Friday, March 24, 2017

What I'm Reading This Week #12

It's Friday and that's worth celebrating with some links to help you dork off at work! 

So let's get right to...

9 Things to Cut Out of Your Life to Be Healthy  (This has nothing to do with gluten, sugar or dairy)

What's the Least Amount of Exercise You Can Do and Still Be Healthy?  (No excuses!)

How to Securely Dispose of an SSD  (It's not as easy as the old hard drives)

Six Stretches to Help Your Stiff Back Feel and Move Better  (I will do anything because my back constantly feels like crapola!)

10 Lifestyle Changes That Will Always Pay Off  (A few I still need to master)

6 Delicious Ways to Make Sweet Potato Oatmeal  (Yum!)

Here's How to Network Like an Extrovert if You're Shy  (I totally clam up)

Potatoes Are Not the Enemy; Here Are 9 Healthy Ways to Eat Them  (You could not pay me enough to cut potatoes from my diet)

7 Reasons to Do Moderate-Intensity Exercise More Often   (Point taken)

12 Dangerous Chemicals to Avoid in Everyday Products  (Well, this is kind of scary)

6 Surprising Drawbacks of Being Too Nice  (This soooo used to be the Mr!  He's still nice but no longer allows people to emotionally manipulate him.)

Two Monkeys Were Paid Unequally  (I feel ya dude, cucumbers suck!)

This Hilarious Woman Just Gave the Most Honest (NSFW) Exercise Review  (OMG, crying laughing!)

We're road tripping this weekend so I'm glad we'll be in some different scenery.

Whatchu guys got planned this weekend?

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  1. TGIF!!! Have a great weekend everyone!

  2. OMG I can't stop laughing watching the exercise review!! Have a great weekend and thanks for all the good reads!!


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