Thursday, March 23, 2017

Food Review: Chips Ahoy Cinnamon Sugar Thins

I never buy cookies to keep in the house because I don't need the temptation.  But when something is free, I can justify trying one and then sending the rest to the Mr's work for the dingoes to attack.  That's just what we did when our local grocery store was running a promotion to get these for free.

The cookie marketing people seem to think that if they put the word "thin" on the package that people will think they're getting something they can either manage or are better for them that the regular version.  I'd like to think people don't buy that but we all know someone out there is falling for it.  Let's see what the numbers say...

Four cookies for 150 calories sounds like a pretty good trade off to most people because you can have more for the same calories.  Wellll, not quite.  I mean, they're 'thins' so you're getting less.  If you have two cookies, it tastes like what one cookie would taste like and the nutritional info basically supports that.  I don't think they make this flavor in "regular" though so the cinnamon sugar and oatmeal cookies are just in the thin version.

How did they taste?

We each had one and didn't expect much going in even though cinnamon sugar is one of my favorite flavors ever.  The were good.  Too good.  We only had one...and a half since one cookie was broken.  Then I slammed the seal on them and said "take them to work, get them out of my sight!"  They would be perfect in the summer if you want to make little ice cream sandwiches for a kids party or something like that.  I could easily see myself blowing through the box on a Saturday or worse, justifying ways to "fit them into my calories" during the week and I just can't risk having them around to obsess over.  So I guess the verdict would be...delicious if you like crispy cinnamon cookies.

Just like their Oreo Thins brethren, I get that mentality of "ooh I get four!"  But when the four are gone, I'd want more.  (I have to laugh though because my mom was like "those Thins are a joke, give me CREAM!"  But the regular versions don't have much more cream than their thins counterparts these days.)

If you have the willpower, tip o' the hat to you and if you like cinnamon sugar, you'd probably like these.  Or if you want to try them, I suggest taking out a serving and then putting them on the community table at work so you don't find yourself in the corner surrounded by an empty package, crumbs on your shirt and enveloped in self hatred.

Do you like the "Thins" version of cookies or would you rather just have 2 of the regular version should you indulge on occasion?

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  1. We tried these, I loved them and never got them again. Way to hard to resist. I bought two boxes of girl scout thin mints. I had one serving one day. Two servings the next day and then polished off the rest of my box the third day. Yeah, not able to bring in the temptations because that kind of will power does not exist here.

  2. I do like the Thins because I love crispy cookies. I have not seen this cinnamon sugar kind though so I'll have to see if they are at my store. Or not-- I might be better off not knowing. LOL

  3. I like thins. A lot. Haven't heard of these though. I'll have to give them a try, at work, that should be a serving suggestion lol


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