Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Weather Envy

I know people getting slammed by Stella are griping about having to shovel out of the current snowstorm but snow people like myself are quite jealous.  The only time this season we had to snowshoe was our Christmas week in Vermont and that was last year so you know, we've had NOTHING this winter season in my neck of the woods.  Many days, I find myself checking out the trails at Trapp Family Lodge where we snow shoed in Vermont.

One day in early January, I actually sat there for 20 minutes watching this little girl gleefully play by herself in the snow.  It made me so happy, I actually screenshot it...

A couple of times she flopped down and made snow angels, snow balls that she tossed in the air and then took her little spoon sled  (affiliate link) she's throwing around and attempted to sled a 12 inch "hill" by the yurt on the right.  I sat there watching her with tears in my eyes so happy at that freedom she had.  I prayed that she was enjoying that moment and would remember it when she's my age.  That's what snow is all about for me.  It represents that childhood innocence.  The excitement of a snow day off school when you bundled up in your snowsuit and played until you had the cold sweats, a runny nose and numb fingers.  A time when you'd watch the snow fall and think of the fun you'd have, not gripe about the long commute to work and the idiots who don't know how to drive in it.  A time when you looked at the weather through the eyes of a child and not as a jaded adult.  

Of course yesterday I had to check out the trails as Stella made her way in.  I gasped at the sight.

Early in and they already have a base.  You know what we have?  Nothing.  Again.  You know I'm desperately jonesing for a way to talk the Mr into driving out there Friday morning, shoeing on Saturday and then making the long drive back Sunday.  He'll never go for it especially since we're going on our getaway a few days later but still, it's nice to dream.  It's nice to think of showshoeing up to the chapel again and ringing the bell in victory.  It's nice to think of how the wind never touched us because we were sheltered by the tall trees from it as we were on the trail.  Or to laugh as we blinked off the snowflakes that stayed on our nose and eyelashes.  I miss that so much.

So if you're in the path of Stella and find yourself groaning about more snow to shovel (one of our favorite cardio activities by the way.  We literally fight over who gets to do it when it snows and yes, if we lived closer to you, we'd totally come by and do it for you), think of the people like us.  People who just want to slide on their thermals, put on their balaclavas and thick gloves and act like kids in the snow.  Get out there and be a kid again yourself...adulthood can wait an hour.

Do you have snow where you are?

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  1. What bugs me is all the people here complaining that winter is still here. You have no reason to complain people, we had more 60 degree days this winter than we've ever had. I just cannot believe we completely got passed by on this latest winter storm though, I thought for sure we'd get at least one good snowfall to play in, but, nothing!

  2. I'm squarely in your camp. I love the snow. Maybe if I lived somewhere that got more (a lot more) of it I'd get tired of it, but I get a happy little flutter at the slightest possibility of snow and am disappointed every time it doesn't happen. It's predicted to be 80 degrees here today, and that makes me sad. How is it 80 in March? That's not right.

  3. Boston ended up only getting about 7 inches of snow yesterday. I love the snow - it's when the snow turns to rain and the snow weighs a gazillion pounds that I don't care for it. And if you don't get out there and get it up, it turns to cement overnight. Not too much fun. But I do love a good snow day!!! I made a nice big pot of vegetable soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. And hot cocoa, of course.

  4. We ended up with about 5 inches on Monday. I shoveled three times to keep up with it because in the beginning it was coming down fast, but by the afternoon the sun was shining and that started to melt the streets a bit. Then we got a little more yesterday so the grassy areas are still white but the streets and driveways are all clear. I went to my mom's today and put down some salt on her walkway because it was icy and they got more lake-effect snow yesterday.


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