Thursday, March 9, 2017

Procrastination vs. Action

The Mr and I came off of a disappointing bout with the scale last weekend.  He lost nothing and I gained a pound for no good reason.  He tracked and did everything right and I know that my water wasn't great and that I got a seriously brutal deep tissue massage the day before so inflammation was probably rampant.  But despite having reasons that a piece of machinery could spit in your face, it gets pretty daunting busting your ass 6 days a week, feeling sore every day in various spots, tracking your calories only to get a pound here, nothing there and a gain for fun.

I know that I need to get off my butt more during the day.  I've said it a zillion times before but do I do it?  No.  Do I have the time to do it?  Yes.  Actually, I should be doing it now but you know, Deathtrap  (affiliate link) is on and I'm entranced by Christopher Reeves' performance.  *sigh*  I think there's a part of me that is like "hey, remember that time you worked out twice a day for two weeks and not only did you not lose weight but ended up a pound higher than you started?  That's what will happen if you are up and around more."

Well no, not really, it's not like I'm talking about doing HIIT workouts every hour, I'm talking about getting off my butt for 5-10 minutes an hour and either doing a walking workout, PT exercises, stretches, etc.  In my mind it's so clear and cut yet I can't will myself to get up and do it.  How is it I have no problem willing myself downstairs to workout 6 days a week for an hour but I can't seem to get motivated to get off my butt once an hour?  I know I have better success getting my water in for the day if I chug a bunch in the morning but it's so easy to just get caught up in work or surfing the web and then before I know it it's 2pm and I need to even start my water bottle.  This has been my pattern for years.  Why is this so hard to break?  It's rhetorical...only I can figure that out for myself.

I NEED to get this under control because honestly, I know it's a big hurdle to why the scale is stuck for us.  We both sit on our butts all day and all night and are active for an hour a day.  Working from home is not the awesomeness that people assume it is.  You lose pretty much all motivation to break your blood supply with the couch/office chair and your social skills retard to the level of 1st grader or you are so happy to see another human when you go out, you talk to them non stop like Stryker talking to the grandma on the plane.

(image from Pinterest- best movie evah (affiliate link) )
I had so much to get done yesterday, it wasn't feasible to take so many breaks so I couldn't do the timer break thingy but I did get up a few times and do some walking in place but nothing like I want to do.  Today I have NO EXCUSE!  So if you leave a comment reminding me to get up then I will do so and then go set the microwave timer to make sure I keep doing it throughout the day.  I know...sad.

Do you have problems going from knowing you should do something to actually doing it?

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  1. Even when I am at work in the office I have a hard time just getting up and taking a walk or a break. I stay in the chair way too long and when I finally do get up my legs are stiff and it hurts to walk for a few seconds at first. I tried the standing desk thing for about a day ad it was all fine and good until I needed to get real work done, so I don't know of any other option but to just set a reminder to get off the tuckus and move periodically.

  2. There is a huge gap between should and do. I'm not even sure I can see over the gap, it dwarfs the Grand Canyon.

    I'm on my feet at work, but that doesn't count as exercise even a little bit and on weekends I become one with the couch. Doing what I should do isn't that hard, but I don't do it either.

    Get up, drink your water, and I'll try to do the same today.

  3. Do you have a water bottle you like drinking from? Is it decorated with stickers and such? Is it something you want around you more?

    When I decorated my bottle and such (had a tick counter so I knew how many ounces I was at), I drank more. I also didn't leave it at home or forget to fill it. I know it seems a bit juvenile, but sometimes if you make it fun or more "you," it's easier to accomplish the goal. Just my two cents....

  4. I don't work at home, but I do have a blood supply with my chair started as soon as I get home. I made a vow last night to get to the gym more, which means Wednesday and Sunday are my weight bearing workout days and the rest of the days are cardio on the treadmill days. When I am bored at home I will have to have dance breaks (already finding songs and planning choreography) or actually cleaning the dining room that severely needs it, and because it is so cluttered and in my line of vision, has to be done so it stops causing me stress.
    I get up, you get up, we all get up, it will be anarchy!

  5. Get up and drink your water! I don't really have any problem getting in my water, but I sit way too much also. So I started standing up when I take phone calls, and I offer to go to the fax machine to retrieve everyone's faxes, etc...I figure the little things might make at least a small difference? By the way, DRINK SOME WATER.

  6. I am struggling with exactly this same issue.
    I am now home all the time.
    The day just slips away.

    Ironically this was in my mailbox this morning:
    5-Minute Weight Loss Workout #1
    Do each exercise for one minute.
    Rest 15 seconds between each activity.
    Run in place
    Jumping jacks
    Mountain climbers

    Things I can think to add to the list (for me) are
    Bicycle crunches

    Or go outside and either walk briskly or bike.

    And inside I can do the push-ups on the stairs or a wall.
    I can step the mountain climbers
    I can march in place with high knees instead of jog

    My phone has a timer on it.
    I can time the minutes.

    I can set my phone to go off automatically every day.
    I think that might be key
    because then I do not have to remember to set the timer each day.
    An alarm clock would work too.
    Leave the alarm set all the time so it is automatically on.

    I am thinking instead of every hour,
    I should start with once mid morning and once mid afternoon.
    And maybe do 15 minutes.
    I think it would be easier to do a solid 15 minutes twice than five repeatedly.

  7. I can soooooo relate to this! Not having solid structure in my day has me going to extremes and on those insanely busy days, I find excuses for the following two days to do very little other than breathe. And sadly, most of my "busyness" is driving for miles and miles, so I'm just sitting. Heck, you'd think I could throw in an ab crunch or two, eh? Nope. One thing I AM going to try to do is just walking in place during commercial breaks. Let's face it, I'm going to watch my tv shows no matter what, so if I'm going to be a slacker that way, if I just stand up and march in place for the 3 minutes of commercials every time, that should do SOMETHING to get the blood flowing and the water retention squishing better. It IS a vicious cycle like you said and very hard to be consistent with it. But we CAN do it. We certainly know how. Now it's just a matter of saying get up and do it. So get up and get thee to thy microwave timer sister! xo


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