Monday, February 3, 2020

Minimalism Overload Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, all!  It was a busy, painful weekend.  I had a migraine both days one of which contained a sweet ass case of vertigo.  Jealous?  

Thursday night we enjoyed our last chill session on the couches.  Friday I vacuumed them and we put plastic drop cloths over them and secured them.  Our plan to try to get the couches out to the garage failed.  The legs were going to need to come off and I wasn't going to try to fit it down onto a cart and said: "they're getting free Pottery Barn couches, they can get them out the door."  

One last look...

Saturday her hubby came with his friend and moved them out which left us with a minimalist's wet dream.

We got out of the house a little bit and then headed back to watch Dexter on our new picnic style floor.

That lasted about 90 minutes before my legs felt like they were going to do bad, bad things to me.  I had vertigo and laying on the floor with my eyes closed made it worse.  I sat at the kitchen table for the rest of the night. 

The next morning we did a killer workout of Insanity 30 Cardio Challenge and 15 minutes Shift Shop Strength.  I got an excellent calorie burn then we had lunch.  We were supposed to go hang some stuff at my mom's place next weekend but this week is shaping up to be quite busy so we checked to see if she could do it that day.  3 1/2 hours later we had everything hung up, a good visit with her and I had a flaming migraine from the earlier strength session and some air freshener that made us both sick.  Just too strong.  There was no way I could cook after that so I broke our rule and we went out for Longhorn since we had a gift card.  I had salmon, plain tater and steamed broccoli.  It felt like it was starting to work but then reared back up again at home.  (Now.) 

The Mr popped in Groundhog Day because tradition. 

Today our new couches get delivered...sometime.  Aw crap...did I get to World Market to get my napkins for arm covers this weekend like I was going to?  Nope. 


How was your weekend?

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  1. Happy new couch day!!
    Quiet weekend for us. Stopped by my friends house, Panera for dinner. Sam's club and pizza and games Sunday. Did get 2 boxes decluttered for charity. Have a great week!

  2. Quiet weekend here too. Was supposed to go to a Super Bowl Party last night....however the jerk who came into work last week hacking, snorting, & nose blowing must have shared some of his 'fun'. I spent yesterday drinking hot beverages, napping, and finally going to bed at 8:30 (I'm such a baby).

    1. Ooh - & can't wait to see your new couches in place!!

  3. I know I'm basically a couch potato and this was a chance to see what it would be like if we didn't have couches to sit on. Well I guess I failed because it was kind of miserable and it was only a weekend. I like to relax at the end of a busy day and this threw me off big time. Glad we are getting the new ones today!

  4. I hope you enjoy your new couches and they are more comfortable. I love my couch. It's kind of torn up and "well-loved" so it doesn't look very nice anymore but it's the most comfortable couch I've ever had so I'll keep it until it isn't.

    A weekend long headached sucks. I'm really sorry you had to deal with that on top of a busy weekend.

  5. I'm sorry you had such a nasty headache, and for the entire weekend too. Hopefully you're feeling better now and it'll be gone completely when your new couches arrive today. I hope you love 'em!

    Good weekend here with good weather and sunshine finally. Had a great meeting, went and had lunch with my uncle, and got laundry done on Saturday. Sunday was grocery shopping, cutting up fruit, taking a nap, watching the puppy bowl and the super bowl. I loved the commercial with Bill Murray and the groundhog replaying the movie! That was awesome!!! So funny.


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