Monday, February 20, 2012

Our exhausting weekend recap

This was one weird weekend.  Well, busy I guess between our shopping marathon and my chest cold (flu?).  There’s this antique show that likes to roll into town every month and it’s the same people but I don’t know I guess you just see if your luck changes or their merchandise does.  There are all kinds of things you’ll stumble upon from the weird to the wicked.

As tempting as that is, I think I'll keep ours.

I had to take a pic because this reminded the Mr and I of our friend at

I desperately fell in love with this turtle for no good reason.  Don't even like turtles.  I made the mistake of waiting and he was gone.  Noooooooooo!  

That should keep door to door solicitors at bay!

Next it was off to a salvage yard I'd always wanted to visit and it wasn't too far from the antiques warehouse so we decided to wander around.  Cheap it was not but it sure had all kinds of really cool pieces if you were a DIYer with a deep wallet and a truck.

Rubber ducky not included

I swiped something from this pile for another DIY project.  Coming soon...I think.

I would give anything for that bitchin' mint colored sink!  Swoon!
Then we decided to stop by an animal shelter that was close to a store we needed to go to.  The Mr of course gravitated toward the big ol' German Shepherd, Simon because he reminded him of his neighbors dog when he was a kid and was denied canine companionship of his very own.  I gravitated toward Pinky, a chihuahua that was as sweet as could be.  With the plethora o' folks waiting in the lobby, these guys will have new homes in no time.
"Did someone say it was time for my daily walk?!"

Pinky, you stole my heart you lil Nugget!
We had a groupon-esque coupon for a local restaurant we'd never been to before.  It's a pizza place that fancies itself authentic in its wood-fired glory.  The bread was pretty good on its own so I didn't suck up any extra calories in oil because I was saving mine for later.  It's one of those deals we had to spend a certain amount of money to get the coupon amount off so we had to eat way more than we normally would've ordered.  By the end of it, I probably resembled Violet in need of juicing ala Willy Wonka.  I was stuffed!  Too bad the pizza was underwhelming.

Herb bread with a heap o' herbs to decorate the crevices of your teeth.

We split individual pizzas.  I got the "classic" in which they forgot my pepperoni (boo) and he got the bourbon chicken pizza in which they so generously gave us one chunk of chicken per slice.  (Double Boo!)

He got the red velvet cake with chocolate sour cream frosting.

I got some ice cream torte thingy which was pretty decent.  We split both.
Afterward, I was feeling like it was time to pet some dogs.  We couldn't do that at the shelter so we went to a pet store where we obtain our fur fix.  Meet Father Guido Sarducci.  (Extra points if you know what that's from)

He's a 3 month old Italian Greyhound so we figured an Italian name was in order.  We decided that we would call him Ducci or if he walked into the room all cute we could say something like "here comes "The Dooch.""  He was quite adorable and quite tired.

I <3 The Dooch
It was pretty hard to put this nugget back after 45 minutes in my arms but I had my proper fill of puppy breath and the smell of warm pup which I desperately miss from our days of owning a nugget.  Our lifestyle is just not fair to a dog right now and we'll only get more busy as more weight comes off so we have to be responsible.  For now we'll just go in and snuggle up on furry lil bits of heaven like The Dooch.

Did I mention we shopped/were out for 12+ hours?  It was a LOOOONG Saturday.

Sunday we did some more shopping and went to some open houses to torture ourselves.  After we went to scheduled ones, we went to a few that were drive bys.  I remembered why I crossed this one off the list as soon as I saw the kitchen.  It had this hideous multi-colored tile in there and a kitchen smaller than the one we have now.  The realtor was a little flakey too and I just wanted to leave.  We went to the "finished" basement and it was a disaster.  We also found a faux plastic deli tray in the workshop.  We busted out laughing and I only wished I remembered I had the camera in my pocket.  She also had the walls covered in wine labels.  Um, please take that crap down.  It looked really tacky.  The realtor had blown a fuse in the house and was talking to the owner on the phone and she was coming back to the house and said she'd pretend to be another buyer.  The realtor said we could hear them so just come back and fix the stereo.  Well I wasn't down with that because you should never have the owner in the house when potential buyers (which we weren't) are in the house.  I started heading for the back door.  The Mr was looking out the window and he said "there's a tombstone in the yard."  It was an old 1800's tombstone and you know we had to ask.  He said "so what's with the tombstone?  Is there a story behind it?" and I said "or someone under it?"  The realtor laughed and said she'd find out the story behind it and no there was on one under it.  We were wandering around the backyard and the Mr busted out laughing and said he couldn't believe I said that, I said "please, like you weren't thinking it."  Turns out she got it at an auction and felt bad for the person and wanted to honor her by displaying it.  That's a great noble thing however it doesn't take away the creep factor for people looking, perhaps put it in storage.

As the day progressed, so did my chest cold.  As I was shopping I couldn't even hold on to plates I was buying.  My joints ached really bad.  I couldn't even pick things up without fear of dropping them.  So that sucked.  Thankfully the ibuprofen kicked in about 2 hours later so I could have a workout that would be riddled with HRM battery issues so I have no idea how much I actually burned between throwing the watch portion (true) and trying to cough up a lung.  I'm assuming 200.  I pray I feel somewhat better today because I really don't want to stop and start my workouts to hack whatever is sludging up my lungs.  

So how was your weekend?!

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  1. Busy weekend!

    I love Father Guido Sarducci (both the dog and the SNL character). I don't know how you guys resist those cute dogs. I would find it to be torture to visit and then leave them behind. I do know what you mean about the lifestyle though. Now that our kids are all gone, our dog is home alone all day 5 days a week. I keep telling DH it isn't fair to him, but we both work just a bit too far away to go home at lunch time.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful shopping trip. I can't even stop to peek at adorable dogs like that because then I just really want to take them home! We had a normal, boring weekend. Hope your cold gets better.

  3. Yup, I remember Father Guido--hilarious that you gave the dog that name! Sounds like a good weekend but I am praying your cold/flu crud goes away fast!

  4. That turtle was too cool - sorry you missed it.

    When we looked at our house the owners were here. They had actually just put the place on the market (either that day or the day before) and they weren't expecting any interest yet. As we drove by with our realtor on yet another fruitless search she happened to mention - oh I think there's a new listing on that street there, we could take a look if you want. Um, yes we want. So she called ahead, but we pretty much dropped in unannounced when they were home. It worked out well though, they answered some questions the realtor couldn't have, and we made an offer the next day.

    I'm glad you got your fur fix. If you weren't so far away I'd loan you my furries once in a while so you could have a regular supply.

    I hope your cold is short lived.

  5. Love both Father Guidos!

    Can't wait to see your projects! I've had to put everything on hold because of my travel, so I plan to "craft" vicariously through you. :)

    Feel better!

  6. I kept my granddaughter (she's 2 1/2) Fridy night and all day Saturday. She's an absolute delight, but she keeps me hopping. I get an awful cough with every cold I get too. Never considered how many calories coughing might burn. Still not a good reason to get a cold, and be miserable for a whole week (or two--with the cough that always hangs on). All the puppy dogs are adorable. We lost our last Maltese (we used to raise them and had 3) last Spring, almost a year ago now. We have had pets all the years we've been married (41), started with a cat, and have had either a dog or cat (usually both, and sometimes several of both) ever since. But for the last almost year we have been pet-less. And while I miss the cuddling, I don't miss cleaning up the pet messes! My 26-year old son who is still living at home wants a bulldog. I tell him he can get a bulldog when he moves out. Maybe that'll get him moving!

  7. Loos like you had a CRAZY busy weekend, but a lot of fun! And in my book, underwhelming pizza is better than NO pizza ; )

  8. I don't know about how many calories a cough burns, but your humor probably burns at least 200 for me. 'somebody under it', OMG, shoot me! I can't stop laughing...

    My weekend is still going on, thanks to President's Day and a hubby who works for Uncle Sam. I hiked on Saturday, then crashed for the entire afternoon. Yesterday we drove for hours, first north to look at a house, then south to see how long it would take to get to the job I hope to get this week. LONG commute...this could be trouble.

    Today I'm going to see if the computer will let me escape long enough to clean off my desk. I may have to have hubby take it away for the duration...

  9. I was acting in my final Dinner Theater production for our church. It was chaos and unnerving we blew so many lines and it was completely the most fun I never want to have again. I am glad I did it, and the audience was super fun and we raised money for a good cause, but I will never do it again. I have 6 of these plays under my belt and now I am done. 12 hours of shopping sounds like fun, but I don't think I could do it anymore. Unless I had unlimited funds. Then I could go for days!

  10. Debbie- Yay! So glad I'm not the only one who remembers Guido Sarducci! I guess we're used to leaving the dogs b/c we did it even when our dog was alive so we never did it when we didn't have one to go home to.

    Diane- Yes, it can be tough but I know that they'll all likely go to good homes. I'd love normal and boring. We've had something going on every weekend since November 10th!

    Kim- I know, right?! So cute! Thanks, I hope this goes away soon, I have never had such misery and facial pain. UGH!

    Another Layer- I'm glad I'm not the only person who liked the turtle. I don't know what it was about him but he was so cute! That's great that your house worked out like was meant to be!

    Cammy- Yay for Guido! I'll try to do you proud with some crafting projects! Safe travels!

    Dupster- Sounds like you had a nice weekend! I miss the cuddling too but yeah after we just found a special hiding place where our girl apparently liked to wee out of sight when we cleaned the spare room, I must say I don't miss that aspect!

    Hmpetras- Yes, it was crazy busy and I think my bod is punishing me for it! I guess I just wish we could've had another pizza option but we're more deep dish over wood fired pizza people anyway.

    Cheri- It was like I know we weren't going to be the only ones to mention that tombstone and I know what I thought so who am I to hold back? HA! Ooh, I hope you find something that isn't going to keep you on the road commuting all the time. Enjoy the time with your hubby today.

    CheezChik- You are so brave! I could never do that! I wouldn't say we had unlimited funds but we've got a tax return burning a hole in our pockets so... ;-)

  11. Ahhh the old SNL priest/writer! What an appropriate name for such a charming little pooch. I don't know how you can bear to walk away from all that nuzzling. I'd have ten dogs by now. lol

    A local restaurant in a small, riverside restaurant here was featured on that show Restaurant Impossible, if I have the name right. When the team renovated the decorations, they used old shutters, doors, and window frames. We visited the restaurant shortly after seeing the show, hadn't been there in a decade. It was absolutely adorable, very creative stuff. I don't have that kind of creative eye or flair and I'm in awe of those of you who do.

  12. I hope you're feeling better! I have the same kind of thing going on & so does my husband. Not fun.

    Please tell me you bought that door knocker! How could you pass that up?! Love those old bathtubs--I would totally put one in the yard and plant flowers in it. :)

    Oh, and PUPPIES! When you talked about naming the greyhound, I thought maybe you adopted him. Oh my gosh, what a face!


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