Friday, March 10, 2017

What I'm Reading This Week #10

Happy Friday everyone!

Woo hoo for da weekend!  Let's get straight to...

4 Times You Should Avoid The Scale At All Costs  (While I would love to have the leisure of doing #1, I can't.  Grrr.)

Adrienne's Dramatic Before and After Is a Total "Eff You" to the Scale  (Awesome and amazing!)

Strength vs. Cardio — Here's How You Should Structure Your Workout (Okay, are we the only people that do strength one day and cardio another.  We don't combine.)

How to Stop Muscle Cramps in Their Tracks  (Good info if you suffer from them!)

There's No Easy Way to 'Jumpstart Your Metabolism'  (Courtesy of the Mr)

Why do I crave salt? How to curb salty cravings and what to eat instead  (I'm not a salty person but for those that are)

The One Thing That's Missing From Your Fitness Goals  (Interesting)

4 Reasons To Eat More Calories (And Carbs) At Night  (Food for thought)

4 Keys to Fat Loss Beyond “Eat Less and Move More”  (Good things to look at)

5 Tips for Handling Insecurity  (Will have to get on this)

The Art and Science of "Cheat Meals"   (Thought provoking approaches)

Makeover Lasagna (If you're looking to cut calories and sodium compared to restaurant lasagna)

31 Slang Terms for Sex From the Last 600 Years  (17, 20 and 23 will be getting used)

U2’s Adam Clayton on ‘The Joshua Tree’: ‘We Felt It Was Going to Be a Breakthrough Record for Us’  (30 YEARS!?  Oy, I'm going to be worm food before I know it.)

Don't forget y'all, it's time to spring forward this weekend!  So Sunday morning (or Saturday night before bed) set your clocks ahead by an hour!

What are you into this weekend?

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  1. I can't believe it's the start of daylight savings already, wow! Have a great weekend everybody!

  2. Great articles! The before/after one was quite cool. I heard on the radio this week of another woman who did a before/after and it was the complete opposite of what we'd expect. She used to be a work-out fanatic and was super cut and had to maintain such a strict lifestyle that she hated her life. She finally said screw this and actually gained some wait and stopped obsessing with having this super defined body and she looks amazing- and it so much happier. It was really cool.

    I've already been to the burbs and back this morning to drop off the tax stuff (phew!). Now it's taking the pooches for a drive in the (frigid) sunshine. Have a meeting tomorrow then lunch with a friend of mom's in the burbs. And somewhere along the way I need to get some serious loads of laundry done. Riveting stuff I tell ya. lol


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