Thursday, February 6, 2020

We have a winner!

Heidi ho all!  Man has it been a week and it's only Thursday!  Or should I say, Friday Eve! 

We got our couches delivered Monday and the delivery people were super friendly and set everything up where we told them.  Always go for the white-glove service.  Worth it.  Here's what the old space looked like...

Now here are the new couches...

Yep, I got white.  Soak 'em in...they'll never be that white again!  😆  We've had cream colored and obviously light grey couches before so we'll see how this goes. I've always wanted that casual, slipcovered look and for what seemed like forever, I looked for them.  I almost went with the Ecktorp from IKEA but the most recent reviews were saying the formerly reliable couch had a bad frame now.  I read that too many times to ignore it, especially for bigger folk.

For two months last year, I was pretty sold on the Jameson at Wayfair and of course, when it came time to buy it, it was out of stock and then when it came back in, they jacked the price way up.  I was not happy.  But I should've been because instead of a slipcovered look that was not removable, I found the Veana which I didn't realize was actually slipcovered until we got it.  I got blue ticking pillows instead of the plain white so I didn't have to buy new ones for summer.  I think they were like $20 more total, so a steal.

Here's a comparison of the two.

(Source:   Left is Jameson and right is Veana.)

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The cushions are WAY more substantial on the Veana and the back cushions have more of the poof I wanted to them while still being firm.  We did make a change to them but I'll do a post on that later.  I immediately saturated it in Scotchgard because we are, after all, us.    But like an angel straight from heaven, My DIY Happy Home did an IG story about how she cleans her white slipcovered couch and she has dogs and kids that like to grind goldfish crackers in it.  So you can bet I bookmarked everything she recommended from the spot cleaner to the detergent (both of them) and the stain guard and I'm going to buy it ALL so it's on hand for our first wash.

We met with two other contractors since I last updated you.  Last week we talked with a mom and pop place whose son is the one that comes out.  They had WAY better doors than the first dude so he was automatically off the list at that point.  They offered MDF (no way) and wood and sadly, the estimate was basically the same as the first dude.  The Mr and I were bummed because we knew this was going to be our price range regardless if we liked it or not.

We met with our final contractor Tuesday and ding, ding, ding...we have a winner!!  We really loved the guy's vibe, he seemed genuinely excited about our project especially the ceiling and they could do everything we needed done.  We knew they would be the highest quote because they'd be doing the most.  We got his quote two hours after he left.  I haven't felt that pukey in a long time!  We opened it and were immediately happy to see the refacing alone was like $6200 which is what we were originally thinking.  For the rest of it, installing a backsplash, replacing/plumbing the new kitchen sink, and the ceiling project the grand total came to $9300!  We almost shit ourselves!!  We both got big smiles on our faces then I began squealing like I just met whoever the kids like right now...Shawn Mendes?  Lizzo?  (but we'll just say Duran Duran or Prince in their heyday to keep it real.)    We're going Monday to sign the contract and they'll start swinging hammers in April.


That's been the excitement on our end.

What are you excited about?

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  1. I am glad you like them. I am still transitioning from the old couches that I didn't have to be as careful on to the new ones that I feel like I am destined to ruin. I'm glad you found a good cleaning routine though.

  2. I'd be to scared to get white anything. I'm glad you found a contractor you like. I hope they do a great job for you.

  3. Congrats on the new couches and the new contractors for the kitchen!! And we're only in February! What a great start to the year. By the end of Spring you'll have your kitchen done and your couches will still be looking fabulous. Yippee!!!!!


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