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Friday, April 19, 2019

What I'm Reading This Week #16

'Sup y'all?  It's Fri-daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!  Anyone else feeling the happy, happy, joy, joy?

Let's jump right into...

Loosen Up Your Tight, Painful Calves With These 6 Simple, Expert-Approved Stretches   (Yes, please!)

10 Healthy Reasons to Eat a Banana Every Day  (Done and done!  They're little but still count)

This Personality Trait Has A Big Impact On Your Overall Life Satisfaction   (Totally agree.)

The Disease of More  (He's got a serious point.)

A Thank-You Letter to My Fake Running Buddy  (How terrifying!  I know I'll get crap but ANY runner, male or female, should consider the pros and cons of night running.)

The Biggest Mistakes Hikers Make When They Get Lost on a Trail  (Good info.)

How to Stop Catastrophizing: An Expert’s Guide  (Bookmark this)

Texas mom lost 90 pounds. Now neighbors flock to her house for 5 a.m. workouts 
(Courtesy of the Mr.  Let me tell you, if half the neighborhood were getting "barked at" doing 5am workouts, I'd be the old lady calling the cops due to constant sleep interruption.  That's not cool.)

Eating Garlic Could Boost Memory By Changing Your Gut  (Watch out, Drac!)

Shocked by your tax refund? Next year could be worse unless you act now (For those who got hosed this year.)

This Is How Often You Need to Back up Your Computer  (Start now.)

It's Easter weekend.  We've got a bunch of stuff to get done Saturday plus I have to make desserts for Easter lunch.  I want to get some cleaning done somewhere in there too, like big time.

What are you guys up to this weekend?

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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Thankful Thursday

(via Pinterest)

I got my all clear from the doc for the mammogram.  I was 99.9% sure it was since the tech showed me the scans.  As someone who's gotten the "we need to do another one" call twice in four years, you can bet your sweet bippy I've looked at my share of what not so great mammogram films look like online.  One thing she did say when she was looking at the side view was "dang, look at those pec muscles girl!  You can tell you workout!" and you could.  Well defined muscle trying to hold onto what gravity is trying to reclaim.  Nice to know it's hiding under there somewhere!  I am irritated that they sent the results to my OLD doctor...who is no longer open...despite me giving them the new doctors name and address.  I've got a note in through the online system and I'm hoping someone fixes it.  I don't need one more thing on my plate to take care of someone else's incompetence.

My chicken pox localized outbreak is hopefully turning a corner.  Sunday and Monday the itching and swelling were unbearable.  I tried prescription cream we had which I don't like to use because it has five parabens in it...FIVE.  I didn't even know there were five until I read that.  That didn't work.  I tried ladies Anti-Monkey Butt, and the calamine did help calm it a bit but not for long.  The only thing that did work was Beekman 1802's unscented goat milk lotion.  The second I put it on, the itch was totally gone and lasted all day.  I put it on before bed and when I get up and haven't had a problem.  So if you have a case of the itchies for whatever reason, get that stuff fo' sho!

The Mr has been having a rough two weeks.  Work and home computer demands, doctors appointments, dealing with both mothers in one day, getting our cars innards in and out of appointments and generally having no downtime is weighing on him.  I'm hoping he can take a day and just do what he wants to clear his mind and refocus.  I've been frazzled myself trying to get a bunch of crap done by deadlines, and I'm so not feeling Easter Sunday.  I desperately want to say "remember how y'all took a pass last year?  I'm taking my pass this year, we've got too much stuff to get done" but I took a pass for Christmas so...  Is it wrong I was hoping the doc would tell me the pox were contagious and I couldn't go?  It's not that I don't want to see them, it's that we've got a long list and short window right now and the holiday couldn't have fallen at a worse time plus we just saw them all a month ago at Grandma's memorial.  At least there everyone had to be on their best behavior and now it'll be every man for himself.  I think we'll try to keep it to a 2-3 hour max.  One of the family members leaves 2 hours after the starting point for the airport so I might see if we can piggyback on that to get some shizz done.

We've had our butts handed to us by my Beachbody on Demand schedule.  The amount of hopping and modified burpees we're doing is insane.  We're using folding chairs to reduce the body weight percentage, and I can't imagine not modifying and having the full weight of this bod slamming down the way it does with those things.  I will be glad for tomorrow's lighter cardio session with Slim in 6's Cardio Sculpt Express.  I will probably be doing a review of BOD in July.  Our April/May calendars are already planned, and Joel Freeman and Shaun T released a LIIFT 4/Transform 20 hybrid calendar that we'll be doing for June.  It looks like we'll get our butts handed to us and somehow I'm oddly looking forward to it.  I'm sure I won't feel the same come day four.

What workout hands you your butt?

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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Hump Day Poll: Basket case

It's almost Easter.  Why did it have to be so late this year!?  Yeesh.  The Mr and I were perusing the Easter candy aisle and we were talking about the kind of Easter candy we used to get as kids.  I went through a phase of only wanting a white "chocolate" bunny...thank God I outgrew that.  I still like white chocolate but yeah.  We saw those really cheap chocolate bunnies.  You know the ones I'm talking about...cheapest chocolate known to man with big meth eyes.

(This truly creepy AF gif brought to you by

My mom was a single mom and those ended up in my basket one or two years in a row and when they got thrown away and all of the other candy eaten, I think she got the hint.  I would eat the ears, go up and retch then pretend I was saving it and it would end up in the trash.  I felt horrible but I would rather have one good chocolate bunny and no other candy than subpar chocolate.  I think when I was really little, I had some of those gross orange circus peanuts in my bag and took a bite and spit it out on the spot so the older adults ate them.  These days my favorites are the Lindt hollow bunny (so I don't go TOO overboard) and the Reese eggs that are done Cadbury style as far as the look.  They have a better chocolate to peanut butter ratio.  LOL

What were your favorite and least favorite treats in your Easter basket as a kid?

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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Food Review: Daiya Supreme Pizza

A former Hawaii vlogger I watch went vegan a few years ago.  Her hubby decided to join her and is a little less strict than she is because she has a lot of things that will trigger acne and other symptoms for her.  We saw him eat the "meat" version of this brand and decided based on how much he loved it (and a sale going on) to give it a try.

Here's a peek at the nutritional info.  I was glad to see they used the Beyond Meat Italian Crumbles that we have had and liked.

Here's what it looks like frozen out of the box.

I cooked it for the suggested time and wasn't sure if faux cheese would melt or even look appetizing.  We were happy to see it looked pretty darn good.

We split the pizza (it's not very big) and you can see there's a bit of melt in the cut pieces.  It's not super stringy like real cheese but better than we thought it would be.

But how does it taste?

We went in with zero expectations, and I even had another freezer meal ready to roll in case this one tanked.  I'm happy to report it was really good.  The Mr said he couldn't tell it was faux cheese and meat on there.  I could tell it wasn't "regular" pizza, but it wasn't bad.  If we wanted pizza on a weeknight or even if we were trying to be better on the weekend, I could see getting this and being satisfied.  We definitely think we'll get this again, but for me, I need it to be on sale.  It's good, but it's not $9-10 good.  I know, I'm cheap.  We got this for $7, and that's a little better.  I paired it with a salad, and it was the perfect dinner.  I never keep a frozen pizza in the house, but if we get a hankerin' and want to be healthier about it, I'll be more than happy to fire up the oven for this again.

Have you had Daiya's frozen pizza before?

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Monday, April 15, 2019

Pasties, Pox and Six Grand

Hey y'all.  Happy Monday!  I hope the weekend treated you well and you're ready to kick butt and take names.

Friday was a day.  We got into the doc's office and since it was new to me (well, by 7 years), I had to register, and it took 15 minutes just for her to get my insurance entered in there.  I was jovial about it for the first 10 minutes but then the last five, I was over it because it was almost mammy time.  They took me back to change into an ill-fitting gown, and the cheery tech was waiting on me when I came out.  I immediately turned on my stand up comedy routine as I always do when in medical situations.  It's a 50/50 shot whether you have someone with a sense of humor or not.  I was lucky, and we were cracking up.  She put these nipple markers on me that looked like Hello Kitty pink background since they were "out of pasties."  I told her I should've just brought mine.    So that was different.  I told her that I was here because the specialty place I'd been going to for the past 4 years had a 50% callback rate for me and I have zero desire to go through two weeks of hell again and pay almost $400 for the pleasure.  I told her to squeeze 'em like she was mad at her mother in law and she said: "oh, I don't think you want me to do that!"  I assured her I did and I could take that over a callback from someone who didn't push hard enough in the first place.  I told her my callback last year used 26 lbs of pressure but go higher if she needed to.  30 lbs of pressure it is.  I don't have dense breasts so I could take it easily.  She even showed me the scans afterward and said: "look at all of that beautiful spread out tissue!"  The other place never showed me what they did, like a secret.  I was pleased with what I saw but won't get my results until later this week because they need to get my films from the other place.  The Mr and I went to our family doc, and the nurse gave us our measles, I got my chicken pox, and we also got a Hep A shot as there is an outbreak to two places we're traveling to and had her check with the doc.  She said she might as well.  We go back in 6 months for our booster for it.  Then we went to the grocery stores and were done with all of that by 4:30pm which was quite nice.  We went down and did LIIFT 4 Chest and Tri's and relaxed for the night.

Saturday morning we got up and around.  We watched The 1975's set at Coachella, I made burgers for lunch, and then we headed an hour away for a craft show.  It was the spring version of the fall one we went to in September with a friend, and it wasn't nearly as good.  It was nice to get out of the house though so it wasn't a total waste, I guess.  We did a little shopping then to some new furniture store that just opened, and one of the dudes was like "go try the massage chairs."  We did, and 30 minutes later, we were considering dropping six G's on the best one.  Since we had no intention of buying anything, I was getting turned off by the intense car dealer-like treatment we were being given with a 25% discount for "tonight only."  We said we'd risk it and the manager 'generously' gave us until Sunday to make a decision.  Well, after looking online, we can get it for $500 less even with their "discount" so pizzoff! 

Sunday we slept in since it was rainy out in the morning.  I asked the Mr if he wanted to get our workout done early, so we did Beachbody's Hard Corps Cardio 1 and did our rolling and stretching afterward.  I was happy with my 630 calorie burn.  I went up and took a shower, and when I was done, I happened to catch the back of my arm in the mirror where they gave me my chicken pox vaccine.  Holy crap!  There was a HUGE 6"x2" swollen, red patch under the injection site.  The fat there is a bit hard, and it scared the crap out of me.  The redness cleared a bit as the day progressed.  The Mr did some car cleaning while I poured over the LIIFT 4/Transform 20 hybrid calendar they sent people that signed up for the email.  I transferred it over to be our June workout schedule since I already have April and May planned.  We did a little more shopping to get out of the house, and it was nice to not have to come home and workout.  WOOT!

What did you do this weekend?

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Friday, April 12, 2019

What I'm Reading This Week #15

Happy Friday all!  I hope you're all ready for the weekend and those of you in the path of the storm are digging/drying out okay. 

Let's dig into...

Do Supplements Cause Cancer? Here's What a New Study Says  (For those taking them)

The Best And Worst Health Fad Foods, According To Nutritionists  (Good to know)

Hormel Lawsuit Reveals What ‘Natural’ Meat Really Means  (It means the word natural means absolutely nothing and you should read a label more carefully.  Those same "natural" pigs are apparently going into your Spam too.)

3 Important Life Skills Nobody Ever Taught You  (...but you should totally know!)

How to Save Important Voicemails for Both iPhone and Android  (I'm so glad I have so many from my grandma.)

9 Tricks to Keep Your Metabolism Revving   (Vroom vrrroooom!)

5 Ways You Can Unclog a Toilet Bowl Without a Plunger  (I had to laugh and this is TMI but I swear the first thing I do on a vacay is put down the suitcase and wreck a toilet.  It's not even like I pass a Buick either!  The Mr has had to call maintenance on more than one occasion while I hid in shame.  Niagara Falls has a friggin' natural cistern out front but no water pressure in damn hotel rooms across the street!)

6 signs you're a better person than you think you are   (Getting there.)

‘Carol Burnett’ star Tim Conway ‘unable to make his own health care decisions’ as family settles dispute  (This breaks my heart, he was my favorite.  This is also why I have spoken about how important it is for the family to be on the same page regarding the care of the patient.  When a stepparent is involved, the adult children often feel like they must go along with what the spouse wants even if it's not in the best interest of the patient or they could be denied access to their parent.  Speaking from experience.)

German chocolate factory spill makes for sweet street  (Not ashamed to say I would probably rocket down this slip and slide style with my mouth open the whole way.)

Live your National Lampoon movie dreams with the Family Truckster   (That's today!  We all know it's not a true replica unless "honky lips" is spray painted on the back fender.  If you're offended by that, you're at the wrong blog.)

It's our last full weekend with nothing specifically planned.  Since we're going to our docs late morning/early afternoon, the Mr is taking 1/2 day off today so I think we're going to Trader Joe's and Target early.  It'll be nice to have it done early since TJ's seems to be a popular hangout for douches on Friday night.  (Us excluded, of course.) 

Whatchu got on tap this weekend?

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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Med week and PSA

Well, it's been med week around these parts, not to be confused with Club Med.  We had our annual physicals/bloodwork done on Tuesday.  We've only been to this doctor once before for physicals, and it was more just to establish a relationship with a doctor since ours had a stroke and had to close her practice.  I was searching for a DO over an MD.  What's the difference?  Basically, a DO takes an additional 200 hours of coursework to cover holistic/manipulation treatments instead of just throwing pain meds at a problem that an MD might be more apt to do.  For a more in-depth look, click here if you're looking to make a switch.  Ours wasn't my first choice but had an opening, and I keep checking back with the chick I really want who gets a ton of awards for patient advocacy and bedside manner.  Must keep my fingers crossed a family moves away, so we get an opening at some point.

The nurse who took our info was nice and had a calming but jovial demeanor which I appreciate because sourpusses tend to spike my blood pressure.  Then you have to explain that you are nervous and not just fat.  (They always assume you're going to have high blood pressure.)  Mine was 122/70 which she said was excellent and I said that was actually a little high for me, I'm usually 116/70.   My resting heart rate was 64 even after having just run in from the scale and being ticked that theirs is so different from ours.  It's usually 60, but I won't balk at that.  The doc came in, did the big breaths through the stethoscope, asked if I wanted to have measles immunity checked since the Mr asked about it in his appointment even though we were both vaccinated as kids.  She said it was just checking an extra box so I said go for it.  She also asked if I wanted to check for chicken pox immunity and I agreed because I had the vaccine in 2012 since I never had chicken pox as a kid but wanted to make sure it was doing its job. 

The chick who came in to take the blood was a bit pissy.  We were late appointments so we'd been fasting for 18 hours at that point and I drank some water but not a ton.  I pointed to the arm they're usually able to get blood from because, you know, "deep veins."  (Nurse code for 'bitch is fat, yo')  She looked at it and was like "they get blood from THIS one!?" in a snippy tone.  I showed the right one and said: "good luck getting it from here but you're welcome to try."  There was no visible vein because 20 years ago a lot of medical tests collapsed it.  She's like "did you even drink water today!?!"  Sister, I'm on the hormonal week before Aunt Flo, you need to back off.  She got it from the arm I told her with the butterfly needle and then griped for 2 minutes about how slow my blood was because I didn't drink water. 

The next day we got the callback on our lab results.  We were both surprised that neither of us had measles immunity despite being vaccinated and I do not have chicken pox immunity despite having the vaccination 7 years ago.  There are cluster measles outbreaks in different places right now, my PSA is to ask your doc to check that box to test for measles immunity regardless if you were vaccinated as a kid.  It apparently doesn't last forever.  Also, if you had the chickenpox vaccination, do the same thing and have it checked.  If you don't have an immunity despite getting the vaccine, they just revaccinate you, or if you're like me with the measles, both are mixed into one MMRV shot.  Neither of us had any other issues except my overall cholesterol is borderline, but it always has been.  I'm nowhere near having to go on meds and was instructed to keep up what I'm doing.  We have to go in Friday to get our shots then follow up in two months with bloodwork to recheck immunity.

I decided when I got home from our appointment to just make my mammogram appointment at a new place and was surprised they had an opening this week.  I made it for tomorrow at 11:30 am.  I'm not going back to the "specialty" mammogram place I've been going for the past 4 years because they have a 50% callback rate for me and I'm not down with freaking out for 2 weeks and going to the dark places because they refuse to push hard enough.  I'm going to tell these people "look, squish them like you're taking out a diss from your mother in law or your boss passed you over for a promotion.  I want them FLAT and if you're unsure, squeeze them again."  I'm over this crap and if that place can't do it right then maybe a center five minutes from my house instead of across town can.  So we'll go there first, squish da boobs then go to the other place and get stuck with needles.   In June, I'll get to go to the gynie and be done for the year hopefully.

When was your last annual/mammy?  Did you have chicken pox as a kid?

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