the good stuff.  I'll open the Mr's gifts tomorrow and that'll round out my birthday celebration.  That's the fun thing about a mid(ish) week birthday is you can stretch it out a bit if you want to.  🥳

You getting into anything this weekend?

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Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Hump Day Poll: It's the Best

What is a memorable scene from a movie that you love?

It always gives me butterflies when the cars part in Sixteen Candles and there stands Jake Ryan.  


I know, I'm a sucker but it takes me back especially with those first few bars of If You Were Here by The Thompson Twins.

How about you?

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Monday, August 30, 2021

Toot-a-loo August Weekend Recap

I'm pretty sure Ken Jeong made sure most people will always think of him when uttering that phrase.

(Thanks a lot Hangover!  Source: Tenor.com)

The Mr and I agreed it was a weird, funk filled week.  We were getting stuff in line with our retirement stuff which lasted Monday through Saturday before having everything where it needed to be.  It was pretty mind scrambling with doing our research and choosing what we wanted in a bit of a crap show market and hoping for the best.  I won't look at it again until we talk to a financial advisor a friend recommended to see what to invest next year.  I don't need daily numbers to give me anxiety, thankyouverymuch.

The Mr's "work mom" suddenly passed away only 6 months into retirement just over a week ago.  She was getting ready to go on a trip and the next day she missed the flight.  One of her travel companions did a wellness check through the police and they found her.  She was a cruiser and did several a year so thankfully she didn't wait for retirement to travel but at 60, she was far too young to be gone.  It hit both of us hard as she was always quite complimentary to me when I sent in treats over the 12 years they worked together.  The last few years he was in that department, I would wrap her stuff separately for him to drop off on her desk because if it was sat down on a shift change, she'd get scraps.  After a week we finally got service info so we can send flowers for her.  I feel so bad for the Mr.  She was the only one who truly understood how much he was getting dumped on in his old position, had any empathy for him and tried to warn higher ups they were going to lose him.  

We did a little early celebrating for my birthday with some cake and ice cream.

I got a lovely birthday card from my mother in law Saturday.

I hadn't even opened it before going into a full ugly cry.  If you knew the start of our relationship when I was 17 and even as recently as 10 years ago, the sentiment would have been a little more generic.  (Or at minimum, it would've raised suspicion because we just didn't have that kind of relationship.)  I had a ex-sister in law who relished putting a bigger wedge between us by whispering nasties in her ear even though she and I hadn't talked in 8+ years.  To put it kindly, she was a manipulative POS and sadly my MIL let her live rent free in her head about things I supposedly said (I didn't) even after the divorce.  I was so glad when in December 2019, I finally set her straight about all of the stuff the SIL said, did and plotted over the years.  We opened her eyes to a lot of things that I know we told her but she would not let sink in before.  Since that time, she has been much more open and sweet in her cards to me even though before that, she did say she was glad the Mr had me and I was right for him.  It's like she needed to hear it from me where the witch was concerned because even the Mr telling her wasn't enough.  It sucks that Covid has kept us from spending any time with her.  She is immuno-compromised so we are very protective of her.  She will be getting a booster though and when we can get ours, we will hopefully be able to see her around the end of the year.

Sunday we had a grocery pickup after watching Looney Tunes and Transformers for a bit.  We decided to get our workout over with for the day even though it was lunch time and we were getting hungry.  When that was done, I fixed Beyond Burgers and potato wedges.  I tried to finish the wedges off in the Air Fryer but I had to do them in two batches instead of one in the skillet.  I really don't understand the appeal of an air fryer if you have an oven.  I feel like there's some big secret I'm missing out on because I'm just like "nope...oven."  There's only one recipe I want to try in there but that'll be in the next few weeks and if it's not super amazing...I'm selling or donating it since it'll only have been used 3x at that point.

Before we knew it, it was almost 4pm and we were watching a couple of dopes on YouTube driving around in the hurricane in New Orleans for longer than we should have while we were surfing the web.  Then it was just putzing around the rest of the night.

How was your weekend?

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