Friday, February 14, 2020

What I'm Reading This Week #7

Happy Valentines Day!


It's been a long, crazy week and if you read yesterday, you know we have a long, crazy weekEND ahead of us.  No rest for the wicked.  I painted the ceiling already but that effing crown molding is being an a-hole.  If we don't get that off, it's going to be super crappy for me.  Plus more potential decisions to be made too.  Oy!

Let's just jump right into...

When You Burn Fat, Where Does it Actually Go?  (Hopefully to hell!)

12 DIY Projects That Don’t Require Power Tools  (Winter is the perfect time for DIY's)

Be My Valentine  (Love these covers)

How to Have the Most Productive Week of Your Life  (Must do this!)

40 Home Mysteries Explained   (Great tips!)

32 Kitchen Trends for 2020 That We Predict Will Be Everywhere  (I know we're using a few but I could give two poo's about "trends.")

How To Decorate The Top Of An Armoire  (Good suggestions.  I draw a blank so I do nothing.)

Why People Get the ‘Sunday Scaries’  (It's real and it can be paralyzing.)

Starting Your Day on the Internet Is Damaging Your Brain  (Except with me!  These links enrich your brain...I hope.  But totally get it if you want to unwind with me after work.  I'll still be here.)

The Story of Huey Lewis Is Not a Tragedy  (Nugget.)

Still Fighting Like Cats and . . . Mice: Tom & Jerry Turn 80  (My all-time favorite cartoon.  Original and unedited, obviously.)

No clue what we're doing when but I know frustration and a lot of cursing will be involved.  Yay.

Whatchu doing this weekend?  Doing anything with your sweetie?

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  1. Happy Valentine's Day! Everyone have a great weekend (and wish us luck!).

  2. Crossing all things I have two of that the weekend goes better than anticipated and that crown molding decides to behave and come off! Keep the tunes on to keep in the right head space (and play it loudly to cover up swearing you get to do at the top of your lungs). I have no clue what the weekend will be like because we won't know until this afternoon if the hubs has to work tomorrow or not. We're planning on him having to work, so if that's the case, it'll change some things up for me, so I'm ready either way. Today is the second coldest Valentine's Day on record here, so your eyelashes freeze the instant you go out the door, so that's fun. LOL


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