Thursday, February 20, 2020

Scope Creep: Kitchen Edition

Y'all, we've done lost our minds.


Do you remember when we discussed scope creep a mere five months ago with the basement project?  If you'd told me exactly five months later we'd be in the throes of a major reno with scope creep part two swallowing our lives, we'd have both laughed in your face and waved our middle fingers like dudes directing a plane into the gate.


Our microwave has let us know in no uncertain terms we're on what's called borrowed time.  I can't remember the name of the part that's going bad but in the beginning, we said it would be cheaper to replace the microwave than the part.  We couldn't replace it with any ol' microwave though because we had to consider that it would need to be the same brand for all of the appliances when they needed to be replaced.  That meant I had to research my double oven range.  I'm never going back to one oven...ever.  That thing has been a Godsend even if I only use the bottom oven 20% of the time.  When it's holiday time or I need to brunch up and have a warming station, it's right there with open racks just waiting.  We're getting a backsplash in the kitchen...something we've never had and honestly, never thought we wanted.  We knew we'd have to replace the stove eventually and thought it would be a shame to cover up the new backsplash with the controls on the back of the stove like we currently have.  But those things are like an additional $1500, which I do not understand so it put it out of our price range.  The more we both researched ovens, the more a few with front controls taunted us.  Especially the GE Cafe line.  OMG, they are so. beautiful.  I showed the Mr and he liked them but we both choked on the price and moved on.

The more research I did, the more frustrated I got and was just going to give up.  Then the Mr's all "just get the Cafe.  They're showstoppers and we need to let that backsplash shine and that's not going to happen with a stove with controls."  I was going back and forth, especially once I added them all to cart with extended warranties, delivery and haul away charges.  But look at them...


That's how they'd be delivered.  I'm doing subtle brushed gold accents here and there in the kitchen (small enough that I can switch them out when I'm bored with them) so we're upgrading the knobs and handles.  This is my photoshopped version of what the above pic will look like when I'm done with them.


That makes me squishy when I look at it.  We'll keep the original knobs and handles so we can go back to stainless steel if we want to switch up the look in a few years.

I always look at the one-star reviews on anything for common issues.  I saw too many red flags on the fridge and was going to nix them altogether.  ("I was going to nix them."  Sorry, Airplane! is too embedded in me to not do that.)   But I did find another GE fridge that gets excellent reviews, doesn't appear to have the issues the Cafe version has and should match pretty well.  We were going to wait until the cabinets are done but as I was looking at them, the cabinet frame tapers down and basically touches the side of the microwave.  I trust the contractors more to be careful around our new appliances than I do of some rando jamming the microwave in and raking our newly veneered cabinet frame.  So we're getting the stove and microwave in 2 weeks and we'll get the fridge after the kitchen is done because the Mr doesn't want it accidentally dinged like our current one was.  It's like it wasn't enough to take it back but is something you always see and sneer at.

We knew we were probably a year away from needing to replace the appliances but the microwave is going to die anytime, the fridge icemaker is knocking and we have an extra one that we could use and hope that fixes the noise and there's nothing too wrong with the stove.  (I won't mention someone scrubbed off the numbers on two dials about four years ago and it still irks me when I use them because it made it look like a hoopty stove.)


I have some sealing work I need to get done that is going to be a pain in my patootie (and probably my neck and shoulders) but it needs done sooner than later.

So with the addition of the appliances, consider us out of the "funny money" we were using and now having to budget a little more closely for anything else that we need.  I got a $70 check back from Rakuten so that should pay for a knob on the stove.  😑

What's the last thing you went overboard on?

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  1. Does that stove just set in OR does it slide in (lip to cover the cracks on both sides)? Because that is a very nice feature.

    1. Slide in. I've got these silicone inserts I use now to keep stuff from going between the cracks that work perfectly.

  2. Very pretty appliances! That's going to look so nice in the new kitchen!!

    We're in need of both refrigerators being replaced (one the freezer doesn't work) as well as our dryer, but we just keep putting it off until they will eventually stop working. LOL We went with a fancier fridge in the kitchen and while it's okay, I won't get that same style again. I have been looking for a simple one to replace the one in the garage and I want that one to be more apartment size since we really only use it for beverages and overflow stuff at holidays, but right now that is our only working freezer, so it's making the need for the kitchen one first, which I don't like. So for now, we wait. LOL

  3. Try Habitat for Humanity ReStore if you have one near you. I think they haul away old appliances for free.

  4. This is a scope creep I like!

  5. I couldn't say no. I wanted you to have your dream kitchen all along and this fits the bill. I do think it is all going to look great. Cannot wait to share the after pics with everyone here!


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