Thursday, February 27, 2020

We're The Renegades of Creep

Sorry, I had Renegades of Funk in my head and am writing about our latest scope creep so the two collided.  (Mr...Renegades would be a good battle ropes workout song, yes?)

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Ahh, I remember when I started the month with nails.  Now?

(They're worse now)

I did it.  I added another friggin' item to the punch list for the kitchen.  I must have the window sill in the kitchen replaced and framed.  It's a moral imperative.  We're spending all of this money and it would be the one thing to haunt me if I didn't have it taken care of.  It'd be like putting on a full face of makeup sans lipstick.  The more I look at the shitty job those jerks at the window place did, the more I want to call them back to have them take care of it.  This was after cutting back our tree out front and seeing all of the debris leftover from them taking out the windows.  The indoor guy did a good(ish) job but the outside guy was atrocious.  I remember he left ALL of his debris on our new patio and I was ticked.  If the owner came out to do the final inspection like he told us he was going to do, I don't know how that would've passed for the "superior quality they pride themselves on."   I have faith our kitchen dude will come through and give us something we can be proud of instead of us hoping people don't look at the window.  I'm getting a nice, new valance from some Etsy chick in Serbia and it will look pitiful around the current window sitch.

(Sorry for the crappy backlit pic)

Edit:  Here's a closer look.

I seriously think that's the last thing we can add to the project unless I add a pot filler.  You know what that is, right?


I have been drooling over this thing for like 15 years and the Mr has been urging me to get it if I want it especially since we'll have the room for it with the stove controls on the front.  While I would love to take him up on it, I literally stand in the same spot, turn to the right and there's my kitchen sink.  I could understand if I had to turn around and walk a few steps or across the kitchen, but I don't.  It would be there for the sake of being there and you could tell it was superfluous.  Sigh.  It's purty though, ain't it?  I'll just have to continue to drool from afar as practicality has to win this one.  (That will be laughable when y'all see the ceiling but I'm picking my battles.)

I emailed the contact at the kitchen place Tuesday and told her I hoped my name popping up in her inbox didn't make her cringe yet.  She said no but I'm still sending them Mrs. Fields cookies when this is done just in case.  Then that night we watched Twister in honor of the 3rd year of Bill Paxton's passing after the Mr finished his upgrade which went surprisingly well for once. 

I've got to get the priming done where the crown molding was so if they call and say "oh, we're coming out to smooth the ceiling and install the new lights in two days" we're somewhat ready.  We definitely have to clean this weekend because the new stove and microwave are coming next week.  WOOOT!!

Would you get a pot filler if it were free?  Do you have a pot filler so I can secretly curse you?

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  1. It will be nice to see something better on that window sill, scope creep be damned! If the pot filler were free I'd be telling them to do it right away. Unfortunately, due to running a new water line and everything it would likely be in the $300-400 range. Nice but not necessary I suppose.

  2. I was going to send a check-in email to you, but I see that you are still buried with all kinds of fun work! lol Sounds like things are going really well though and you have a good plan of attack and are getting things done every day. That is awesome!!

  3. After we had trouble with water explosion out of ice maker (if we had been out of town, whole house would have been full Of water), I had ice maker removed. So no, would not want pot filler at all (unless I ran a restaurant or catering business and really needed it). And I cook every day. Like you, sink near stove, not needed.

  4. I would love to have a pot filler over my stove. I make such a mess filling them under the sink and then transferring. To limit my messes I will often use the leftover water in my electric tea kettle to fill small pots of water. And I agree, they are very pretty :)

  5. Two things. 1) Yes, Renegades of Funk would be a great battle ropes workout song. 2) I thought you were a little full of drama about your window sill but then I literally gasped out loud and said "Oh my!" when I saw it. I probably would never notice in real life if you didn't point it out, but seeing it close up in a picture does really help explain the situation you guys have going on.

    1. Oh if you thought that was close up, I've edited the post to show actual close ups. I promise, on this situation I have not over dramatized. ;-) I can't wait to get it all covered up!


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