Tuesday, March 7, 2017

How to find balance

I'm in the midst of planning a little getaway that popped up for us in two weeks.  I am so excited but then the dread set in a little bit.  We're a few months away from our big trip for the year and to say weight loss is slow is like the friggin' understatement of the year.  The thought of going to a town we've never been to even if only for 3 1/2 days and trying to eat healthy is just overwhelming.  I looked at several restaurants that looked like "oh, okay this can be a good choice for us" and then a few had calories listed and it was just terrifying.  The ones that looked like the healthiest choices were still anywhere from 800-1100 calories and that was for breakfast!  All I could think was how bloated I was going to be and how much working out we were going to have to do just to attempt to combat that and the fun started to get sucked out of it for me.

I thought of all of the things we could bring with us to help.  Obviously breakfast is an easy one since there is a mini fridge and we can pre-measure cottage cheese, yogurt, some nanas, etc. I can heat up water in the little coffee pot and pour it in oatmeal.  Lunch would be a little more challenging but doable but that is more because of timing than what to bring because I typically have veggies and fruit salad and then either a 1/2 a PB&J or a chicken wrap or something.  So I think if we're going to be out and can make a park or something part of our stop even if we have to eat it in the car we can bring it along with us.  I have plans for dinner and I started going super militant about how this was going to go.  Then the Mr is like "wait, so we're going to a new city and we don't get even ONE meal out??"  My complete and utter anxiety over screwing it up this close to a trip when I'm already having trouble getting the scale to move needs to be balanced with having an experience without being so damn uptight.

Yes, I can have a meal out and while it might be way more sodium than I would make at home or bring with us, one meal won't be the utter death of me.  (Of course talk to me again in a month and see if I'm eating those calorie free words.)  But yes it would totally suck to go somewhere new and have people be like "where did you eat?" and we're like "homemade PB&J and apples."  So I think I can loosen the reins for one meal out of 7-8 that we could potentially have there.  If it's a place we like then we can always go back and make other plans.

We'll be working out the day we leave and then will have to workout the two days we're there in addition to any walking.  I can't sit there and say "oh walking counts" because we've done vacations where we've tried to count just being more active during the day as our exercise and the body points and laughs.  We've done best when we've worked out the whole time and even though it's only two days, if I can't workout at night then I'm truly never going to conquer this crap.

How do you strike your balance when you travel to new places?  Do you bring your own stuff?  Rely on what you hope are healthier choices at restaurants?  Continue formal workouts?

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  1. A lifestyle change has to fit with your life. Balancing living and fully enjoying life with healthy eating is entirely possible and we're doing that. But I like the idea of having at least one meal where we don't have to restrain ourselves completely.

  2. It's so hard for me to travel and not partake in the regional goodies - but I've gotten so much better. I have to really watch the sodium myself because of kidney issues...and it scares me sometimes that I'll miss something and do myself some real damage. But I just try to be careful with the portion control and do "clean eating" when possible. We are getting ready for a big trip to Sin City (my hubby bowls the Nationals every year) and with the heat I'll pace myself - but definitely getting out to Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. LOTS of walking in Vegas. And I'll be getting in my arm curls.....

  3. Me personally, I reduce the number of meals.

    Late breakfast and an early dinner. I have done this for many vacations.

    I am usually traveling with one other person, but the person changes (I have three older kids and a husband, so it is often me and one of them, or sometimes a friend). I find the other person is usually happy to do two meals a day.

    I do this on holidays too. When I have everyone home, we do late breakfast and early dinner.

    I realize that is me, other people do things differently.

    I drink hot water while everyone else is (over) eating if it is a big group. For example I was on a cruise with my oldest last summer. A lot of over eating at dinner. We had the early seating and I only had entree. I drank hot water thru all their courses. I did not feel left out. Every night they were miserable from too much food.

    I focus on veggies and protein. That makes a big difference for me. I can eat a lot more food if it is veggies and protein. So that is another trick that works well. Kitchens will happily substitute. (I personally can not do lettuce. So I do not have the salad option.)

    Drinking enough water is always an issue for me on vacation. Some vacations you just do not know when you will see a bathroom. So I drink most of my water for the day at early dinner. And if it is a scarce bathroom kind of trip, when I see one, I go, even if I think I do not have to go. And I only drink plain water. Anything else causes frequency and urgency for me.

    1. I can do stairs. I realize other people have foot, knee, hip issues. But on vacation there are often multiple stories. I can climb many flights of stairs. I take advantage of that. Have to know your body. Do not want to cause an injury on vacation or any other time.

      At home I have one flight. And I use it. Climbing my one flight ten+ times in a row, quickly, but very carefully, as a cardio boost during at home exercise is effective for me. (My husband used to take them two at a time at a run.)

      At home I would have to drive over half an hour to get to a tallish building. On vacation I am usually staying in one.

      Someone long ago wrote about this and she climbed stairs routinely. And she would take the elevator down and then reclimb. She said most injuries happen descending.

      I know you have leg issues. But thought I would add this as it might work for someone else.

  4. Most vacations are usually in a cabin with a full kitchen so we've made a practice of grocery shopping at home and packing up a huge cooler to bring with so the main meals are covered (much cheaper that way since many of the places we go are pretty pricey for food). That's been really helpful because we know what to plan for dinners and lunches. We typically skip breakfast when we're out and about and I find I don't miss it if I'm busy exploring. And water, water, water. I bring it with and I buy it there if there's no filtration system in the cabin. I make sure to really focus on that since sodium is higher with the meals we do eat out for. I admit to not being diligent about the exercise though. I'll bring walking DVD's but don't do them and I don't hike nearly as much as I do in my head. lol. Have not balanced that part out well at all.

    1. Ditto
      If I am somewhere with a refrigerator available, I take as much food as I can.

      No refrigerator, I at least take water bottles.

      If we are driving, I take a 5gallon jug with a hand pump on top. My kids have these in their dorm rooms and apartments too. Two live in areas with iffy city water. One is in a college dorm and water available in her room means she (and her roommate) drinks a lot more.

  5. I have a family that likes to eat out on weekends. Fortunately for me, I can bow out on going out now that our little ones are a little older and easier to handle. But I know they like me being there and I need to be there since I am part of the family. I try not to dwell on it too much. Harder on vacation when you don't have that option. Have you tried to change up your at home routine regarding lifestyle change/weight loss to get the scale to move down again? I have had to do things like make at least one meal or even two a day vegetarian. I don't do this all the time but for maybe a week. I also change up what I eat. Sometimes eating the same things even though it is good for you or part of your diet will cause the scale to not move. Hope you can enjoy your trip and find ways to eat healthy and get in some exercise like you want and have an occasional treat!

  6. It is tough...but for me as i've been reducing my portion sizes to aid my weight loss (still have a long way to go and lots to learn ) I find if I "over indulge" I feel just awful...so for me keeping to my hard learned better eating habits is key to me even enjoying my trip. We are travelling to England soon and staying with family which will be a huge challenge as not everyones eating habits are mine IYKWIM :) I'm planning on checking out quick and healthy options from the supermarket to prepare at home. Would you consider staying in an AirBnB ? We have done this in order to have a kitchen to cook in.


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