Thursday, February 16, 2012

2/16/12- Food Journal

This morning we had to go get blood drawn at the lab so when we get our physicals, the doc can discuss the results with us.  I have to admit, I'm freaking out about the cholesterol.  I know given I've lost 200 lbs the odds are low that there's an issue, certainly much lower than they've ever been to this point but I don't want it to be suggested that I go on meds.  I've seen more harm than good and I'm doing what it takes to lead a healthy lifestyle.  So I'm praying it all comes back okay.  I'll be a wreck until I know for sure.

Then I forgot "oh, the door guy comes today to measure!"  Crap!  But it didn't stop the Mr and I from shopping (he took a sick day since we had medical appts).  I guess my favorite Avenue shop may be closing as they filed for chapter 11 and the writing is on that wall at that branch.  Grrrr!!!  That girl always took care of me too.  Then it was off to Whole Foods to get some chia seeds, I got black barley on a whim, tofu noodles and cotswold cheese.  We were going to get Vegenaise but holy hell that stuff is 90 cals per tbsp!!  No thanks.'s what I put in the rum tum tummer today.

Breakfast had to wait until after the vampire fast but I had just what I told you I would because I've been obsessing over it.  A cinnamon raisin english muffin with 1 1/2 tbsp of peanut butter and apple jam and a 3 oz nana.  8 oz of green tea too.

I knew I was going to be a little low on calories today (by choice because I thought this could happen) so we stopped by an ice cream shop we had a gift card for and got 4 oz of  ice cream.  Worth every calorie baby.  Didn't even put me over for the week's average.  No's in mah belly.

We were out a little longer than we should've been so I had to really shovel the food in and still didn't get it in before door man came so I finished up when he left.  Do you know what mass quantities of fruits and veggies eaten at a fast pace does to your system?  Let's just say I had the dude walk ahead of me coming up the stairs and prayed.  I had 2 oz. of reduced sodium turkey on a multigrain slim from TJ's, 1 tbsp Miracle Whip light and 1/4 cup of spinach, the usual fruit salad, raw veggies w/ 1/2 tbsp french onion dip, golden delicious apple with apple dip and a TJ's apple bar.  13 oz of decaf iced tea.  (Someone asked)

Dinner was 6 oz of orange roughy over Trader Joe's Spinach and Carrot Polenta.  Love, love, love that stuff. Iced tea as well.

Night time snack was going to be a little more involved but I was feeling lazy so I grabbed a serving of WhoNu's.  ("Now delicious is nutritious too...WhoNu!?"  Sorry, had to be done)

Calories for the day, 2051.  Calories burned via exercise, 1020.

I got some goodies from Sur La Table and an immersion blender and I'm gonna blend like I'm paid to do it baby!  Also got a new laptop desk for my actual lap, you know so I can stop sunburning my thighs from the heat.  No, I don't blog in the nude but the heat is penetrating my Hello Kitty pajamas!

Hope everyone had a good day.  Feel free to share what you ate today in the comments!

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  1. I laughed so hard about the door man and prayer that I had to read hubby the paragraph. He empathizes.

    We had fish tacos...salmon...for dinner. But after reading your post, I may have to have a PB&J for dessert. We have some awesome homemade apple butter that a co-worker gave hubby for Christmas. Don't use much jam and jelly around here, so there's still some available.

    I must say, your care in the presentation of your food, even a super-quick lunch, makes it look even more appetizing!

  2. After your blog yesterday I had to have a raisin bagel thin with pub this morning. It was really good. It was day 2 of no extra sugar but I had fish ans chips for dinner on way home from. Buying a new truck. Didn't do myself any favors. It at least I didn't go on a crazy sugar binge. Btw, before I started spark I had high cholesterol. My Dr. Had me start take,king red yeast rice supplement. I took two pills twice a day. Then I lost the first 30 pounds. My cholesterol went down to normal and remains that way a year and a half later. I stopped taking it about 6 months ago and I really believe in it. I think you will be happy with your new numbers but if not, remember to give that a try before they put you on lipitor or something. You and the Mr are awesome folks!

  3. I'm sorry my spelling and punctuation are so crappy in that post. I'm on a tablet and I type to fast for it sometimes.....

  4. Cheri- Glad you liked that. I will NEVER eat that fast again, I don't care who is coming. They can watch me eat! HA!

    Mamadwarf- Ahh the power of suggestion! I'll keep those pills in mind if she gives me bad news. She's not a holistic type, matter of fact, pretty against anything like that. She called the Mr's consumption of chia seeds "herbal." Whatever lady. I'll take what I deem is right for my own body. So thanks for the heads up!

  5. Oh, boy, I'd find a new doc. She's way behind the times!


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