Thursday, February 9, 2012

When hard doesn't get the job done

I remember the day I first saw Powerstrike 5 by Ilaria Montagnani.  (Affiliate link)  She is this little firecracker that's tiny in height but looks like if you pass her in an alley she will full out break you like a twig if she feels her life is threatened.  I would feel safe walking in the worst neighborhood at 2am with Ilaria by my side.  I couldn't wait to try her workouts.  I originally got the Forza sword workout but once I saw Powerstrike...

I was in love!

It was harder than Tae Bo and I remember how completely whooped we would be afterward.  There's this one part toward the end when this singer comes in with this angelic voice and you know you have about 1 minute left of the workout, I remember us being SOOO relieved to hear that chick's voice to signal that our hard workout was coming to an end.

Now, while Powerstrike is still a hard workout to 80% of people out there, for us, it doesn't burn as much as it used to.  (Affiliate link)  I burned 740 calories doing that last night when it was usually a solid 900-950 calorie burner depending on my effort in the past.  It's still a wonderful workout that I would without hesitation recommend to other people but I think this is one that we're going to have to add either extra cardio or a small strength session to the end to get the job done for us.  That makes me sad.  I suppose I should be happy that our stamina and endurance is improving but how hard are we going to have to go to burn my 800-1000 calorie target?!  I'll do what it takes, it's not an issue but dang man I kind of miss the days when this was one of the hardest workouts we owned and thought it would never get harder than that!  It's a bit of a pouty day when hard doesn't get the job done.  It makes you realize this is the time when you really find out how much you want it and trust me, I do.

What's the hardest workout in your current rotation?

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  1. I love the new background and banner! Thank for sharing your daily food yesterday, it's always good for me to see how others are eating and how I compare. I need more fruits/veggies! And I don't have a hardest workout....yet. Have a good Thursday!

  2. I think it's incredible that you're "sizing out" of some of your work-outs. When I say "sizing-out" it's a phrase I use for myself about the Lane Bryant/large size type stores and catalogs. I like to say that I "sized-out" of them. Perhaps I sehould say you "worked-out" of the older work-out videos, or perhaps "physicalled-out" of them? There must be a better phrase. Sounds like it's still burning more calories than my one and only work-out (walking a few miles each day), but not as many as you'd like. I too like the new banner. Very very cool!

  3. Yep, I'm down with the new look of SATW as well! Good for you!!! Right now my hardest workout is a circuit class I do once a week--that chick is trying to break me, I just know it!

  4. Love, love LOVE the new banner!!! It definitely captures the flavour of YOU!

    Hardest workout... all of them?! LOL! I have such a long way to go to be anywhere near your league!

    I vaguely recall you mentioning one sometime in the past... do you have a weight vest? What if you exercised with one on (wrists & ankle weights) compensating for the weight you've lost? wouldn't that work?

    I've got room for the DVD if you're done with it, LOL! ;)

  5. Oh, I love the accomplishments ticker!

    My hardest workout is the uphill parts of my hikes, backpack full of water (2 liters) and spare gear on my back. Pathetic, I know. Fortunately, with the poles it does burn over 1000 calories. Wish I could do it daily.

    I'm still in awe of your commitment (and the Mr.'s) I started to say it's people like you who keep me going, even in my much easier program. But there simply aren't any other people like you. KUDOS, baby.

  6. Thanks for the props on the banner guys! I wasn't sure if people would notice. I can't wait to get some more milestones on there!

    Diane- I'm getting some good feedback on the food post so I may do that more often!

    Dupster- Yes, we'll have to come up with a proper phrase for that. It's still beyond comprehension that I actually felt like I wanted another block of exercises on that by the end!

    Kim- Circuits ROCK! I think our at home circuit is one of our big butt kickers right now and the variety is awesome!

    Ramona- Yes we do have a weight vest, actually 2 because the one was leaking black pellets everywhere. (Hmm, I may need to do a review on that) But I must say the company quickly replaced it and let us keep the old one and we duct taped the holes. How very Larry the Cable guy of us. Oh girl we'll never be done with Powerstrike but it's a good foundation workout. I'm always looking for new ones by her, she's amazing.

    Cheri- Yes, carrying backpacks filled up is a hard thing, not pathetic at all!! Aww, you make-a me blush!

  7. What are you using to calculate your burn?

  8. After I asked the question I checked out your favorites (it had been a while). I am guessing it is the Timex HRM.

  9. I have no idea how many calories I burn on my workouts, but any workout that includes walking lunges is automatically the hardest workout. :)

  10. Debbie- Yep, it's the Timex HRM I've got in my favorites. We both use that one and it's great. The only time it gets irritating is when the battery starts running low, it'll take longer to start recording the heart rate but other than that it's great!

    Cammy- Ugh, walking lunges. I really screw my knees up with those so I try to keep those to bare minimum. I'm hoping that'll improve with weight loss.


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