Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pneumonia- Weigh In

Apparently all I need to do is get pneumonia and I can drop 7 lbs.

Before anyone says "that's probably because you didn't eat the same", you've seen my food journals.  My food hasn't changed at all and I've actually been banned to light exercise for as long as I've got percolating lungs. I burned half of what I usually do during a week.

So that takes me to 206 lbs lost.  Nope, I didn't earn my 200 lbs lost gravatar just yet.  I'm not making that mistake again.  I'm going to wait until next week's weigh in so I know this isn't some freak "I'm on 3 different meds this week and here's your fat back lady."  I'm cautiously happy for this loss.

Still no taste so no high cal day for me.  :-(  Why bother eating calories I can't taste.

I'm hoping I feel a little better tomorrow so I can do a good strength workout and hopefully start integrating more than walking in next week.  I'm not allowed to go back to HIIT's yet but I think maybe some Gilad and Turbo Jam and stuff that I've relegated to the back of the heap because they don't give me a good enough calorie burn.

Sigh, I just want this over with.  It's like torture.  But thanks for the 7 lbs, THAT I'll take!

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  1. Wow 7 in a week, you are a rock star!!!

  2. Could be the meds, could be 7 pounds of junk you've coughed out of your lungs (I know, ewww right?), could be a fluke.


    Could be that you were on the right track last weekend when you decided to up your calories. Maybe you were burning too many and eating too few, and between your conscious increase in calorie intake and forced decrease in calorie burn you've mixed it up enough to net a nice loss.

    Either way - 7 pounds is fantastic.

  3. When I saw your SP update, I knew you would be posting any minute now!! Awesome job!

  4. I agree with another layer's 2nd option. Any way you slice it, a great weigh in for you! Woot!

  5. Since we all know from experience it doesn't exactly come off in logical fashion, I'll just cross my fingers that all or most of it is real .

  6. Hope your pnuemonia is getting better and congrats on the dramatic weight loss! Hella cool!!!I mean if you have to feel that lousy, you outta get something out of it, yea?

  7. A question occurs to me... have you been sipping more fluid due to the pneumonia? matter the whys, it's a happy bonus to cap a lousy week.

    {{{{{{{{{{ HUGS }}}}}}}}}

  8. Thanks all! I actually lost 4 lbs overnight from Mon to Tues! That first day of antibiotics is could NOT stop peeing! LOL

    The Mr agrees with Another Layers second option as well. Given my lungs don't feel as strong as I'd like, I'm thinking week 2 of modification will be going into effect for me so we'll see how that goes. I can only imagine with a loss that big I won't see much, if anything, if the past is a dictator.

    Ramona- My liquids have been about the same but it is interesting to note that I drank milk 3x last week whereas I never drink it regularly. Interesting.

  9. I agree with Another Layer and the Mr. in this case, but I understand your hesitation in getting too excited just yet. I don't trust the weight I lose when I'm sick to really stay gone, but one always hopes. Hope you are getting better!

  10. I do hope you are feeling better by the time you get around to this and congrats on losing 7 pounds! I for one will pray it sticks because honestly, you deserve something for having to adjust by feeling so crummy all week. I didn't post yesterday but I have had horrible, awful experiences flying and still don't like it. I won't fly at all without someone I know and love next to me. Twice now that didn't work out. Once when we missed our flight and I had to sit away from Jay and in between 2 people. Yeah. It was that good. And then on our 25th Anniversary we were in 1st but not together, and the a*hole next to me did not want to switch seats. So I promptly started crying and I was so exhausted I couldn't stop...and he finally thought I am not flying to Europe with a crazy lady next to me so he switched. The moment Jay sat down I fell asleep and slept all the way to Italy. (We'd been up all night in JFK) I'm with you. Just thinking of flying with a stranger next to me makes me start to hyperventilate. But you'll have your Mr., and all will be well, I'm sure.

  11. So sorry you're still feeling awful!

    Who knows what created such an outstanding loss (could be "all of the above"), but fingers crossed that it sticks.

  12. Aww please feel better soon :( We're 7 LB buddies <3


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