Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Hump Day Poll: Pearly Whites

This week's random question from the you smile for pictures?

I would say 95% of the time unless I'm in a pic/situation with people I don't like.  LOL  Plus I have an excellent smile.  I have perfectly straight teeth and never had braces.  I remember when I met Lorenzo Lamas (remember him from Grease and Falcon Crest?) he looked up at me and did a double-take and said: "wow, you have the most beautiful smile!"  Try to chisel the smile off of my face that day!  LOL

You might say "of course people smile for pictures" but my grandma didn't.  For some reason, she did not like her smile and would give this pressed lip grin in pictures.  (She had a bridge which you couldn't see.)  Any time you could get her to smile in a pic, you took it.  When we'd do "silly" pictures, her idea of silly was to smile and show her teeth.  Goofball.  So I was quite pleased with a picture we got of her, two of her daughters and me in a pic after a birthday dinner where she's got a big smile on her face.  I use that pic for the flag on her grave and everyone always comments how much it comforts them to see her smiling face.

If you're not a smiler, throw a bone in a few pics, please.  When you're gone, people will cherish it all the more.

Do you smile for pictures?

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  1. I always smile for pics even if I don't have perfect teeth like you. I am actually quite jealous of your teeth. You never get cavities either. Cherish the fact that you don't have any fillings. Not that they hurt (once they're in) but they sure don't look good.

  2. I'm a smiler in all pics. My teeth are okay, ever since I started flossing about 6 years ago. I can actually tell who flosses or doesn't lol! Props to you no fillings!

  3. I look kind of like this this guy in all my pictures. I seriously can't think of one picture that I look good in, most of them look like a mug shot. I try to smile, but I can't pull of the "natural smile" thing, and it always looks like a fake, strained smile.

  4. I'm half and half. Sometimes I smile with my mouth closed and other times my teeth show. I absolutely abhor having my picture taken and I think I've had two pictures that I actually like of me in my entire life. Goes back to some permanent damage done to my eye that always shows up in pictures, so it's an ugly reminder for me. I agree with Another Layer -- mine never look natural or easy-going either.

  5. I rarely like how I look in pics, smiling or not, so I tend to make whatever face suits my mood and accept it's going to be goofy. My brother spent most of his life not smiling in pics. Now that his wife and son have got him smiling more, he wonders why he went through such a long no-smiling phase since he looked goofy in EVERY ONE of those pics.


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