Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Assault with a glutey weapon and movie night

Happy Wednesday y'all.

How is the weather in your area because in ours it's pretty much been rain and wind so we haven't been able to get out and walk without the hazard of potentially blowing over.  I'm hoping it's supposed to be sunny today so we can do that as our cardio today.  We've got some plans tonight so whatever we do is going to have to be early.

Last night we did a killer barre workout from Fitness Blender and the gams are not happy today but they needed to be worked.  Then when it was over, we did our PT and I swear my butt cheeks were going to shoot off.  I actually feared the Mr would be killed by my glute shrapnel from the clamshells I was doing after already putting them through the paces.  

When we were done and totally spent on the muscle front, we had a big honkin' turkey burger and sweet potato with fig butter.

We rented Moana  (affiliate link) last night.  I was really looking forward to it and while I liked it, I don't know, it wasn't everything I hoped it would be.  Obviously since we're Hawaii and Hawaiian culture freaks, we had a high bar set.   I can't even put my finger on what I didn't care for in parts.  I'm thinking being so familiar with Dwayne Johnson's voice took me out of it a bit, the song by the crab and some of the stuff at the beginning was dragged out a little longer but all in all I thought it was a cute story.  I'm probably the last person on Earth to see it though.

What is your strongest muscle right now?  What was the last movie you rented?

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  1. My strongest muscle right now is probably my scapula. Working those suckers in PT is making them stronger and I can tell the difference even if my PT doc thinks they need to get even stronger. Last movie rented of course was Moana. I liked it but not enough to have to see it again or own it. It was no Lilo & Stitch!

  2. I haven't seen Moana yet. Maybe this weekend. Last weekend I rented Big Friendly Giant to watch with the boy. I also rented Birth of a Nation, but time got away from me and by the time BFG was over it was too late and I was too tired to watch it. I hate when that happens.

  3. The winds are insane here! Days like these are why we have the wrought iron bench cabled to the oak tree in the back yard. We've seriously found it across the yard on a few occasions. Madness!

    I'm not sure what my strongest muscle is right now, but I sure as heck worked out my ab muscles yesterday in the pool. I know this because it feels like I've been kicked multiple times in said area today. =o)


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