Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Good vibes, good guys and good thing a-comin'

Hey y'all!  Happy Tuesday!  First, my proofreader is in bed so I apologize for the slew of typos you may find since my fingers are furiously typing.  Second, I have to thank those of you who messaged me on Facebook wishing us luck with our project.  It felt like we had our own little cheering section.  If you're still in the mood to cheer, the Mr has an interview today with the same company, different department so pass along any good vibes you can.  He really needs to get out of his current job for the sake of stress.  I hate seeing him so on edge all of the time and there's no end with that job, it's just fire after fire.  This job would be so much less stressful and better for his health.  Fingers crossed!

We had about as good of an experience you could ask for with our contractors yesterday.  The owner showed up a minute ahead of his guys and went over the plans for the room with them.  In a last minute potential shakeup, he suggested switching the direction I had something going that would've changed the whole feel of the room as I'd been imagining it.  I asked him what his reasoning was, listened and told him I understood his concerns but I had plans for the space he was addressing.  He said that was totally fine, it was just something he kept thinking about and wanted to mention it to me.  I'm glad I stuck to my guns on it though because it's exactly as I imagined.  He was going to leave, I reminded him to do the field measure for the cabinets and he said I was an angel for reminding him because it would've sucked to get on the other side of town and realize he hadn't done it.  We could tell he was quite scattered.  Friday, he had to put his dog to sleep and I guess it was the first time he ever had to do that.  I really felt for him.  I baked him some banana bread and we got him a card.  He was appreciative and talked about it a little.  Then he walked out and I reminded him we needed a measure for the ceiling estimate.  He felt horrible he was so scattered and we said we totally understood.  That's a big loss to go through and be chucked back into your work 3 days later like nothing happened. 

The guys were totally nice, they didn't mind I had things labeled on what I wanted to hide and feature more prominently and really knew their stuff.  We had a moment where we thought maybe there wouldn't be enough materials but they trudged on and we all had our fingers crossed.  They didn't have a radio or anything like many contractors do so I perused the guide to see what they might like and found the show that brings people together...

(Source:  Giphy.com)

As soon as they heard The Office theme, they both perked up and started telling stories and reciting dialogue.  We were all laughing together and needless to say, I got my fix after six hours of it! 

We really loved the way this portion of the project turned out and let's just say this wasn't a mistake.

There are a couple of spots where the old ceiling is visible (I'm hoping to rectify that today) and if we'd kept the ceiling white, we would've been in serious trouble.  So all of the weekend shenanigans were completely worth it.

There was one issue with spacing that we were both surprised by because we thought things were spelled out pretty clearly.  They made the suggestion that we might want to replace that light because the shades that point down in the pic above actually take away from the work done on the ceiling.

After looking at it and seeing what they were talking about, we tended to agree which stinks because that light isn't very old.  I was dreading looking for another one but on page one this one spoke to both of us.

We looked at a few more pages but we both agreed this would allow the light to flood the room rather than direct it all down and create a black void over it.  We'll just swap the bulbs we have in ours for theirs and the width of the base should actually balance the spacing issue we have.  We're hoping it's a "happy accident."

One thing that was revealed that we forgot about from the original remodel was this disaster on the side of the pantry.

There was a piece of trim against the wall that was used to hide how out of square the house is.  The top of the pantry is flush against the wall but by the bottom of it, there's about 1/4"+ gap.  There was a dip there before that I tried to fix several times and when I painted it was just a pain in the butt and never looked right.  I finally gave up and said no one would notice but us and forgot about it.  When they pulled that off, it looks like that brown piece took out my dip.  So I'll be sanding and painting that to make sure it's ready to go and ask for a white trim piece to cover that back up.

I am dying to show you guys but please trust me when I tell you it does not look peek worthy yet especially with the honey cabinets.  We have so much to still do in this space and it'll probably be a month-ish before everything comes together.  I can tell you this though...I'm in love with the smile on the Mr's face when we look at it.  We kept looking at it and giggling and just looking in wonder, asking what the other's favorite parts are, etc.  I was worried that he was going along with it for my sake because he knows if I have a kitchen I love being in that he'll keep getting good food.  😆  (His sentiment, not mine.)   But to see him truly impressed with what he sees and pointing and smiling at it does my heart good.  There are so many details to still hammer out but I'm glad this part is done even if we're not ready for a while for the rest of it.

What's going good for you as you kick off this week?

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  1. I am smiling over the whole thing. It is so amazing and I cannot wait to see, and share, the finished kitchen. Thanks everyone for the good vibes. Wish me luck!

  2. Sounds like a great day!
    Good luck to the Mr!

  3. Yesterday was a rough start to the week around here. Trying to get my good vibes for today going, but it's a struggle knowing that today is my only night with downtime all week.

  4. So happy you're happy with how the project is going!! Sounds like you have the perfect team to work with and everyone is on the same page. It's a fun and exciting project and that is fantastic.
    Best wishes to the Mr. on this interview!!


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