Thursday, February 13, 2020

"It All Started With a Lamp"

We went Tuesday afternoon to put down our deposit on the kitchen project.  We picked out our cabinets and asked about some options that we were thinking of adding to it.  I have to say, I think we found the perfect place to work with.  The owner is a super good guy and you know how you just pick up someone's vibe and feel totally at ease with them?   He's that dude.  He showed us some examples of things we had questions about and we swapped stories about going to Yellowstone.  He surprised us by saying they could fit us in next week to start the ceiling in the kitchen.  Just the night before I told the Mr I had the feeling they were going to fit parts of it in early.

Manifestation, yo.

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Then we had to go over to the reclaimed lumberyard to pick out the materials we wanted so they could pick it up when they were ready.  When we got home, there was an email that they could start the ceiling Monday.


That's okay, we just need to pop off the crown molding, sand the paint lines, paint the top of the wall under the crown the same color as the walls.  Oh, then the wood we picked had some larger nail holes meaning if we put it over the ceiling as is, you'd be able to see white of the old ceiling through them so Monkey Madness brown it is.  Did I mention we have until Monday to do all of this??  No Valentine's weekend for us.  I'm going to curl into the fetal position and look at pretty things.

In an effort to get a jump on things, I cleaned the kitchen and took before pics.  I cleaned the top of the fridge.  Apparently, you're supposed to do that every now and then?  Whoops! 

Because the crown molding isn't attached with caulk on top or bottom, I thought it would be a simple removal. 

I used a thick piece of cardboard under the WonderBar to not damage the wall.

I damaged the wall.

That took like 90 minutes on and off.  I then read the best way to remove crown molding so I could work on the other side today and hopefully not repeat that.  It involves shims.  We'll see. 

I scored the molding on top of one cabinet and I might give it a go tomorrow.

I may have to just accept that the cabinet dudes might have to take care of that before I can paint.  I really wanted to paint the back walls BEFORE the ceiling went up because it will be a horrible pain in the butt to paint carefully after the fact. 

On the way home from work, the Mr picked up the new sink we still have to inspect.

I also got our hardware...

...half of them damaged.  Thanks a lot.  So Wayfair issued me a refund and I'm going to donate them to Habitat for Humanity Restore.  Someone can spray paint the chipped ones if they want, but I now have trust issues with longevity.  The Mr said there were similar ones at Home Depot so we'll go look at those when we pick up our tile.

I was freaking out a bit yesterday morning because I felt like I was coming down with something in the super early stages.  A wee bit of throat irritation and nasal swelling.  I downed some Emergen-C and gargled with hydrogen peroxide.  I gargled again before bed and felt better.  I'm hoping I'm feeling nothing today because especially this weekend, I have zero time to be sick.

This definitely isn't where I thought I'd be starting the week.  Me and my big ideas.

And to all started with a lamp.

Has a project ever snowballed on you?

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  1. I remember the day that lamp arrived too. It was a surprise to me but we put it together and I liked it. I had no idea at that point how much everything was going to change around it. But so far I love all the changes, so I believe it will be worth some effort here to get to the end of another snowballed project. Can we chill after that for a while though?

  2. Every project I've ever tackled. New flooring in the kitchen? Let's do the entry way and bathroom too. New living room carpet? Let's do the stairs and hallway too. Painting the kitchen? crud now the rest of the upstairs looks dingy. I'm really excited for your kitchen remodel to be done.

    I feel you on the throat irritation/swelling panic. I have crap to do this weekend too (not as much as you, but still). In my case it's inevitable though since the boy has had a cold all week. I'm bound to get it, it's just a matter of if it's over the weekend or once I'm back to school next week. I'm downing the EmergenC also, and I have some zinc gummies at school so let's see if those help.

  3. We had quite the trial with a wallpapering project in the tiny bathroom that my mom insisted on helping with. It was a complete disaster and by the time it was all said and done, I called in professionals (and also had them paint the living room while I was at it. LOL) What I find is that projects take waaaaaaaaay more time than I ever anticipate, so I need to get it in my head that what I think will take "x" amount of time will really take "xyz" amount of time and to not stress about it and let it ride. And allot for it with my schedule! LOL


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