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Monday, September 24, 2018

First Weekend of Fall recap

Happy Monday everyone!

The first day of Fall did not disappoint.

Matter of fact, it was probably one of the better ways we've spent the first day of fall in a long time.  Some friends of ours were going to come over in the evening but he ended up getting wrangled into work.  I told her we were going to a craft fair she mentioned she was interested in so we went there.  It was a balmy 62 degrees down 30 degrees from the previous day.  Glorious.

There were some cute things but nothing I couldn't live without.

I did almost buy two white and gray buffalo check pillows for the couch but at $39 a piece and more than the ones I bought from Crate and Barrel that I waited for a YEAR to go on sale for 20% off, I passed them up.  Besides, I saw some similar ones online at Kirkland's.  We did see some friends of ours who closed their brick and mortar store but still do occasional shows.  It was so fun to watch them light up as they saw us coming over.  We grabbed some lunch there from one of the food trucks (meh) then decided to hit a nearby park.

We got in a little exercise (mostly vertical) so the phone never came out since I felt like I was dying on the way up.  HIIT ain't got nothing on 45-degree hills.  We enjoyed a deep conversation so it was nice taking the time to both laugh and empathize with each other about the things we were all going through.

When we got back, we sat out on the patio for a bit.  There was an occasional breeze so I got out our portable campfire for a bit of warmth and also because we were planning to do s'mores.   Let me tell you, mama knows how to do s'mores.

One of me and the Mr's favorites was the Biscoff cookies, with a Hershey's Gold fun size bar and half a marshmallow.  Soooo good.  The flat ice cream cone thingies are also awesome.  It was nice to chit chat by the fire, eat childhood favorites and see how many times I could reach for something without my boobs catching fire.

Unfortunately, I woke up with a pretty bad headache Sunday.  They claimed it was supposed to be sunny but it wasn't for a good part of the day.  I had zero motivation to do anything even though I planned on going to a clothing store and to check out those pillows.  I decided I didn't need either of them and with no umph to do anything with a headache hanging on, we sat out back on the patio.  Then the sun started peeking out and I figured I'd better get some work in while I had light and I resented having to do it.  I don't know if it was the headache or something else but I got it done despite myself.  The Mr was kind enough to do a produce run so I didn't have to get my raggedy butt dressed.  Then it was workout time  (you can imagine how happy I was for that) and dinner time. 

We had vegan Italian sausage over pumpkin risotto with mixed veggies then boom...weekend over.  Oh, we did watch this to round out the night. 

How was your weekend?

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Friday, September 21, 2018

What I'm Reading This Week #38

Happy Friday everyone!  Sorry I was absent yesterday, we've got some crap hitting the fan right now so posting could be erratic depending on the circumstances.  I'm glad it's the weekend though and ready to hopefully jump off the mental hamster wheel for a few days.

Let's get right to...

5 Unexpected Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes  (Lurve me some sweet potatoes!)

Your Weekly Checkup: New Dangers Found in a Common Pain Reliever  (Scary stuff.  I used to pop ibuprofen like candy as a kid due to headaches)

14 ways one type of exercise is the closest thing to a miracle drug we have  (If you don't start exercising regularly after reading this, you're askin' for it.)

10 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Bananas  (Five days a week baby!)

If Your Partner Has Anxiety, Read This  (Good tips to be supportive, for sure.)

This Regret-Filled Widower Has the Most Touching Relationship Advice Ever  (Grab the tissues)

Hip Flexor Pain Is Basically The Worst—But You CAN Fix It  (I can vouch, sitting screws up EVERYTHING!)

Eating Salad Every Day Keeps Your Brain 11 Years Younger  (*starts washing lettuce*)

The 10-Minute Daily Ritual That Will Revolutionize Your Relationship  (Seems so simple but you'd be surprised how often you don't do this!  John Gottman is the man.)

Hallmark Channel's Countdown to Christmas Schedule  (I can't wait for Christmas at Graceland especially since I've been there for it!  I'm a little miffed they don't have Marrying Father Christmas on here though.  I've been waiting 8 months to find out when it's on!)

The weather is supposed to be a little less disgusting around these parts, so a friend is coming over to go to a craft show.  I wonder how drunk we'd be if we made a drinking game out of seeing the words "blessed," "thankful" or "grateful" in farmhouse font on everything in sight.  Probably sloshed under a tent 20 minutes later.

What are you guys into this weekend?

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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Last Summer Fun Poll

Happy Hump Day everyone!

Fall finally gets here this weekend, and no one is happier about that than me.


This has been a summer, y'all.  This was probably the worst summer to put a new habit of walking first thing in the morning into practice because every day I started off a sweaty beast with the humidity.  There were a few weeks it just was NOT going to happen.  You open the door and can't breathe, and it's like "nope!"  But I suppose the positive peeps would say "but you did it most days so that proves you can."  Mmm hmm.  As my favorite time of year approaches, I thought I'd look back on this summer and do a high and low of summer 2018.

High:  When the patio was FINALLY finished.  Not the first time it was finished, and they had to come back out.  The second time they were finished and had to rip half of it out because they suck.  Just being able to put everything back on the patio and know it was the last damn time we had to do it was not only exhausting but felt like we could finally exhale.  We'd moved that stuff THREE TIMES and some of it was not light.  So being able to look out back and see the finished product is just a relief.

Low:  Same project but I'll actually say the heat.  Even when we were done with the patio, it's not like we could go outside to enjoy it.  Too much humidity and blazing heat made it uncomfortable to be out there on a nice day but even cloudy days were awful.  Any rain we got was not that relieving rain that brought cooler temps, it just made everything more steamy and unbearable.  I felt like I had a sheen all season.  It was because of that heat that we also didn't paddle much this season which stinks.  Hopefully, fall will be more cooperative.

What were your highs and lows of this summer?

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Who Would You Invite?

There's been nothing shareworthy going on over this way so I'm going to yank out a random topic. 

You know how people ask you "if you could have dinner with one person dead or alive, who would it be?"  Well, I think just picking one person is kind of unfair so I'm going to pick three for a nice round number that would fill my dining table.

1)  Elvis Presley

Oh my Lord, the things I would want to say to him and ask him to sing Teddy Bear to me.  (I'll take any Elvis but especially 1957 Elvis if I have a choice.)  I just love how generous he was even though it was to a fault sometimes.  He could read the phone book and I would be a puddle.  Listening to him sing anything but especially gospel where he would go almost operatic...gimme da vapors. 

2)  Olivia Newton-John

I have had the biggest girl crush on her my entire life.  That woman is truly angelic.  Her voice can bring me to tears no matter what time of the month it is.  The way she smiles, her laugh, her genuine sweetness, her giving spirit, her philanthropy.  She just seems like an all-around wonderful person.  One of my favorite scenes from any movie she's been in is this one where at about the 2:50 mark, you can see her adorable goofy personality shine through.  I love that she seems to love to laugh and be silly.  I just want to sit next to her and soak in her awesome.

3)  My grandma

If she didn't mind whipping up some noodles to serve to Elvis and Olivia, I'd be more than happy to make them with her.  I'd give anything to see her smile as I went gaga for these people and watch her swoon as Elvis belted out a country tune since she loved country music.  To smell her White Rain and White Diamonds co-mingle as I put my cheek on her soft cheek and hear her say "you were my first grandbaby" just one more time.  Then when Elvis and Livvy left, she'd stay behind and we'd catch up and I'd lay my head on her shoulder until she had to go.

If you had to choose three people, dead or alive, to a dinner party who would you invite?

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Monday, September 17, 2018

Trader Joe's Pumpkinpalooza 2018

It's dropped y'all.  Pumpkin goodness abounds at Trader Joe's and I didn't even get all of it but here's a peep of what you can expect to see.

Pumpkin cheesecake and...

...pumpkin marble mousse!  Yes, please!

Pumpkin ginger cones.

If we weren't going to two other stores, we totally would've gotten those.  Must go back for them.

Then you have the mecca

Pumpkin waffles, Pumpkin Ice Cream, Pumpkin Bar and sweet potatoes and butternut squash items.

The beauty holy grail...

They nailed it..."as gourd as it gets."  Get a few tubs of this stuff.  Give it to whoever is hosting Thanksgiving, give it to your boss when you ask for a raise, give it to your stone hearted mother in law if you have one, it will make your life better.

Apple Cider foaming hand soap is available too.

Then you'll proceed to sniff your hands the rest of the day like Mary Catherine Gallagher.

The pups can get in on the act too. 

(SB, note the TFT rocketing over the pumpkin on the right box!)

Then in addition to pumpkin butter, they have this...

If you like carrot cake, this could be dangerous.  You and a spoon in a dark corner.

That's just a taste of what you'll find.  I'd be thrown out for being a paparazzi if I took any more pics. 

What's your favorite TJ's pumpkin product?

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Friday, September 14, 2018

What I'm Reading This Week #37

Happy Friday everyone!  You got your boogie shoes on?  I do!  Not that my boogie-ing would be too pretty right now.  Mama gots tendinitis in the hips.  (Thanks, squats!)  I got the full monty at the chiro yesterday.   Belt sander across the arse and lower back, thumping drill thing in my lower spine, hips and bootius maximus, lower back stretching, hip pops, pretzel twist, leg ultrasound, ankle yanks, lasered arm scar tissue with an end on the spine roller bed.


Let's hustle right into...

Curvy shoppers grill retail execs: 'Plus-size' applies to body shapes other than 'hourglass'  (It'd be nice if something good came from this summit.  Dear Execs...tall fat women exist.  We are not unicorns.)

These Small Habits Are Scientifically Proven to Help You Lose Weight   (I keep meaning to incorporate habit #2)

A Trainer's 6 Top Tips For How to Stop Overeating  (That lip stapling bit seems a bit extreme. 
Ha!  Made ya look!)

15 Beautiful Ways to Reclaim Your Life When You're Broken   (Now I won't be able to get the song Broken by lovelytheband out of my head.)

If Your Workouts Last Longer Than 13 Minutes, Science Says You're Wasting Your Time   (Interesting findings.  Then in 5 years they'll tell us something different, I'm sure.)

The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Apologizing  (#2 reminds me of the worst apology I ever heard when a family member told the Mr. "I'm sorry you feel I was X."  Not "I'm sorry I'm a flaming douchebag" but I'm sorry YOU feel that way" which is the same as saying eff you.)

A retailer is being called out for selling a fat-shaming sweatshirt — but the brand says 'it's the opposite of what it seems'  (Look, I get what they were trying to do but yeah, whoever thought that was a good idea to bring attention to trolling comments by making them a ridiculous priced sweatshirt needs to be flicked in the forehead.)

Vet Reveals What Happens in a Dying Pet's Final Moments, Breaks Hearts Around the World  (It's not what you think, it has nothing to do with the "process" of what is happening but as someone who has had to put two angel babies to sleep, it is imperative every pet owner reads this.  Do this last act of love for them, PLEASE.  Happy 11th rainbow anniversary to our angel baby.  Miss you, little girl.)

'The Candy Man' Gives Away 6,000 Hershey Bars in Decade-Long Act of Kindness  (What a sweet nugget.)

Putting Your Holiday Decorations Up Early Could Make You Happier, According to Experts  (*drags tree from basement*  Actually we are putting it up earlier this year so bring on November!)

Jeff Goldblum Says He Likes to Be Called Daddy While Eating Spicy Wings  (Video.  If you like Goldblum, you will love this video.)

It's grocery weekend and I think we're going to try to cram it all in today so we don't have to waste any time Saturday or Sunday.  We've got a date night planned Saturday and nothing will kill a mood quicker than a trip to Trader Joe's.  Speaking of which, I saw their pumpkin products are trickling in.  I will report back next week on what, if anything I spied with my little eye.

What are you up to this weekend?  What pumpkin product are you looking forward to from anywhere?

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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Mildon't and adventurous friends

It's Friday eve!

Yesterday I continued on my productive streak and planted some tulips we picked up a few weekends ago.  I couldn't find the trowel so I had to dig down with a gloved hand and my God I hate worms.  *barfing sound*  I really hope they grow in the spring because that spot has always been a crap shoot.  Actually, I saw my only peony plant (that only gave me ONE friggin' bloom this year) has powdery mildew.  It's been a VERY humid summer and that article basically implies I'm screwed.  It says how to treat it but I know me...that thing is coming out.  It'd be different if it gave me a ton of blooms but I'm mad at it so I'll just start over again next year.  Pffft.   I also hacked up our Japanese maple.  That thing looks like a McDonald's fry guy.  For those who can't bring up the imagery, here:

  They're the blobs with eyes in the front row.

I ended up busting a blood vessel in my finger on the clippers.  I still want to thin it out a bit. 

I did a little work and a prototype for a Christmas craft, cleaned up a bit, brought out the fall decor or at least a good deal of it.  Then I called back a friend of mine who was flying out today to go run a marathon in Sydney, Australia!  Unfortunately, he has tendinitis so it will be an "interesting" race for him I'm sure.  He has many adventures planned and I'm so happy for him to do all of this awesome stuff.  I'm hoping I can talk him into a guest post about it at some point but I don't want to put more on his plate.  So think good thoughts for him on Sunday, if you please.

We did a killer leg workout that I put together and it was southern comfort food (shrimp and cheese grits) for sustenance.

We've both got doctors appointments today.  Him the dermatologist and me the chiropractor.  If he drills, sands, lasers and pops me like he did last week, I should be able to have even hips in a month.  :-| 

What flowers grow best in your garden?  Who was your favorite McDonald's character?

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