Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Weighty solution, small progress and grocery store fail

Good Tuesday everyone!  I hope your Monday was a good start to the week and not more like "not another week of this."  I sent this to the Mr at work and told him he needed to print it out and put it on his desk since he's the "go-to" man in his department.


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I'm trying a new experiment of not scrolling my phone before bed as my way to "unwind" or keep the hamster wheel at bay.  Even though I have it on a no blue light setting and the darkest screen setting possible, I always read that screens are the worst thing you can do.  I can't say it let me sleep any longer Sunday into Monday but I'm going to try to make this a habit.  I can just feel that my body doesn't have enough time to recover because I don't get true "deep" sleep.  Meds are not an option but I keep hearing good things about weighted blankets.   Does anyone have one that they swear helps them stay asleep?

I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to do much of anything since my legs are giving me issues again and I pulled my back Sunday.  There was this big ass planter on the back patio that I wanted to be moved to the front and I had to lift it three times and then leaning over the couch to remove the crown molding in a weird position had it cursing me.  I grabbed breakfast (at noon) and then touched my toes a bit to try to loosen my lower back enough to start the sanding and spackling I had ahead of me.  Our step stool is the Mr's toolbox so it can be heavy to move.  My mom got it for him as a wedding gift when we got married with a few essential tools.  It's actually a pretty awesome gift for someone moving out on their own or getting married.  We use it as a step stool a good amount of the time and it's nice to have all of the tools in one spot.  You can even wind one of those big ol' outdoor extension cords around it that you can never find when you need it.

Side note:  I'm pretty sure UPS, FedEx and Amazon Prime think we are drop shippers.  The amount of cardboard that has come through this house the past four weeks has been IN-SANE.  I say that because I think I just heard them drop something off on the porch.

Okay, apparently no one was there.  It was like a phantom cell phone ring on your hip.

Where was I?  Spackling/toolbox.  It hurt the first few times I moved the toolbox as I made my way along the hallway but then I think my back was like "fine, she's doing this regardless.  We'll get her later."  I got what I could without moving furniture on my own and sanded when it was set up.  Then there was the spot over the mantel where I saw that I will need to keep an eye on the ceiling or never burn a candle there again.

We did our workout (LIIFT 4- 15 min HIIT and Back and Bi's) then had homemade Chinese for dinner with cauliflower rice.  For some reason, the grocery store has stopped carrying the frozen cauli-rice over the past month.  I've been getting out the ol food processor and chopping our own.  It saves us a ton of sodium.  WHY does there need to be 100mg of sodium per serving of cauliflower rice when it doesn't add any flavor?  We use two bags which is 400mg of sodium for no reason.  It's a bit of a pain in the butt but not too bad.  We watched the delightfully unPC comedy stylings of Christina P's "Mother Inferior" and settled in for the night.

Anyone use a weighted blanket?  Got any tricks to stay asleep?

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  1. That standup special was very funny and I have to say a bit refreshing to hear someone just not care about being politically correct. We all need to loosen up a bit and laugh at ourselves more and I think we would all be in a better place.

    Let the weighted blanket comments come right in, cause I'm curious too.

  2. I always sleep better in the winter partly because it's not swamp @$$ hot but also because my winter blankets are heavier and I feel more snuggly. I'm thinking of getting a fairly light weighted blanket for this summer but haven't tried it yet because I'm concerned that it could be super hot.

  3. I haven't bought an actual weighted blanket, but because my feet are usually cold before bed I started using two down-filled throw blankets together and that gives a nice weight that relaxes my body rather quickly. I also use a heating pad every single night for my back and keep it on the low setting as it has an automatic 2-hour shut off. When my mind won't stop or my anxiety is high, I'll use my A-Stim machine and I fall asleep fast (I also use that during the day with anxiety attacks and that helps a lot too).

  4. I have a weighted blanket but I'm still on the fence about it. I got it for Christmas. It is the heaviest weight possible I think - that's what I told the Hubby to get as I'm higher weight that they list and they say you go by your weight. The few times I have used it to cover my entire body, I've woken up with a really sore back - not sure if its the blanket causing it or not (possible it prevents me from rolling over?). I have used it a half dozen times on just my legs and loved it for that. Woke up with my feet and calves feeling much better than usual. I will keep you posted if I find it's not the cause of the back ache.


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