Monday, March 20, 2017

Not My Style Weekend Recap

Happy Monday everyone!  We both FINALLY got one in the loss column on the scale just in time for a side trip.  As long as I'm back to pre-holiday weight.  I figured since we're going to have an off schedule later this week maybe I'd cook at home for Saturday's high cal day.  The Mr was craving a grilled ham and cheese so I said I'd make that if we could split some small sides from a BBQ place that does sides well but not so much on the meats.  They came through for us so I didn't have to cook everything.  

After that we made a Sur La Table run since I had some channel related items I needed to pick up.  (You realize how crappy your own pans look on camera.)  So I got a few 9x13 pans and a couple of sweet whisks.  Yes, sad that whisks and pans make me so happy but there you have it.  Sur La Table is my spirit store.  We went to this mall where they had 4 plus size clothes stores all in a row and I swear man, there is nothing worse when you're trying to revamp your style only to not find a single thing that appeals to you.  Torrid was of course too young looking and the stuff that looked like an everyday woman would wear it was in hideous colors.  Dress Barn was not my jam.  Lane Bryant is ridiculous price wise and honestly, nothing floated my boat there either.  I went to some store called Maurice's and there were a few cute things but then upon trying them on it was like "ugh."  Since when must all of our tops be see through and end the effing jegging trend already!  I'm sorry but fat women do not look good in them, period.  When your husband sees you in a pair and is like "um, no" then you know it's not a good look for you because that man signed a piece of paper saying he had to tap that for better or for worse.

We swung by another store and got him all new shorts because his vacation go to's were pushing the decade mark.  He got some cute stuff and I'm so glad he trusts I'm not trying to turn him into Phil Mickelson when I suggest some plaid shorts.  The two I've suggested he sneers at but then likes once he tries them on.  So he's pretty set on those and we might get a pair of lighter dress pants for nicer meals out.  We have that to look forward to but need to hop to it.

Sunday was sleeping in and stuff and then brunch of course.

Since we had some leftover Honeybaked ham from the day before, I made a kick ass ham and swiss omelet that had him making caveman noises, a serving of garlic potatoes, brioche toast and a clementine for me and kiwi for him.  I also made a pot of chili to heat up for dinner later because I knew given the past few Sundays that before we know it, the day is gone.

Yesterday was no different.  We went down at 5pm, gabbed until 5:30pm and then did a strength/PT circuit for an hour.  We had our chili and then went to the grocery for produce refuel for the week.

That will bring us back to do.  Do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do!

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. I find that it's really hard to change one's look. I really want to dress differently in certain situations but every time I look at clothes they are either not quite what I had in mind or if they are exactly what I had in mind they won't fit! It's so frustrating. I feel like I need that old show where they took a person who dresses badly and give them a wardrobe makeover just so I can find clothes that work for me.

  2. I get so frustrated with clothing shopping too. I don't understand why 95% of the shirts are see through. I just don't think I should have to wear a camisole or tank under every shirt I own. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who feels that way!! Have a great week!

  3. Ughness...clothes shopping. I've never enjoyed it no matter what weight I was at. I'm not a trendy girl, so the styles rarely appealed to me, but good luck trying to find something that's halfway classic that doesn't look like a box. Pfft.

    Weekend was busy. Got a lot done in the burbs and not so much done at home - ha! Although the laundry is completely done, so score one for the Gipper. I did spend an hour vacuuming the heck out of my car on the driveway yesterday because of this weird mildew smell it's had. I put baking soda down for a week then vacuumed it all up and wiped everything down. It was 55 and sunny so it worked out well. My back was screaming at me from the day before, but I wasn't stopping mid-suck (stabs eyes with mental image that popped into head...ROFL).

  4. I used to go to Fashion Bug all the time here, and then of course they closed. So I moved to Lane Bryant, but lately their stuff is trying to appeal to a younger crowd. Not me. So my usual fall back is CJ Banks. But, I am working to get to the point I can shop at other stores and not just the plus sizes. Way more options for the size 8-14 woman.

  5. I'm with you on the clothes! No matter how hard I try to break out of the everything black habit, I can't find anything that looks good or even makes me feel good. I have recently found some nice tops at Marshall's though! I used to love Fashion Bug too because they always had "normal" tee shirts, shorts, pants, etc. Lane Bryant was good before they went all chic fashion model on me - those clothes don't suit the "average" larger woman. It would be so nice not to worry about what I'm wearing every day. Have a great trip!!!

  6. I wish there was a place that I could get all my clothing, or at least tops and bottoms. Cherry picking from different stores is the only way I find everything.
    There really is no substituting anything for a Honey Baked ham! Can't wait to find out about your trip!


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