Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Breakfast mash

The other morning, I decided to try a little something different for breakfast.

I had a lone sweet potato and wanted to jazz it up for breakfast.  Don't ask why I was craving a sweet potato.  So here's what I did...

I grabbed my morning nana, the sweet potato and some raw honey.  I poked the sweet potato and microwaved it for 5 minutes.  While it was warming, I mashed the banana in a bowl.

When the tater was done, I peeled the skin and mashed it as well. 

Then I added the two mashes and gave 'em a stir together.

I dipped a fork in the honey and drizzled it over the top and hit it with a bit of pumpkin pie spice.

It was quite good and kept me full all morning.

What concoctions do you like for breakfast?

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  1. It did not sound very good to me at first but I have to admit that the end result looks delicious!

  2. That sounds pretty good. I usually do a very simple breakfast, I never have the time for anything fancy. Yogurt and some fruit or oatmeal is about the fanciest I ever get.

    1. I bet you could make it the night before and reheat it in the morning if it was covered.

  3. That breakfast really sounds delicious--and so healthy. Smart idea Anele! Today I am joining you and Mr. in getting back on the weight-loss track. I joined a 6-month Diet Bet with my son. I was hesitant, it seemed like a big commitment, and was kind of expensive, but knew I had to change something FAST, because I was on my way back to regaining all 178 pounds I lost. When I got on the scale last night, (for the first time in weeks), I saw was a 35-pound regain from my 150-lb. happy weight, (and that's just since Christmas!) so I've got my work cut out for me in the next six months. Thanks for being an inspiration!!! It's only noon, but so good! It's a START!!!

    1. Good on ya if you can use money as a motivator. That's just under 6 lbs per month you need to lose and it can be done! You've got this and you've caught it before it turned into something more serious. We are meant to be statistics for the ones who lose the weight and keep it off. I know it's harder but so worth it.


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