Monday, February 28, 2022

Ho Hummish Weekend Recap


Final day of February eh?  Sigh, I guess that means Spring is coming soon which means it should be 90 in 30 days.  In the meantime, I'll remain snuggled under my blanket.  Friday night we did our solemn annual tradition of watching Twister on the day Bill Paxton passed.  Can't believe it's been 5 years.


Thanks so much to those celebrating in my all clear.  I continue to feel better thankfully and had my first workout yesterday that didn't totally swell the nethers.    I have been deep into Maneskin's music and I decided when the calendar turned February (and I knew my gynie check up was coming up and what that would mean for me mentally) that I wanted to actually understand them speaking on their IG stories.  So I'm 18 days into my streak at Duolingo learning Italian and I must say it really kept me from spiraling both leading up to the biopsy and waiting for the results.  I highly recommend it for those with anxiety.  It's just something to keep your mind busy and helped me refocus when the pain was pretty bad.  You can tell my day after the biopsy because my graph shot WAY up!  😂  I still can't understand them yet but I like to save all of Ethan's interviews and check them on occasion since he's the one that speaks slower than the others.  (Not by much but I'll take what I can get.)

Saturday we went to the pizza place that cancelled our order the weekend before.  I feel like God was trying to do us a solid by steering us away but we confirmed it was no bueno.  We split a baby 6" deep dish which was decent and got their NY style to try and would freeze it.  BLECK!  We threw it away.  Nothing worse than when you get culinarily jacked up for a place only to have it taste like 80's grocery store pizza.  We didn't really do anything.  Just driving to the pizza place 20 minutes away was enough time to be out in society which is a crap fest left and right.  So we ended up putting our back ups of 80's shows on shuffle so random shows would come on.  Stuff like Dukes of Hazzard, Gimme a Break, The Jeffersons, etc.  We had some good ones initially that had us all happy and getting a break from life and then all of a sudden two super dark episodes came on.  One of The Jeffersons where Florence had saved up pills and was going to kill herself. I don't ever remember this episode and I just sat there and quietly sobbed.  Then it was immediately followed by a Gilligan's Island where some rich game hunter lands on the island and they all think they're saved.  When they tell him there's no game on the island, he says he's going to hunt one of them and if the person can evade him for 24 hours, he'll make sure they're rescued.  I mean WTAF!?!?!  So those were two downers to end on.  I'm gonna have to have a talk with that shuffle episodes worse than what's going on outside our door!

I can't remember, did I tell y'all that two rat bastards tried to break into my car around 1am after Super Bowl Sunday?  Friggin' 30 feet from where we sleep.  The Mr looked at the footprints in the snow and saw they tried our neighbors too so they were just looking for stupid people who leave their cars unlocked outside.  Literally the next day, we find out the Mr's car is on a recall list that 'hey, your car might catch on fire randomly, don't park it in or near structures!  Have a super Hyundai!"  Now we have to park his damn car away from our house with effin' hooligans roaming the neighborhood until they give a lame ass fix like they've given all of the other 75 recalls it feels like we've been a part of.  Needless to say, that has been a bone of contention in the anxiety department to the point we have to booby trap both cars now.  So when I said what's going on outside the door I meant both figuratively and literally.

Sunday we had a grocery pick up and then I wanted the workout over with so we went down and did leg day with Amoila Cesar on Beachbody On Demand then a good stretch session after.  It was time to hose off and I made some Hawaiian loco moco that fit into our calories.  Short grain brown rice, 90/10 beef patty and two basted eggs.  The beef gravy wasn't the best but I used it sparingly.  It was a good recovery meal after that friggin' grindfest of a workout.  Walking today should be interesting.  We caught up on Sunday morning which we basically fast forwarded through, then SNL was a crap show as usual.  The Mr had some computer stuff to take care of while I practiced some more Italian.  Then I got bored of listening to the douche a few doors down blast his music so I put on some jazz to try to block the thumping and keep some kind of sanity since I can hear a fly fart.  It was time to take the blow mold 1960's Noel candles I got off of Ebay in November off of the patio.  They are in such great condition and we didn't want the sun getting to them.  Plus...almost March so, there's that.  I got them wrapped up in ram board and the Mr tucked them into the attic where they'll be awaiting us in 8 1/2-9 months to put on a light show for two.  Other than that, we just chilled the rest of the night and that rounded out the weekend.  


How was your weekend?

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Friday, February 25, 2022

What I'm Reading This Week #8

Howdy do all!  It's Friday and I am happy but also confused to report that I received an all clear on my biopsy.  I am not quite sure how someone visually diagnoses this condition after doing the coloscopy (other than abnormal cells with the vinegar solution come up white) without doing a biopsy for confirmation, then upon the second one 6 months later sees the same thing and does a biopsy to make sure it's the same and not progressing only to be told there are "no abnormalities" from the pathologist. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy about that but my brain is having a hard time processing how we go from making sure it's not getting worse to "sike!"  Is mah cooch the Dalmatian of gynecology?   Will that improve and I'll get less spotty over time since she still wants me using the estrogen cream 2x week?  Then I get a little angry wondering did I even have that at all if the diagnosis was made visually. I had a previous biopsy to check for lichen planus which was negative but I don't know if they only check for what they're looking for or a broad spectrum of problems.  I know, all questions I should ask her but she has helped me tremendously over the past 8 months over my previous gynie and I don't want her to think I'm questioning her care because I don't.  Unfortunately, I saw what bad care looked like at the lady before her.  At this point, I just want a copy of the biopsy report for my records which I just left a message about to confirm I didn't go into a wormhole for 85 seconds when I talked to the nurse and got the all clear.  The pain from the auger into the core of my womanhood is thankfully incrementally getting better but I'm sure exercising is delaying that with the friction because it does not feel great post workout.  

Speaking of which, in case anyone is interested, these were our workouts for the week:

Monday- Walk at Grandma's cemetery

Tuesday- 1 Hr Full Body Dumbbell Workout  (while it did work a lot, we didn't care for some of the repetitive moves and had to change up to variations or I was going to hurl the TV)

Friday- 5000 Step Indoor Walking  (Haven't done this dude before (that's what she said) but looks like it could be fun and fast paced unless we just decide to walk outside)

Enough of our torturous workout schedule, let's get to...

Should You Take Antihistamines for Long COVID Symptoms?  (Interesting to note and it does make sense.  Obviously, talk to your doctor if you are having any long Covid symptoms but it does make sense to take them.)

Being Active vs. Scheduled Exercise for Older Adults  (Definitely gotta stay up and at em!)

Do Vegetables Lose Nutrients When Cooked?  (This gives the best cooking method to retain as many nutrients as possible)

The Truth About Salt In Your Food  (This is really interesting.  I was always curious about the whole salting your pasta water but don't do it because I watch our salt.  Might do it with the teaspoon if I'm making fresh pasta sometime)

Sneezing Fits: This Is Why You Sneeze So Many Times in a Row  (It used to just be me and my allergies but the Mr beats me in that dept now!)

Expert Shares Tips for Cleaning Garbage Disposals, Drains, and Pipes  (Definitely bookmarking this for the future.)

Turn Tiles into Customized Coasters  (Pretty cool idea!  I wish I'd done this when I made my friend some coasters but without resin.  Might have to do a redo on those for Christmas)

I'm not sure what's on tap for the weekend but I can sit more comfortably so perhaps the Mr can take me out for a drive like a dog and I can stick my head out the window and sniff stuff?


Any inklings of awesome for your weekend?

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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Hump Day Poll: Idiocracy- Language Edition

What is a current language trend that drives you nuts?

When learned is suddenly learnt or turned is turnt.  I don't know when t stepped in for ed but I'm not a fan and gets me varying degrees of pissed...or is it pisst?

What is a current language trend that drives you nuts?

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Monday, February 21, 2022

Do Over Please Weekend Recap

If you want to know how bad one weekend day can go, let's just say if I had this cross stitch pattern available, I would've been to work on it by 2:45pm Saturday:

While I couldn't find the pattern, I found a cosmetic bag very similar and it's probably going on my birthday wish list.  

So we read about a deep dish place that is new in town and decided we'd get that for lunch.  We placed the order Friday night for Saturday afternoon at the earliest time we could get it.  You know how you just have your mouth set on something and you can't wait to have it?  That was us Saturday morning and happy so we didn't have to play the "what do you want for lunch?"  "I don't know, what do you want for lunch?"  "Chippy Burger?"  "No"  "Mama Portly's?" "NO!" game.  Upon waking, me, laying there in pain with my extra hole down below (see Friday's post if that made no sense) with the only good thing to look forward to being this pizza I finally got up.  Since the Mr wanted to finish his two donuts from his hometown from the freezer for his sweet, I decided we'd swing by this old school bakery by my high school and I'd get a few things I wanted too.  I putzed around with what I wanted to order and by the time I went to place it, they were out of almost everything.  That irritated me with both them and myself and since I woke up particularly hangry knowing we would be eating lunch 2 hours later than we usually do wasn't helping things.  I had a scant amount of Cheerios left over so the Mr fixed those for me and apparently he thought it'd be a good idea as I ranted about the donuts I wanted that he would eat his donuts in front of me "for breakfast."  (We don't eat breakfast on Saturdays)



Yes, please eat the thing I can't have for two hours in front of me, bendejo.  Yes, he offered me some but they're 1) not my favorite donuts and 2) what kind of animal am I to be all "I'm going to take your hometown donuts you've been dreaming about?"  Nope.  

So we start driving to the pizza place across town and when we get within city limits, we get a text that the order is cancelled and we'll be refunded in a few days.  You can imagine with me already being hangry and him on the edge of it that did not go down well.  We pulled up to the place to place the order in person since we thought maybe there was a malfunction with their site.  He comes back.  Totally closed, no note on the door as to why.  Nothing.  We start driving away in blind anger and I check their FB page.  Death in the family and they were closed the day before and that day.  I empathize but shut down the online ordering!  We were not the only people who had that issue according to their page and also, leave a note on the door for those who drove across town like we did.  I told him to head to the bakery and thinking since it was 1pm it wouldn't be the usual shit show busy it usually is, I was quickly proven wrong.  Everyone elbow to elbow and just looking at the amount of people inside gave me a panic attack so I said to leave and go to a different place where I could get reliably crappyish donuts because at this point it's either that or ending up on the news.

We go there and are each in such a mind effed rage of having our whole plan thrown off when I was in so much pain and taking some of it out with a piss and vinegar attitude on him.  I'm sure I was 2 seconds from being bound, gagged and chucked in the trunk which wouldn't have done much since the trunk is in the back of the car so all he could do is pull a divider over me.  We got crappy chicken fingers because it was just easier, griping the whole time because I couldn't sit properly unless half of my labia was dangling off the chair.

There was a replacement box from a vendor on the doorstep when we got home since they sent me the wrong mat.  I had this bad feeling when I opened it and sure enough, the damn vendor sent me the wrong mat AGAIN and before calling Sur La Table, I checked the site and the one I ordered is no longer on the site!!!!!


The dude said they refunded my money and I said I split paid...half with a gift card and half with my credit card and only received a refund on the credit card.  In the exact same voice as this dude:


he said "we sent you the gift card in the email."  "Well, I never received it."  "Do you want me to get the number for you?"  "That's fine."  

*hold music for 3 minutes*

"We'll have to continue waiting unless you want me to resend it to your email."

So you've got me on hold instead of just emailing me the info?

"Yes, do that please." 

"Okay, anything else I can do for you?"

If I were face to face with you sir:


Oh it was a dandy of a day.

Sunday was better in the fact that it wasn't Saturday.  The only progress on the pain front was that bending over was possible without feeling like a needle was jabbing into my ha-poona katata.  We opened the windows and got some fresh air going during brunch while the sheets were being washed then we got in a killer strength workout.  I heated up the last of the frozen lasagna because I wasn't having it and we settled in for the evening with the fireplace on.

That was it in our world.

How was your weekend?

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Friday, February 18, 2022

What I'm Reading This Week #7

Happy Friday to you beautiful people!  I hope you had a great week and are ready for some relaxation and/or shenanigans!

Thanks so much to those who reached out regarding my medical crap.  I'm sitting here writing with a freshly biopsied poon to confirm that I'm in the same stage of VIN1.  (Which means I have about 4 more days until I don't have to wince or scream when I wee on an open wound.  I don't wish vulvar/vaginal biopsies on anyone.)   I was hoping for the VIN to be gone but as long as it's not moving forward, I'll have to be happy with that.  I'm ready to move on with my life and not have to think about it and step one is healing the extra hole down below.  


Enough about my Lamborghini Poontach, let's get to... 

How The Pandemic Is Changing Our Bodies  (This is super scary and sadly true.  Do all you can to get up once an hour, sit up straight and correct what is happening.)

Natural mineral may reverse memory loss (We eat a brazil nut with our vitamins every day for this very reason as well as a ton of other benefits to get our selenium every day)

3 seconds of weight lifting a day could be enough to build strength if it's intense, small study finds  (This is really interesting!  *squeezes really hard*  Ahh...done!)

Is Your Diet Detrimental to Your Overall Health?  (Good info to ask yourself and better reason to track for nutrients sake.)

Muscle Growth Does Not Depend on the Amount of Weight You Lift (It's all about the fatigue and switching it up!)

Walk slower to burn more fat and lose weight sustainably, finds new research  (Great news if you felt you needed to walk at a certain speed to get the benefits!)

Castile Soap Benefits & 14 Ways To Use It To Clean Every Room (Great tips!  Need to break out my Castile soap I've got in my linen closet.)

I Started Romanticizing My Chores to Keep Up with Housework — And It Worked Like a Charm  (Good when you're done making out with your rose gold feather duster can you do our house?)

The Top 5 Things You Can Do To Avoid Mold At Home This Year  (Another reason to finally deep clean)

49 Times Retail Employees Went The Extra Mile For Customers Who Didn’t Act Like Jerks  (Very sweet!  Always be nice to the cashier says the former cashier!)

Well, any plans I may have had for the weekend are probably out the door unless I somehow feel miraculously less throbby.  I see many ice packs and rolled towels under my ass cheeks in my future so make sure you do something fun so I can live vicariously through you this weekend!

FYI- Anyone who comes from Facebook, META has infiltrated and won't let me schedule posts without a blood sample and signing over a family member.  So unless something is fixed, notices will be up to my memory when I get up and about.  It's been coming for a long time and now they've finally screwed the pooch so I don't know how I'll be able to utilize it anymore.  Just a heads up.

Anything on tap for your weekend?

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Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Hump Day Poll: Now Hear This!

What clickbait titles irritate you?  (NON-political/pandemic related...we're not going there today.)

I hate being told what I'm "doing wrong" in the title.

ie- "You've been folding clothes wrong your whole life!"  No I haven't.  You're just doing it a different way but everything has to be about what someone perceives as them doing right and everyone else who does it differently being wrong.  How about trying "save time with this laundry folding tip."    If you have to flair it up because your demographic requires a spazzy title then "Less laundry woes, more Netflix binges!  This laundry hack saves loads of time!"  (Barf)  

What clickbait titles irritate you? 

*Also, if you're the praying/good vibes kind, I've got a gynie appt this morning and hoping for the all clear.*

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Monday, February 14, 2022

A Very Us Valentine's Weekend Recap

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  Sending you all da love! 💕

We had such an "us" Valentine's weekend.  

It started off great with a bouquet of flowers delivered from Hilo, Hawaii.

Those arrived in a box and I had to look at the picture on the website to hopefully get as close as I could and the Mr said I did a great job.  It's so nice to have a touch of Hawaii in the house again since we're missing it.

The Mr's gift got here on was white grapefruit.  Like, really expensive white grapefruit.  If this sounds like the Great Pumpkin version of "I got a rock", I would agree.  However, any of you white grapefruit lovers likely know that Texas stopped producing them and now you can't really get them in grocery stores for at least three or four years which made the Mr very sad.  So I got him 8 white grapefruit to enjoy this week and he seemed quite happy with that.  One woman's rock is another man's prized grapefruit.  

On Saturday the Mr was excited to give me my gift that he thawed from the freezer.  I was instructed to sit down at the table and open a box that was waiting for me.  It was from Send a Cake.  I'm sure you've all seen them on social media with reaction videos like this.  (Seriously, watch it first so you can appreciate the pics below.

I'll wait.

You done?

Here was my experience.

See that thing in my hair right by my ear?  That was one of the butterflies that as it was unwinding to "fly" caught the bottom of my hair and wound it like an 80's perm rod to the scalp!  I was able to laugh about it as I had to cut the top of the butterfly and slowly unwind it.

That's the butterfly cut in half and gingerly unwrapping the huge knotted locks of my hair.  Luckily I didn't have to cut out any clumps of hair or that would've been bad.  So if you are sending this to anyone, suggest that long haired recipients pull their hair back into a pony tail or it could be bad especially if it's a kid that will freak out.

I kind of put it back together a bit so you can see what it looks like closed.

Visualize double the candy since I already took the Mr's portion out of there so it's packed to the top with candy.

Then there is a cake in the middle and you can choose from several flavors.  Mine was chocolate peanut butter.

The cake has little goodies on top like a small pretzel, mini chocolate chip cookie, etc and what I thought was a chocolate covered peanut or something and popped it into my mouth.

It was a chocolate covered coffee bean.  

I ran to the kitchen and spit it out, pulled the spray spout down and tried to wash that heinous taste out of my mouth.  The Mr and I busted out laughing as it looked like I was barfing.  We split the baby cake which I wouldn't have pegged as chocolate peanut butter but tasted more like a Swiss Cake Roll.  The toppings were all stale just because they'd absorbed the moisture of being sealed in and frozen so be aware of that and consider taking them off.  It's not actually about the cake as you can see in the video.  We ate it and I thanked him because I'd always been curious and then he hugged me and we laughed uncontrollably.  With the 10% off you can get on their website, you still have to pay shipping so it totaled about $72 with the $39 base and then add on the butterflies and candy so there is an idea of what it would cost to do that from them.  If you want to do something similar for about half the price, you can get an explosion box to fill with treats of your choice and if you want the butterflies, you can get those too and have some leftover to put in cards and other places.  (Under the toilet seat?)

We watched a few blah movies (Red Notice and On the Rocks) and watched it spit flurries most of the day.

Sunday was low key in comparison.  We just did our usual and watched Sunday Morning in bed like the old folks we are.  I went down and saw the slew of pans on the stove and declared I wasn't doing anything more than heating something up so I popped in some lasagna I froze a week or two ago and we had that whilst watching Criminal Minds.  Then it was time to get a workout in and while I wanted to walk in the flurries, the melt had frozen so that meant it would've been a pain in the butt to walk in.  The Mr wanted to watch the Super Bowl for some reason but I wasn't interested so I did anything but that including learning Italian on Duolingo.

How was your weekend?

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Friday, February 11, 2022

What I'm Reading This Week #6

Happy Friday y'all!  I hope you had a great week.  We've been draining our AppleTV free trial this week by watching The Morning Show and Ted Lasso.  The Morning Show was interesting and then when they got to current events, I had to listen a little less intently.  Not ready.  Ted Lasso was entertaining and it's nice when a person can play a character so well and have a different physicality to be able to have you not see the actor playing the role.  I tried dabbling in Severance with Lauren Ambrose from Six Feet Under but it's so fricking dark I can't even see scenes shot in the daytime.  I gave up on it and just looked at spoilers online and saved myself the frustration. 

Can we address why the hell ALL TV shows seem to be so friggin' dark now??  Like seriously I'm trying to watch Severance now and it's daytime inside of a house and I can't SEE ANYONE.  I thought it was our TV but the Mr said it's on his computer screen too.  Are they trying to make everyone blind??  I feel like I'm listening to a radio show since the screen is black.  Is this how it happens?  Is this how you start sounding 80 years old when you're middle aged?  I'm already yelling at birds to get out of my tree and stop their incessant chirping at 5am and I'm basically Drum Eatonton from Steel Magnolias and a step away from this.

Anyhoo...let's get into...

The enduring nightmare of being a COVID ‘long-hauler’ nearly 2 years — and 27 doctors — in (It amazes me how many people don't know about or think they won't get long Covid which can dropkick you months after you thought you were over your mild infection.  1.1 million "mild" cases later...)

50-year-old muscles just can’t grow big like they used to – the biology of how muscles change with age  (Funny because I've seen plenty of stories about 50, hell 70+ year olds that were considered too old to get fit that were more buff than people half their age!  You may not be eligible for Pumpin' Iron 2 but that doesn't mean muscles are impossible over 50!)

3 Foods That Richard Branson Eats Every Day for Optimal Health  (I don't care what HE specifically eats but good suggestions for anyone.)

The One Mistake That Makes Your Cup of Tea Bad for Your Health (Very good information to know and something we don't often think of.)

Using melatonin for sleep is on the rise, study says, despite potential health harms  (Be seriously careful.  This is your hormonal system you're messing with if you're taking it regularly.  If you're looking to use it, always start with the lowest dose possible and check with your doctor.)

When You Need to Divorce or Disown a Family Member (Sometimes it must be done and if someone clutches their pearls over it when they find out, congratulate them for winning the family lottery and tell them it isn't up for discussion.)

A Simple Lesson on Aging and Happiness Taught by a Dog   (I think we could all learn a lot from the Georgia's in our lives.)

I know I should have something planned for Valentine's Day this weekend but I don't.  I'm thinking maybe a steak dinner to go from the place up the road and pulling out a frozen bundtlet from the freezer.  I think the Mr's gift arrives today so there's that.  I already got one of mine which I'll share next week!

Do you have any plans for the weekend or the Hallmark holiday?

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Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Hump Day Poll: What Are You Doing?

I'm curious, what are your current health goals?  Do you have any or is it not important to you right now?  Have they changed during the pandemic?  Are you actively trying to lose weight and if so for health reasons, aesthetic reasons or both?  

Currently my health goals are to get some kind of fire lit under my ass.  Like some people, we gained pandemic weight which we've pretty much lost before the holidays hit.  I've been going through health issues which I feel are directly related to my body throwing up a white flag after the first full year of the pandemic and I'm ready to move on from all of it.  Our routine for the past 6 months has consisted mostly of walking as our main source of exercise because I would spiral mentally if I didn't get out of the house.  The problem with that is I wasn't rolling or stretching upon our return so for over two months I've had a searing foot issue and I'm slowly getting myself out of it by digging into my legs because the chiro isn't an option right now.  We're getting back into a more consistent strength routine the past two weeks because I'm tired of my upper arms feeling like bags of unbaked biscuits.

I'm not happy with the way I look in pictures and have about 10 lbs to go before I feel like I'm back to a comfortable level and then obviously want to go beyond that.  If I'm honest with myself, we haven't done everything we could be doing if we're super serious.  Our eating and exercise habits haven't changed much but we both agree January was just kind of like "meh" on the shits given scale.  If we wanted to eat something that was a sodium bomb like a lower sodium soup and sandwich on Sunday, we did.  He can eat like that but I know I can't.  Sodium affects me whether I want it to or not which is why I rarely use salt.  I felt the snack monster trying to take over and even if we could fit it into our calories doesn't mean I needed to suggest it.  We need to start prepping things and stop being at the mercy of what's available from Amazon Fresh (which isn't much these days.  I swear the second we buy something it never comes back in stock again) and plan meals and get pick ups from other places if we need to.

The other night we were doing strength to Foo Fighters Medicine at Midnight album and when Making a Fire came on and I actually heard the lyrics instead of just singing them and burst into tears.

But if this is our last time
Make up your mind
I've waited a lifetime to live
It's time to ignite
I'm making a fire

So that's where I'm at.

What are your current health goals?  Have they changed during the pandemic?  Are you actively trying to lose weight and if so for health reasons, aesthetic reasons or both?  

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Friday, February 4, 2022

What I'm Reading This Week #5

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you're all safe and sound if you were in the path of the winter storm.  Thanks so much to those who left their winter storm tips and I hope they were able to help someone else prepare.  We've had a long week of kick butt workouts so I'm ready for an epic rest day.  

Let's just slide right into...

Eating More Fiber Can Help You Poop Regularly — Unless You’re Making These 2 Mistakes (So guilty of #2 no matter how hard I try.  Oh hey...a funny!)

New Study Finds Vitamin D Sufficiency Is Tied To Key Cognitive Health Factors  (Definitely important to have your vitamin D checked.  Despite the Mr and I both taking 4000IU of D at our docs request, it was barely sufficient.  A little research shows that obese people typically need 10,000IU's because of absorption problems due to weight.  We'll be interested to see the next results of a full year of that amount.)

The #1 Best Drink to Slow Aging  (Got some in the fridge)

Why Your Mobility Worsens As You Age, and What to Do About It (I definitely do not want to be any less mobile than I am now.  Great tips.)

10 Health Hacks Using Vicks Vaporub (I'm sold!  Ordering a jar now)

Can’t seem to meditate? 7 joyful activities for you to try instead  (Great ideas I'm going to have to try because I super suck at meditating or anything requiring attention span.  We already do 3, 6 and 7 but I'm going to have to try this morning pages thing.)

Ready to Quit Your Job? Here Are the 17 Questions to Ask Yourself First  (In case anyone is thinking of joining the great resignation for something better for their well being.)

Woman Diagnosed With Rare Form of Skin Cancer After Being Told She Had an STD  (I go in just under two weeks to see if my pre-cancerous cells from this same thing have gone away or not.  (PRAYING yes and I'll take any you might want to throw my way)  If I had stayed with my previous hands off gynie who suggested "vaginal rest" after 3 months of burning and thinking I had everything from BV to yeast infection and not gone for a second opinion because I knew something was off with my body, who knows how long this would've gone on.  YOU KNOW YOUR BODY!  Second opinions can be lifesavers!!)

Wordle has been bought by The New York Times, will ‘initially’ remain free for everyone to play  (This is why we can't have nice things.  I give it two weeks before they put it behind a pay wall.  Literally could've sold to almost anyone else to keep it free.)

I don't think we'll get to be out and about this weekend since it's basically an ice rink.  People don't know how to drive when it's sunny and dry so not going to tempt fate when it's a crap fest.  

Whatchu got planned this weekend?

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Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Hump Day Poll: Your Best Winter Storm Tips

Best winter storm tips.

A lot of people are in line to get smacked with a winter/ice storm today and tomorrow with some of them still digging out of the one that hit the east coast.  I wish I could say I'm experienced in this department but I'm not.  All I could think of was keeping all phones charged beforehand (hell, even an old one if you have it for ER purposes if your regular one dies), have whatever food you'll need and maybe make sure your propane tank for the grill is full in case you need to bust it out.

For those who are used to winter storms, what are your must do's/must have's as you hunker down?


(Oh yeah and a reminder to anyone putting stock in a rat to predict the weather today, Spring isn't for 6 1/2 weeks no matter what he says.)

Bring it on.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2022

What We've Binged This Winter


Happy February y'all!   I didn't do a weekend post because it would basically be what today's post is entitled.  We've blown through quite a bit the past few months between Netflix, Peacock and some other streaming stuff.  So here's the rundown on what we've been watching this winter.

Dexter: New Blood (Showtime)- We were avid Dexter fans especially the good seasons of 1-4.  Anything after that was a pretty solid swirl down the toilet with each passing season and this 'new' series felt like it picked up on the swirl seasons.  Don't get me wrong, we were glad to see Dex, Deb and a Miami Metro familiar face but honestly, he should've stayed a lumberjack.  I've never seen so many people after a finale say "I didn't think they could do a worse finale than the original."  I don't know about that but it wasn't much better.  I'd say worth a watch for Dexter fans but only to watch when you've run out of other stuff.

Real World Homecoming Seasons 1 and 2 (Paramount+) - The original Real World in NYC was on about the time the Mr and I were going to my Senior prom so it is nostalgic for us for sure.  I wanted to wait for the second reunion season to be done so we could watch both seasons at once.  While it was great to see the old cast (most of them for LA season), one thing you learn is most people don't change.  You could see a little growth in some of them but most of them got so much worse that you just have to shake your head and say "well, nice to see we're continuing the same main argument you guys were having 30 years ago."  I'd say worth the watch for original RW fans.

Cobra Kai (Netflix) - I was never a Karate Kid fan from back in the day, actually, I hated it.  But when it started on YouTube, I was interested since it was free and boy was I glad we watched it.  Willian Zabka is friggin' GOLD in this series.  It mixes a good amount of the original KK peeps with a new generation so that everyone from every generation can enjoy it.  I will say they're getting a little formulaic but as long as Zabka is on, I'm there.  Recommended!

Movies That Made Us (Netflix)- We're hooked on this series and love all the behind the scenes stuff.  We loved seeing our favorite horror movies unmasked and I'm ready for more episodes which are probably 10 months away.  Sigh.

Emily in Paris (Netflix)-  Gee, can you tell we activated our Netflix card for the next two months?  😄 I kept hearing about this when season one came out and decided to give it a go and instantly got hooked.  Lily Collins is just too adorable though if I was having my period when I originally watched it, I probably could've gone the other way.  I was onboard for season two and enjoyed it.  I feel like they were like "we need a hot guy like everyone was frothing over on Bridgerton" and enter Lucien Laviscount.  Don't mind if I do.  I suppose some people would consider this a guilty pleasure but I like it.  Looking forward to season three!

You: Season Three (Netflix) - I super loathed Love in season two and was not happy to see her in season three.  Thankfully, they were able to side step her here and there for an interesting sub-plot with Joe and his obsessive side.  I'm always happy to see Dylan Arnold who played loveable Twig in Nashville and an equally adorable portrayal in Halloween Kills.  In the end, I was quite satisfied with the ending and looking forward to the next season.

Archive 81 (Netflix) - We saw it on the top 10 and since we were out of stuff to watch we dove in and it hooked us.  We liked trying to guess what the hell was going on and all of the spooky stuff.  There was one episode toward the end that seemed like complete filler that turned us off but then they did a cliffhanger so it'd better be renewed, dammit!

Ozark Part One (Netflix)-  I was done with Ozark the season before last but when I saw Tom Pelphrey was going to be on, I was willing to give it another chance and I'm glad I did.  But with him gone, they went back to the same tired crap.  There is ZERO reason for there to be two parts to this final season other than dragging it out.  I just hope Wendy gets it as good as she's given because she's truly repulsive and I'm over Marty's apathy.  Get Bateman back to what he does best, comedies.

The Woman Across the Street from the Girl in the Window  (Netflix) - We knew this was a parody so we had low expectations.  It was actually a lot more sad than we expected with some funny parts thrown in for good measure.  Not sure what the hell is up with all of the casseroles but as the Mr pointed out, it shows a progression so it does play a part in the story.  It's not a must see but something to watch if you're bored like we were.

Any shows you've been binging?

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