Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2/8/12 - What I Ate Today

It was requested that I do a food post.  I won't do them all the time but it's been quite a while.  This isn't going to be all prettied up.  It's raw and BPA-licious.  With the painting and such I had no desire to do anything more than heat stuff up so here we go.

Breakfast:  A "Mrs Muffin"  Thomas Triple Health English Muffin, 1 egg, 1 slice of Trader Joe's Bacon and 1/2 a slice of Trader Joe's Lacy Cheese.  3.4 oz banana with 1 tbsp of Nutella.

Lunch:  1/2 cup of organic basmati brown rice with stir fry veggies, 4 oz of shrimp, 2 tbsp Trader Ming's General Tsao's sauce.  Raw veggies with 1/2 tbsp dip, 1 honeycrisp apple with apple dip (not pictured), Trader Joe's This Apple Walks into a Bar and fruit salad.

Dinner:  Leftover low sodium homemade chili with 1 tbsp parmesan cheese and a serving of low sodium crackers and brussels sprouts.

Night Snack:  Trader Joe's Lite Kettle Corn

Calories for the day:  2013

So there ya go!  :-)
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  1. Wow, that all looks delicious (except the Nutella...I don't get what people like about that stuff, but I could totally do peanut butter or chocolate on that banana).

    And it doesn't look like anywhere near 2000 calories. I wonder if my calculations on my food are off somehow.

  2. OK, so I know this is probably a hassle...but it is AWESOME! I feel so uninspired with my eating, and this is something that looks delicious, can be replicated, and could be tweaked to fit my calories REALLY easily. If we asked really, really, really nice might you consider doing this a little more often? Pretty pleeeeeease???

  3. Cheri- I shall take over your Nutella ration because I don't want it to go to waste! :) There are 240 calories of pure excess in the apple dip and the cereal bar but I figure for as long as I can enjoy them, I will and those will be the first thing to be cut. I like to keep it flexible.

    Annie- I'd be more than happy to do them if people are interested. I just figured people would find them boring, especially since my lunches are pretty similar. But if they can give anyone ideas, I will do them a little more frequently.

  4. Just clicked over from YHL. You are amazing! Keep it up!

  5. I love food posts. I photographed my food for an entire month and it was so much fun. I really got into plating everything perfectly and taking the best picture. And it helped with my food tracking because I often forget (or want to forget!) what I've eaten.

  6. You can have my nutella ration as well--I thought I would love it, but not so much. I like the food posts as well--gives me ideas.

  7. I LOVE food posts and pictures of food, probably because I LOVE food so much. Your's looks particularly delicious. Course it's breakfast time here and I'm hungry, so that helps with the hunger issue. In fact gonna go eat my breakfast RIGHT NOW!

  8. That banana + Nutella used to be my breakfast all the time! So yummy. And I also love honeycrisp apples and Brussels sprouts and kettle corn--suddenly I'm feeling hungry. :)

  9. HOLY YUM! I want everything on this post, especially that Nutella Banana and egg sammie, it spoke to my SOUL lol!!!


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