Friday, February 17, 2012

When you've got nothing...just type

I got nothin' so I'm just gonna type and see what comes out.  You down?

When the Mr and I were out shopping yesterday, I picked up some crap I need for this project I'll likely regret.  How's that for sellin' ya on it?  I don't want to say what it is just yet because if it turns out like poo, I'll just forget I ever thought I could jump into the world of mod podge and carry on with my life.

The door guy came out yesterday and he was a nice guy.  I commented to the Mr about how it was funny because I would say something and you could tell he wanted to let loose with a comment back and he kind of would but would stay very professional.  I said something about one of the handles looking like the eye of Rah and he said "the Avalon?" without seeing it and we cracked up and he laughed but then went into how popular it is, etc.  Another instance, I was looking at this glass door that had this big bushel of wheat etched into it.  I said "so what happens when your obsession with wheat is over, can you just pop that glass out?"  I could tell he wanted to bust out laughing but he went into why it couldn't be removed and such.  I wanted to say "dude, loosen up.  You're amongst friends here.  I have no desire to be stuffy with you and treat you like I own you because I'm paying you money to provide a service."  He told many stories of people who were finicky and demanding and they fixed everything so I get the feeling he just assumes most people are like that.  I make a point not to be unless someone tries to dork me over.  Then gloves are off.  *jabs the air*

I bought a pair of jeans the next size down yesterday.  I wouldn't go so far to say that's my new size because that pair just fits and the other pair I tried on fit but I feared if I sat in them, the button might fly off and be mistaken for a bullet when it ripped through whomever was unlucky enough to be standing or sitting across from me at the time.  So for public safety I decided against that pair.  I did try on the next size down in shirts and I'm pretty sure I heard an audible guffaw.  Yeah, not there yet.  I just like to check every now and then especially when my favorite pair of jeans is getting ridiculously big on me.  Gotta love in between sizes.

I'm glad people seem to be liking the food posts.  I've gotten positive feedback on them.  I figured no one cared what I ate.  I feel bad that the lunches look so similar but I have to have lots of fruits and veggies to keep my calories lower.  Plus that's where I get the majority of them in.  It's gotten me to at least not eat out of plastic since I know I have to photograph it!  HA!

This weekend we're going to a Habitat for Humanity ReStore for the first time.  Should be interesting!  We're also going to an antique warehouse to see if we can find a chair for the desk that I can attempt to reupholster. I can't believe I just said that out loud.

What about you?  What are your plans for the weekend?

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  1. Your food posts are great (I don't comment on each one because I have nothing new to say each time). The pics remind me of the "tricks" to eating. Veggies = low cal. So simple (on paper!).

    I feel you on being in between sizes. I have a THREE SIZE range right now (ok, the biggest in that range is baggy as sin).

    This weekend? Crafting. I have easter eggs to felt. And then I'll traumatize myself by doing my body measurements (at least my wife will enjoy helping with that!).

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I spent an inordinate amount of time catching up on the last year and a half of your bloggin'. I must say, I am hooked.

    Keep up the good work.

    There is never a food post I don't love. But your humor is what keeps me coming back. Thank you for your refreshing take on menstruation, weight loss, aching muscles and food.

    Faved. :)

  3. HeyButt- I think back to what I ate when we first started losing weight and am horrified and wondered how I ever stayed full. (Hello Lean Pocket, Honey Wheat Pretzels and sugar free pudding. High blood pressure anyone?) I may just have to do a comp post about that! Oh crap, I need to do measurements too! We'll be traumatized together!

    MelissaJane- So glad to have you on board! I'm glad my humor isn't off putting. Some people don't like to admit Aunt Flo exists but I acknowledge her presence and ways to defeat her if possible. Looking forward to seeing more of you here!

  4. The ReStore is great, we have one of those, lots of really nice stuff. I HATE being in between sizes. Too small for this, butt's too big for that! SUCKS! Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. I lovelovelove the food posts. They are so appealing to me, and I like to see the ones such as yesterday when you eat 2000 calories and exercise a lot of it away. That is the way to do it (in my mind!)!!

  6. I've got everything fro msize 8 to 14 in the closet, and I wear them all, but not all instances of all sizes, if that makes sense. Sizing is so varied, I've stopped paying any attention to it at all. OK, so the 14s need a belt, and the 8s are pretty snug, but still. And heaven help me if I decide to wear a dress. I don't think they make them in a 14 bodice with an 8 skirt.

  7. PS, this weekend, hiking! And maybe some spring cleaning.

  8. Just wanted to come by and sya congratulations on your weight loss. I just lost 11o pounds myslef and it feels frakin fantastic:) xooxo Hanna

  9. Lots to say here:

    1 - Being between sizes is a chore and a pleasure. I hope that it doesn't take too long to get to that next size. I know how easy it is to forget the good part of not having your clothes fit!

    2 - Love the food blogs! There are things there that I had forgotten about for myself so I get new ideas.

    3 - I haven't scored big at the ReStore yet but apparently my next door neighbor has the timing down; he's done very well there and gotten some very nice bargains!

    Looking forward to hearing about your weekend, I hope it's outstanding!!

  10. I had to laugh out loud about the comment about the button flying off like a bullet. It made me think about one of the funniest parts of a movie I watched a few years back when the guy had on some pants that were too tight. The button flew off while he was performing and almost hurt someone. Your blogs are great, and I definitely look forward to reading them.


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