Monday, March 13, 2017

Wallpapering of small town USA weekend recap

This weekend was a whirlwind.  Dang man, it's over already?  But then again, you feel that way when they take an hour from you.

We did a little road trippin' and on the way back we decided to pitstop by an historic district that has recently been invaded by the hipster swarm.  On the back of some gastropub or beard wax place or skinny jean emporium, was a pretty cool chalkboard that people filled in.

Sorry to whomever wants to meet Bob Ross because the only way that's happening is if they go see the happy little trees in heaven.

The other one had some cool ones too...

My favorites were "heal the Earth", "help heal a soul in need" and "save the bees."  "Not be a scrub" was a pretty close contender as well.

We passed by a restaurant and I must say this was rather nice to see.

Not just for the sake of unity but the fact that not only did they list size but it was at the top, made me feel like there was hope for society at at least one place.

We did a little shopping at your ubiquitous boutique that you can now find in every town.

Ahh, the wallpapering of America is even in the niche stores now.  *yawn*

But leave it to an outlet store like the "As Seen on TV" shop to keep things real.

At first we thought there was some bum's rush for emoji pillows and some kids went ape chit in there.

Then we saw the stock room...

(Note rogue Thighmaster knock off in lower corner)

Sunday night I rewarded the Mr with this dinner...

Bacon wrapped filet mignon, caramelized onion twice baked potato and mixed veggies.  Hey, the man cuts my produce for a 2 week period with nary a complaint so he deserved it.

We had to take our cars in to the dealer late last night for a recall.  Apparently our undercarriages will rust out and fall off.  Sounds about like my body.  So we get to go back tonight and pick it up in rush hour traffic.  Aces.  But at least they'll be done and we won't have to worry about it.

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. That stockroom with the random thighmaster... I mean I just have no idea what that, of all things, is doing there. But that room as got to be a fire hazard or rat trap or something. What a total disaster, not to mention the fact that their "muzak" consisted of the digital equivalent to a record that is at the end and needs to be flipped but they just keep letting it repeat.

    As for the rest of the weekend, yes wow what a whirlwind. Nice road trip day though and that steak you made. Oh my I am so lucky!

  2. I'm glad you had a good weekend. It sounds like the employees have reached the end of their collective rope. Then again, a towering pile of stuffed emojis could do that to a person. I did enjoy the thigh-master among the empty boxes. I wonder how long that room has been like that? What archaeological finds might be buried under cardboard?

  3. Sounds like a fantastic weekend! Mine was pretty good. Had lunch with a friend of mom's on Saturday and that was a lot of fun. Took care of some things around the house and got the grocery shopping and laundry done yesterday. I was out shoveling at 3am this morning, then again at 6:30 (twice because by the time I finished, I had to start all over) and I have yet to sleep since 6am yesterday morning. Tried like the dickens and the mind said nope, not happening. So I'm pretty much a walking zombie and once the snow stops and I do the driveway and back deck for the 4th (and last time) then I'll be taking a much needed shower and probably snoozing at the same time. lol


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