Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2/29/12- Leap Day Eats

When I woke up this morning I was craving protein so bad I could hardly stand it.  So I had to chuck my oatmeal bowl for a little protein boost.  Don't tell the Mr, I had him swing by the grocery store last night because I was out of oatmeal.  Oops.

Breakfast was a "MsMuffin."  Thomas Triple Health English Muffin, 1 egg, half a slice of lacy colby jack cheese and 2 slices of deli ham.  Also had a banana and finished off the Nutella, just under a tbsp.

Lunch was healthier Chinese.  Brown Basmati Rice (I swear if Trader Joe's yanks this stuff, I'm going to go batchit!), 2 oz of boneless, skinless chicken breast, stir fry veggies and 2 tbsp of Trader Ming's General Tsao's sauce.  Raw veggies (celery, radishes, cauliflower and broccoli) with 1/2 tbsp of dip, fruit salad (I'm out of grapes!  BOO!), honeycrisp apple with apple dip, TJ's Peanut Butter Oat bar (new fave!) and iced tea.

Dinner was stuffed shells made with skim ricotta and spinach. A mix of meat and marinara sauce and 1 tbsp of parmesan cheese with a piece of lite garlic bread.  The Mr felt gypped out of a glass of chocolate milk last week so we had some with dinner.  Whiner.  HA!

Night snack will be sugar free chocolate pudding with lite cool whip while licking the screen watching Jeremy Sisto on Suburgatory.

Calories for the day, 2152.  Calories burned for the day, 835.  (310 burned doing a walk around the neighborhood and 525 doing Dance Dance Revolution)

Oh yeah, I actually SWEAT during my walk around the neighborhood today!  It was friggin' 70 degrees!  I swear it was like God saw me buy snowshoes for the Mr and was like "watch this, I'll skip winter this year!  Hee hee!"  If winters continue to be like this, we're going to just pack up and move to Hawaii.  The only reason we haven't yet is because I love the seasons too much.  (Fall is the best!)  But if we're gonna have 50-70 degree winters, you're testing my patience Mother Nature!

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  1. Whereas here it's been plenty cold enough to count for winter, but barely any snow.

  2. Goodness woman you make eating right look like eating all wrong!!!! Love your meals. Thinking if I take some time and "present" my meals I might appreciate my healthier meals more too :).

  3. I want to live in HAWAIIIIIIII! I've never even been there before! I still want to live there :)

  4. You are so lucky--not only to have gone to Hawaii so many times--but to have land there and have plans to LIVE there someday. How wonderful will that be? Can I come and visit???

    Once again all your meals look so tasty--I wanted to eat my monitor!

    I was trying to explain the relationships on Suburgatory last night to my son, who is not as regular of a watcher as I am. As I was explaining them to him, I realized everybody on the show is actually in love with George (Jeremy Sisto), well except maybe for Dahlia. And that includes you & me!

  5. AnotherLayer- That would stink too! At least snow is pretty to look at, cold is just misery.

    Heatherlyr- LOL...thanks! I will say that every meal becomes more time consuming when people want to see it. Eating out of Gladware isn't exactly sexy! HA!

    Czesia- I'd say go there first! ;) Each island is so different and has its own vibe. If you ever are planning a trip, hit me up. I used to plan people's Hawaii trips for a living!

    Dupster- Once we have a house up, come on out! Right now you can go if you have a machete and a tent! HA! We're rainforest people so we're up in the mountains. Now the place we're staying this year is our dream home and if it ever goes up for sale, I'll need to borrow 1.5 mil! Wanna go in on it with us? :)

  6. The stuffed shells and garlic bread look SO GOOD. Oh man, I haven't made stuffed shells in so long...

  7. If I ever go, I will be sure to tell you!! I think my next trips will be Poland, and maybe Italy?!? Haha..I said next trips like I've ever been I crack myself up :)


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