Friday, February 10, 2012

2/10/12- My grub

What a day.  The counter top guys came today to install the granite (WHY can I not spell that!?  I always spell it granitite!  Doof).  I had a big breakfast to fuel my painting and caulking I still needed to get done.  Let's check it out.

Breakfast:  Cinnamon Raisin English Muffin with 1 1/2 tbsp Better N' Peanut Butter, banana and 2 egg white/1 egg omelet with 1/2 slice of lacy cheese.  It looks like Gonzo from the Muppets.  A happy coincidence!

Lunch:  Brown rice and veggies with 3 oz of chicken breast and 2 tbsp of Trader Ming's General Tsao's sauce, raw veggies with 1/2 tbsp of dip, apple with apple dip, fruit salad (cantaloupe, watermelon, pineapple and grapes), Trader Joe's apple bar and iced tea.  (Last photo on the old countertop)

Dinner:  Dinner was pathetic.  We'd just dealt with one of those plumbers who grunts and groans the whole time to remind you how exhausting their work is and was continually saying how he should charge us more (he was included in the price of the counters) for the extra work he was doing but "he's not like that."  He said it so many times I left the room because I was about to go off.  So with that and having a TON more to get done tonight, dinner was this beige masterpiece of simplicity.  1 serving of goober grape on a slim.  We never have Goober Grape in the house, it was a total impulse buy but it saved us tonight.  A baked potato with A1 steak sauce and iced tea.  Yeah, can you believe that beaut is the first meal in my new kitchen?  Oh yeah babe...feel the culinary genius.  Don't worry, I'll do a post next week when we get it more together so consider this a sneak peek.  I don't know why that pic doesn't want to center.  Grrrr.


Due to said irritations throughout the day, I'll be enjoying at sugar free chocolate pudding tonight.

I'm also making some 3 ingredient cookies tonight to feed our friends who will be installing crown molding tomorrow.  I will not eat cookies before a weigh in...I will not eat cookies before a weigh in...I will not...

What did you have today?

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  1. Well, considering I have no tastebuds and can't breathe, this week has been challenging... I've consistently eaten 2-3 grapefruits and a dozen clementines a day between meals... the only things that actually appeal. This morning I had a three scrambled eggs and a piece of whole wheat toast with 1 tbsp. of pumpkin seed butter (I LOVE this stuff), sprinkled with chipotle pepper and topped with green pea sprouts, and a 4-oz. glass of almond milk. Lunch was approx. 4 oz. canned chicken and an avocado with lime juice and chipotle pepper. Supper was a Thai noodle bowl from our favourite 'Noodle King' restaurant (hubby picks up food after the girl's ballet) - about a cup of rice noodles, 2 oz. sliced lean pork, and a cup of chopped lettuce, cucumber and shredded carrot garnished with a tbsp. of chopped peanuts, green onions, and rice wine vinegar with a liberal amount of hot pepper stirred in.

    You'd think all of the vitamin C and hot pepper (which I CRAVE for about the last three weeks!) would chase the germs away... NOT.

    Enjoy your new kitchen this weekend! {{HUGS}}

  2. Huh. Your "make-do" dinner is one of my staples. :)

    Congrats on the new granite!

  3. LOVE the new granititite!! Thank you for the sneak peak. I am such a sucker for remodel pictures. My sister is doing a family room and we've gotten just enough to keep me hanging for the next group!
    Your lunches look beautiful! YES! to lettuce tacos and today's chicken and rice, with all those veggies and fruit. YUMMMM!
    Pssst: it's 9:10am. Do YOU know where your water glass is??? ;)
    I did that last week, too. Of course, then promptly drowned myself the next few days and got no sleep - hello, up again! hehehe...

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I'm glad you got the counter tops in and I'm sorry you had to deal with grunty plumber guy. If he wants to get paid more, he should take it up with the place you got the counters since they're the ones setting his rate into the installation.

    Last night was a grilled turkey & cheese with avocado. Yum.

  5. I so laughed out loud about breakfast looking like Gonzo--So true!!! Very fun. Congrats on the new counter tops--enjoy! I'm going to nap now as I was up from 1:30-4:30 a.m. this morning--for no particular reason...

  6. I am really impressed by all of your efforts to loose weight. I have been trying to get my mom to lead a more healthy lifestyle for sometime now but she seems to fall off the wagon before she even gets on. I commend you for all you are doing and will be sharing your blog with her to show her that it is possible.

  7. I went to TJ's this weekend, and on your advice, bought some Better Than Peanut Butter and some Trader Ming's General Tsao Sauce. Hope it's as good as you say, can't wait to give it a try!!

  8. Well I have to say that you either love Better N' Peanut Butter or you hate it. Honestly, it tastes NOTHING like peanut butter. It tastes, to me, like Bit O' Honey. The consistency isn't like pb either, it's almost more melty than that.

    The good thing is if you don't like it, TJ's takes it back, no questions asked.


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