Friday, October 22, 2021

What I'm Reading This Week #43

Welcome Friday, we're ready for the weekend.  (Basically, just ready for it not to be a work week.  The Mr has had a lot of work crap going on.)  Yesterday was a glorious rainy day with 60 degrees and I was in my element.  Too bad 3 out of 4 days of the week can't be that way.  Love the smell of wet leaves in the Fall.  Sigh.  

Here's a look at our eats for the week.

Monday we had a Beyond Burger and baked fries.

Workout was a two miler and small upper body strength session.

Tuesday was Grilled General Tso's chicken.

Workout was a 3 miler.

Wednesday was Ian's fish sticks and veggies.

(Forgot to take a pic.  We had salad instead of fries)

Workout was two mile walk in the park.

Thursday was orange roughy, sweet potato gnocchi and veggies.

Workout was strength training.

Now let's muscle into...

‘I’m a Urologist, and This Is Why You Need To Stop Power Peeing’  (I don't do it much but man sometimes you just gotta push a 'lazy pee' along!)

How to Fight Diet Culture at Your Family Dinner Table (It truly is amazing how young kids equate the fat kid as less than or not someone they want to hang out with.  They're watching you mom/dad, grandma/grandpa!)

How to Cope When Waiting for Important News (This came in the nick of time)

A book I'm actually reading at the moment (Very good read for those with chronic pain)

Did food taste better 50 years ago?  (Pretty sure it did.  I can't count how many times we've wanted a culinary time machine back to childhood from a grilled cheese with the plastic wrapped cheese to the homemade pizza in a box and they tasted horrible.  Just once we'd like our super unhealthy, 'do you know what they put in those things!?' taste of childhood!)

Pimp My Ride Actually Kind Of Sucked Behind The Scenes  (Courtesy of the Mr.  Unreal some of the conditions these people had to live with while waiting for their ride.)

Not sure what's going on this weekend.  We had a whole house water filtration system installed Wednesday so we have some stuff to get back in order from that.  I have to say, we're really impressed so far.  We bought this model at Home Depot and a carbon filter which is much better than the one they recommend.  This is how you know you're an get jacked up about water filtration.

Whatchu got planned this weekend, you sassy fockers?

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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Hump Day Poll: Done It Yet?


We're a month into Fall, have you checked anything off of your Fall to-do list yet?

We went to an apple orchard store to get some Fall food items, and other spots to get apple cider or pumpkin donuts since you get a limited amount of time on those.  We're still waiting on leaf change so we can do a nice long drive to enjoy the color, we've been enjoying outdoor walks much more now that we don't have to worry about flop sweat though I wouldn't mind more cloud cover.  Other than that, not much else.  I suppose I should check with the Mr to see if there's anything else he wants to do before we have 3 days of leaves then they blow off.

How about you?

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Monday, October 18, 2021

Walky Weekend Recap

It was a walking weekend for us.  With the first signs of Fall finally starting to come out weather wise, even our rest day couldn't be contained.  We started things out Friday with a walk around a park when the Mr got off half an hour early and this guy was waving his tail at us.

It was the last of the hotter days (I hope) at 80 degrees but we walked two interconnecting parks which made for a nice change of pace.

Saturday we somehow got a late start but at 62 degrees for a high, I wanted to be out in it especially since our forecast changed from the rain we were supposed to get to sun.  Off to Grandpa's cemetery on the other side of town and enjoyed quiet time and some old statues.

I always love the ones with Celtic knots that looks so intricate.

Sunday we had brunch then decided to walk it off in the historic district.  As you can see, barely a scrap of Fall color to be found.

Kind of irritating about the Fall color but the winds moved in like they knew it was time to blow them off the trees.  Hopefully with them not being ready yet, it means maybe the winds will pass by the time they're ready to show some color?  

We were going to road trip to see Halloween Kills at a drive in but after driving for our walk and lamenting on the stupidity we saw in 25 minutes on the drive back, we felt like the drive in sounded better on paper since we always end up getting annoyed by people.  We decided to save our sanity, grab the cozy blanket and the fancy licorice we got for movie night already and rent it on Peacock Premium since we saw they released it there too.  It was cool how they started the movie so I'd recommend it for anyone who liked the original.

What did you get into this weekend?

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Friday, October 15, 2021

What I'm Reading This Week #42

Guess what I forgot to finish up last night?  Here's the better late than never version of...

How Much Vitamin D Should You Take? Probably More Than You Think  (Make sure you read the part about those who are overweight/obese if that applies to you.  Despite taking a 4000-5000IU supplement, my doc still wasn't happy with my 34 level so I take 8000IU's now at her request to get to a healthier version of normal.)

We Tried 6 Methods for Preventing a Bundt Cake from Sticking to the Pan and the Winner Was Pure Magic  (Because there's truly nothing that will send you over the edge quicker than a bundt cake chunk missing after an hour baking when trying to do the flip.  I've got a fancy loaf pan with pumpkins I will try it with too!)

Home Improvement Tricks That Everyone Should Know  (Ooh definitely trying the oven trick.)

Anthony Michael Hall says he regrets turning down the lead role in 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'  (I would too if I were him, especially given the movie he made instead.)

Charlie Brown holiday specials: Broadcast times, how to watch  (I'd make a point to watch it on PBS if you can.  If you don't want to be hostage to a conglomerate, buy the DVD's for Halloween, Thanksgiving and of course Christmas.)

I think we're road tripping to the drive in this weekend to see Halloween depending on the weather.  Other than that, I don't know that we have on tap.  All I know is I'm with my honey and that's enough for me!

What are you up to this weekend?

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Thursday, October 14, 2021

Grief for a Loss That Isn't "Yours"


Recently, I got a shocking message from my friend since grade school that her husband was leaving her.  It came somewhat out of left field and during a life change that you wouldn't commit to unless you were solid in your relationship.  We gave her time and she eventually called us to give more details.  There were tears shed by all and we gave her all of the support we could while making sure to listen and not just give her all of the "you should's" that she was already getting from all sides.  I'd be lying if I said we weren't expecting it but I would've said maybe in the first few years of marriage, certainly not when you're tipping toward twenty.  He decided after they made a major life change, did everything necessary to move to another state and got set up in a temporary apartment while waiting to move that he was leaving her.  It came out of left field, no he would not do counseling and she no longer had a say...or a place to live.  She's staying with family but still, nothing like having the rug yanked out from under you when your spouse is too chicken shit to say "hey, I'm not happy.  We need to talk and figure things out."  Whatever that means to either of them.  I am heartbroken for her.  I am devastated at how she must feel like she can't trust anything because I know that feeling of not being able to trust your own judgment.  I want to be there for her but also know she needs to sort through it on her own.  Plenty of people have already given her a zillion pieces of nasty advice and we'll say the soon-to-be ex got a verbal beat down by his father in law that was MUCH deserved but apparently upset him.  (Pardon me while I do NOT feel sorry for that.)  

What I did not expect to feel was anger at him for reasons other than what he put her through.  I am angry that even while he got to be a little less than fun to be around,  we still considered him a friend.  We have good memories with him and he made us laugh.  My feet are resting on the floor he installed.  He is a major horror fan and the Mr and I have had so many things recently that we've said or thought "oh, send that to Joe" and then we remember and mutter "asshole."  It's the worst kind of loss for her obviously but it's also a loss for everyone who knew them as a couple too.  So many people are angry at him and I know it isn't just because of how wrong he did her but because they trusted him and let him into their hearts and also feel betrayed to a degree.  I think people feel selfish when they admit that they too feel a loss when someone is no longer in their lives through extenuating circumstances whether divorce, disease or death that isn't a first degree person.  (Spouse, parent/child, sibling, etc)  The Mr lost his 'work mom' a few months ago but I'd only met her once or twice in person.  I found myself crying on and off for over a week or two.  She was a good person, was like a mom figure to look after him in his previous job and we had a 'Mr sending messages back and forth to each other on occasion' relationship.  It surprised me how much loss I felt with her passing.  I felt stupid sometimes for bursting into tears when I thought of her.  Same with my aunt and uncle divorcing a few weeks after my grandma's funeral.  Actually, her funeral was the last time I saw him and then suddenly, after 40 years, he was no longer part of the family.  Because we're not in that familial grapevine, it came out of left field for me.  Again, after that long and given how much help he was in caregiving with Grandma, there was no reason for me to suspect he was on the way out.  He was a good man, one of the more pleasant people to gab with when he decided to talk to others and we all made the comment we would've rather dropped the aunt than him.  (I know, rude but she can be a bit much sometimes.)  He's been around for as long as I can remember, now he's gone and that's that.  You can tell she gets annoyed when he's brought up because she sees the rest of us light up and ask how he is.  He loved some of the food I made for the holidays and I always want to make him an extra one and send home leftovers with my cousin who usually sees him that night or the next day.  

It's not easy to lose people regardless of circumstances but it can be especially jarring when it comes out of nowhere.  Acknowledging that someone else's most intense loss also affects you too isn't trying to put the spotlight on you, it's saying "that person meant something to me."  Even if you weren't close with them, even if you didn't see them all of the time, it's still a grieving that happens and you should talk to someone who has the same feelings by being in the same boat or 'your person' who you know can empathize with your feelings.  I know plenty of people who make others losses about them and that's not what this is.  I came across his picture of all of us in better times and so many emotions flooded me.  I wish he had been the person he promised to be to her.  I wish when the offer for help was given many times over in the past that he would've taken people up on it.  I wish he'd been human enough to pull the plug on "years" of unhappiness before they sold the house she built with pride long before he ever came along.   Wishing doesn't make it come true.  I can only hope something better is waiting for her and she can pick up the pieces.  

Remember should you find yourself feeling the same way after what is viewed as 'someone else's tragedy', that it doesn't make you selfish, it makes you human.  It means you cared and there will be a little part of you that grieves what was...even if you want to bitch slap the person.


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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Hump Day Poll: Outdoor Appeal


Your outdoor d├ęcor right now this year:

Autumn theme
Do dead flowers count?

Do dead flowers count?  Sadly, this year I have nothing up.  My vintage Beistle paper decorations got pretty fried in the sun last year so I need to dig them out and put them on the inside of the door for the Mr and I to enjoy.  We never get any trick or treaters, no one is coming over and it's still 80+ friggin' degrees, so why bother?  I'll just wait for Christmas to make an impression.

How about you?  Halloween-ish. Autumn theme, or do dead flowers count?

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Monday, October 11, 2021

Birthday Weekend Weekend Recap

How do all?  It was a nice weekend to celebrate someone special...

After the Mr opened his presents and we had some cake, we went out for a nice, long drive in the country.

It was nice to be out of the house and away from the suburban choke.

Some of us were more chill than others.

We went to an apple orchard and picked up some goodies in the form of jellies, handheld pies to freeze and butter pecan syrup which I hope is as good as it sounds.  

Sunday I woke up with a headache so we lazed around until our Fresh delivery then laundry, a workout and made butternut squash lentil mac and cheese.

Now I'm finishing up while the Mr is losing the battle of the head bob.  Probably gonna pop in a Halloween-ish kind of movie before settling in for some Chateau since season seven is available on Peacock now.

How was your weekend?

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