Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Hump Day Poll: Kids Today Will Never Get To...

This week's random question...what simple joy or mischievous thing did you do as a kid that kids today can't do?

Prank calls.  I'm pretty sure my friend and I (the one getting married in a few months) spent most of our middle school years pranking friends, boys we liked and businesses.   We used voices, made up ridiculous scenarios to see how long it would take them to catch on and were general nuisances.   Of course, caller ID ruined that for the most part.  I suppose I could do it to certain people now since we've got an ID block but businesses wouldn't work because they can still see your number.  Womp womp.

What simple joy or mischievous thing did you do as a kid that kids today can't do?

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  1. Surprise visits from friends. When I was a kid and my friends and I wanted to get together we'd just swing by each others' houses. If they weren't home you were bummed but if they were then you'd all figure out what to do together and it was a nice surprise.

    Now it's too easy to text each other first and the only surprise element is whether or not they answer your text. Womp womp.

  2. On subject of phones:
    My grandparents had a party line on their farm, so before making a call, had to listen and see if anyone else was already using the line.

    My great aunt still had a crank phone (on wall, like in a movie) when I was very little. I had to stand on a box or be held up to use it.

    Also - maps! When I finally persuaded my husband to let them go, SO MANY went in recycling. I still find one every once in a while stuck in a drawer or cupboard.

  3. Prank calling and stalking crushes' houses/neighborhoods to "catch a glimpse" were the two major things I remember doing.

    I agree with the Mr. on how getting together with friends was so different when we were young because their was a spontaneity to it. Now it seems people get their feathers ruffled if you call to go grab lunch without pre-planning the hell out of everything. I miss the days of not having to go by a schedule constantly and not feeling like a spontaneous get-together is somehow disrupting my day. I admire the older generation in that regard because they still seem to "get it" where they can call each other and gab or meet up for a meal without time restrictions.

  4. Prank calls definitely. Also many nights spent calling in to the radio station to request songs and then recording them on tape.

  5. Run around unsupervised until the streetlights came on.

  6. To be able to wander around the woods or go swimming by myself. I also used to be able to hop on my bike and go for a ride around the community to see if I could find any other kids to play with. As long as I was home for supper, my parents didn't worry about who I was with or what I was getting up to.


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