Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A Ha Moment

Last Thursday, I found that The Rock has a YouTube channel.  The Mr has always wondered what kind of workouts he does, so I subscribed to it since he posts them from time to time.

We watched that video and were inspired at his intensity.  We watched another one from a different channel (NSFW-language) and while he goofs around a bit in them, his determination is jaw dropping.  Obviously you don't get to look like Dwayne Johnson without extreme commitment.  But one thing he kept doing in the second video was when he would get distracted goofing around or whatever, he'd give an angry look and yell "focus!" and go back to business.  They're all strung together so it can get a little annoying after a while but it shed a lot of light on what we think our problem may be.

The next day, we did old school Power 90.  We've done this workout probably 100 times and sometimes it kicks our butt, sometimes it doesn't.  We tended to lean strongly toward the latter over the past year or two and would throw it in when we needed a change of pace.  So we got started, muted the TV so our ears didn't bleed from the tomcheesery about to ooze from Tony and hit our current favorite playlist.  As we progressed, our intensity got higher and higher.  My kicks were higher than they've been in a long time (though some of that is due to injury), my punches were more intense and a couple of times I felt like I couldn't catch my breath.  Neither of us could.  We were drenched in sweat, breathless and truly felt those post workout endorphins they tout.  The Mr was like "holy crap, I feel like SO effin' good and healthy and motivated right now!"  He looked like he was about to rip an old school phone book in half or something.  He talked about how watching The Rock's intensity really inspired him to put forth effort into that workout and it made all the difference.  I felt the same.

When you do workouts regularly, it becomes habit...just like you always wanted it to.  The problem is it can easily just be another task to check off the list and while it's nice you get it done, you're not doing yourself any favors just going through the motions.  You have to have intensity to back it up and push yourself to that next level.  Even workouts you've been doing for almost 20 years (hi Tae Bo!) can be just as heart pumping if you put your all into it.  You don't need to break your body or anything crazy but I might as well skip the friggin' workout if I'm not going to bother putting in my full effort.  Checking something off the list with a half ass effort keeps you stuck.  I'm not saying this is our magic bullet or anything but we both did lose 2 and 3 pounds last week when upping our commitment.  Intensity has been sorely missing from our workouts and we're taking it back.  We have to.  We have to stop half assing it and go full ass!

Are you half assing your workouts?

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  1. I'm totally half assing my workouts in the pool. Ever since I had that time off from it I've really struggled to get back to the 2 hours a day. I manage about 70 minutes and then I tap out. Not happy with myself on that front, but am finding it really hard to push through for some reason.


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