Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Next plan and same crush - different eras

Howdy doody all!  

Halfway through the week and somehow we're at the beginning of a new month.

Remember back when I said we were going to start walking a lap around the neighborhood in the morning or afternoon to get off our butts during the day?  Well, that happened once.  Yeah.  Some of it had to do with the weather and some of it had to do with pulled hamstrings and some had to do with being a lazy butt. So this month I want to try a different approach to hopefully kill two birds with one stone.  After breakfast, I'm going to set the microwave timer for 60 minutes and when it goes off, I have to get up to turn it off and when I reset it, I will do one exercise from my PT every hour so that HOPEFULLY by the time we go down to exercise, I will be done with my PT for the day other than just the ankle mobility/stretch I have to do.  I've tried this timer thing before and it hasn't necessarily stuck so I'm going in with low expectations but hope to surprise myself.  It'd be nice to not have to add on 20-30 minutes to the end of workouts every night and get up more during the day.

Yesterday was productive on the work front and then we went down to do a total body circuit.  I have been incorporating some of the Mr's PT into strength sessions because I figure why not get some of that in too.  It helps build up the paddling muscles and you know how they say "summer bodies are made in the winter."  I really want to work on upping my lifting this year but I need my legs to cooperate.  They're not getting worse but I just feel like I am sore in a way that isn't normal yet after I do leg days.  I'm still giving it one more week on the lower body weights.  I used 10 lbs per hand on dead lifts last night because they totally kill my legs, always have and I don't want to re-pull my hamstrings that finally don't feel torn anymore.  Then next week, I'll lift a little heavier and hope for the best.

It was Turkey Taco Tuesday...

So we got a lot of protein in to help the muscles heal.  We caught up on The Voice and I found that I apparently crush on the same man.  I found a high school picture of Gene Kelly and I gasped because he reminded me of my other crush, George from The 1975.

George's pic wasn't quite the same angle but I thought the eyes were basically exact along with the forehead and if George's head wasn't tipped upward slightly, the noses are even similar.  I know, I need a hobby.

Do you get up from your desk throughout the day or stay put?

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  1. That is a good idea to get your PT done throughout the day and get off the couch. The picture of Gene and George is rather uncanny. If you did give them the same angle and same hair it would be like looking at the same person practically.

  2. I'm on my feet much of the day, but I don't think my tiny slow steps around the classroom really count. I get 6000-8000 steps a day at work, but none of that is even remotely like exercise.

  3. I work retail so I can get in some good exercise if I have to go up and down a ladder with heavy boxes. But on my days off I become a slug. Very counter productive to the exercise front.

  4. I have been contemplating the every hour timer thing too. I was thinking something like going up and down the stairs ten times. More effective than even walking. Climbing steps.

  5. I just started using Step Bet. It's by the same people who created Diet Bet, but I like it better because you know you can actually attain your goal every day. It hooks up to your activity tracker and you have a daily goal based on your individual step history. You put up $40 and have to get your steps in 6x/week for 6 weeks and when you do, you get your $40 back plus a cut of everyone who didn't make it. Before I started, I got in 5 miles a day, and my Step Bet goals are 6.5. So it does push you to work more, but isn't that the point? It's definitely motivation when there is money on the line!!

  6. I don't know how I missed this in my inbox. Gah! Hokey smokes Gene and George look related! I love black and white pics...swoon.

    I don't get up and move nearly as much as I should. When I don't have computer work or paperwork to do, I'm good with being in constant movement. But on the days where my focus is either at the table or upstairs, then I'm terrible about it. There's never middle ground with me. lol


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