Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Our Trip to Hollywood North

When I saw we were going to Toronto, The Mr immediately said "FINALLY we get to see where Forever Knight was filmed!"  I had totally forgotten about that.

For those of you who are drawing a blank on it, it was based off of this Rick Springfield TV movie called Nick Knight in 1989.  (affiliate link)  I was glad to see Rick because he was my first concert and I loved the premise of a vampire cop trying to become human again.  In 1992, they made it into a late night series called Forever Knight  (affiliate link) and it ran basically the entire time the Mr and I dated.  On Sundays, they would play it late at night and I would talk him into staying until it was over at like 1am on a school night.  So seeing these places were very sentimental to us.

The top picture is "Nick's Loft" 

The lower left is Natalie's Medical Examiner office and the lower right is the outside of the police station in seasons 2 and 3.

Then of course when I found out Police Academy  (affiliate link) was filmed there, our first stop had to be the upper left...The Blue Oyster Bar.  (Cue the theme...you know it)  Upper right was Commandant Lassard's office on Humber College's campus.

F Building was a cadet's quarters (lower left) and Cumberland House was where the Commandant and his wife lived.

Finally, one of our favorite Christmas movies was filmed about 15 miles outside the city in Oakville...The Santa Clause.   (affiliate link) Upper left is Carol and Neil's house which is now navy instead of gray. Can't you just see the reindeer up there?  Upper right is the establishing shot of the town.

Lower left is one of the businesses still left from the establishing shot but sadly they changed the sign which was a big beautiful 1960's type font but the archways are still the same.  Then the lower right was Scott's condo where Santa fell off the roof and he unknowingly assumed responsibility for the role.

So you can see given we were there to see a show featuring an iconic performer, I felt the itch to keep the theme alive during the whole trip.

You know how I was very worried about finding my balance where food was concerned on this trip? Well I am happy to report we didn't gain a pound from the days that were not designated high cal days.  I pre-made all of our meals for Wednesday night through Friday night knowing we had a "free" meal and dessert on show night, Thursday.  Thankfully the mini bar just fit everything I brought including a half gallon of Fairlife Skim and I still had a few cans of their crap I could've moved to the drawer if I had to...

We did a great job on that front including working out.  We did Jessica Smith's fusion band workout in the hotel Thursday morning and then our PT.  We did get in 2-3 miles walking as well at The Bluffs.

Our treat was before dinner at Bang Bang Ice Cream.  Half an ice cream sandwich.  It was really hard not to order a whole one but a half is what "normal" people order and they're fine.

Oh yeah, one thing we made sure to do when we got there was take the "mini bar" tray and stick it straight in the closet.

Outta sight, outta mind!

Thursday night we went to a steakhouse and luckily there was nutritional info but I already had my dinner planned out anyway.  What I didn't plan on was the mocha ice cream pie slice they brought us out for the occasion we were celebrating.

We thought it'd be easy to just take a bite or two and kind of mash it down to feign an attempt because we both hate coffee.  Well this was actually the most awesome thing we'd stuck in our pie holes in a while...okay, since the last ice cream we stuck in there but I digress.  We could NOT stop eating it and both felt pretty crappy about ourselves afterward and thought we were going to pay for it big time.  Thankfully we walked enough to seemingly offset everything because those days warranted us no gain on the scale.  Now Saturday, our designated high cal day was another story but even that day was a pound better than we usually do and that was with not a lot of water and driving a whole day which always bloats me like crazy.  So we are very happy that our impromptu side trip didn't cost us on the weight front.

Have you ever been to Toronto?  Do you look up movie locations when you go on vacation?

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  1. I am glad we went on a whim and it's true that I am now a fan of Gene Kelly as well. He was the original Parkour master as far as I'm concerned. I also loved seeing all the filming locations and am extremely proud of how we handled the food overall. You especially did an amazing job on that front by getting all the good stuff to eat ready ahead of time. Thanks for that!

    1. Yes he was. I am proud of us too. It's good to know the planning and prepping was worth it!

  2. Good for you taking most of your food with you. It's nice that so many hotels now have mini-fridges and microwaves.

    I remember the show Forever Knight. It was a really great show, and I hated how they ended it.

    I haven't been to Toronto. I'd kind of like to go see movie locations when I travel, but I haven't really been anywhere that movies have filmed. At least not when I've had time to myself to go see - most of my traveling (what there is of it) is either with my folks and son or as part of a class for credit - either way my days are pretty much planned out for me.

    1. OMG, I can't believe someone else out there knows Forever Knight. Most people look at me like I have three heads! I hated how they ended it too. :-|

      Next time you travel, do a search for the city and filming locations. You might be surprised what pops up. We've been to some small towns that just happened to have things filmed there.

  3. Congratulations on the zero gain!!! That is AWESOME and makes all your efforts to pre-cook/pre-plan your meals oh-so-worth-it! Love the pics, too. You had to be in your glory with the film locations. And I absolutely can picture the reindeer on that roof! lol What a gorgeous house that is.

    1. Yes it does! I am so glad I do all the work ahead of time and you know I was in mah glory since I'm a true movie nerd! Funny thing is, that house is now basically a shack in that neighborhood. If you ever drive through it...WOW, it's gorgeous!

  4. I live in Toronto but I'm sad to say there are some sights here I haven't seen. Lots of movies get filmed around Kensington Market and Queen's Park if you make it up this way again :) They filmed Black Christmas down the street from my childhood home. The cake looks amazing - I wouldn't have been able to resist either - which steakhouse were you visiting?

    1. Duly noted for any possible future trips. This was what we both considered our first "real" trip to Canada since we've both only been to the Niagara area. We went to The Keg Mansion. Was so glad to be able to find stuff that fit into our calorie bank!

  5. I wasn't aware that anyone ever only ate half an ice cream sandwich! Apparently I'm not normal. Good job for sticking to what you had planned.

    1. I wasn't either but we thought it was a good compromise to still get to taste something Yelp recommended without going nuts. Plus the three skinny girls ordering all got those and I thought "you wanna know how they stay skinny? Right there." I might also be cheap because $8 for a full ice cream sandwich just ain't happenin' from my wallet! ;-)


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