Monday, April 13, 2015

Post Easter aftermath

So it was time for the big post- Easter weigh in.  Let me tell you how some previous years post-Easter weigh in's went.

2013- +2
2014- +4
2015-  -3

That's right, I LOST 3 POUNDS...over EASTER.  The holiday where the only present you typically receive is candy.  This reinforces several things I already knew.

1) If we make our high cal day Easter Sunday, then it is possible to lose weight.  That is a big fat DUH but our sense of entitlement blinded us to reason in years past.

2)  If we carefully choose the candy we're going to get without buying everything disguised as a bunny or egg or things we can get any time of year, we can lose weight.

3)  While drinking apple cider vinegar can aid for various things in the body, using it to aid in weight loss never works for me.  I was off it last week and lost.  I was on it the week before and didn't.  This has happened several times, enough to be a pattern.  As usual, my body goes against the grain of what works for 90% of the population so I'll stick to using it as a pretty kick ass topical zit tonic.

We went out Saturday and I got a bad chicken and waffle sandwich at this restaurant that I know better than to expect a good outcome.  I ate some of it and not even half of the fries and I paid for it later.  I don't know if it's their butter or the oil they fry in but I'm lucky to even get out of there without making a mad dash to the lavatory.  I was given a 45 minute reprieve before the satanic rumblings from Hell kicked in and we were close enough to home I was able to make it there.  I think I'm crossing that place off of my list.  It happens without fail.  :-(

During my 45 minute reprieve time, we hit up the sporting goods store and got rash guards we'll need for the summer.  I'll explain why in a later post.  But it was nice to have those bought and out of the way.

Sunday it was time to get out and enjoy the weather and flowers.

Everything is blooming and it makes for an awfully nice stroll about the city.

I also packed a nice, healthy pic-a-nic for us to enjoy in the park.

A turkey wrap with hummus, a little BBQ sauce and spinach, some carrots, pineapple and raisins.  It was nice to sit on the park bench as the doggies wandered by.  One came right up to us the second we finished like "what do you guys have?"  Sorry fella, 20 seconds too late!

Despite putting on sunscreen I feel like I got sun which is not good.  So I think it's time for new sunscreen.  I can't be out in the sun thinking I'm safe and then get that tender feeling.  BLECH!  I remember back in the 80's when it was like water bottle or baby oil was the only thing I wanted to assist me.  Boy, if we only knew then that sunscreen wasn't for crunchy hippies or fair skinned people.  *rolling eyes*

I didn't do good on water Saturday but got it all in on Sunday.  I'm off to plan meals for the week!

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. There is no doubt that we are on the right track again finally. We just have to keep up the good work! I lost 2 pounds and it is so great being able to say that after an Easter weekend.

    1. It definitely is. That weekend has been a huge albatross for many years. I'm pretty sure we gained in 2012 as well.

  2. I did nothing on Saturday but it felt great to not have my walking boot on for hours! On Sunday, I went grocery shopping, picked up my place a bit, prepped food for as long as my leg allowed, napped, tried on clothes I bought prior to breaking my leg, homework for a class I'm in a work, and watched TV

    1. Glad you got to go bootless for a while! Sounds like a nice weekend!

  3. Housework, and school work and I also got a the lawn mowed, and a couple small things fixed around the house. Plus the boy had soccer on Saturday and his boy scout pinewood derby race on Sunday - so those were fun.

    I was the same way in high school & college with sunscreen. I was a swimmer so every summer Saturday was outside at meets with no sunscreen and then I was a lifeguard so every summer day was outside with little/no sunscreen.

    Now I worry about skin cancer and I try to be better about wearing sunscreen but still forget about half the time if I'll only be out for a little while (like the aforementioned yard work and soccer game).

    I lost last week too! YAY us! I'm off now to pack lunch for the day and figure out breakfast which I should have done last night.

    1. So has little guy morphed to the boy now? :-)

      I'm trying to be better about sunscreen but I'm not always perfect. I was outside today and the sun came out and I about hissed like a vampire and ran inside because I didn't have sunscreen on since it started out overcast and I wasn't going to be out long.

      Congrats on the loss! That's awesome!

  4. This weekend was a bust for me because of a UTI I've had for over a week. I ended up getting a different antibiotic since the first one I'd been on for several days did nothing. The second one helped tremendously. Now my problem is I have a prolapse! I'm sooooooo dreading any possible surgery, but I have a feeling that's the direction I'll have to go. I'll be seeing the doc in a couple of weeks once the antibiotics are done. I did manage to go to the grocery store yesterday and planned out my meals for the week. I walked (slowly and carefully) through the whole place checking items off my list and buying nothing else. The hubs did all the lifting, so that was very helpful. My body has been really swollen with water retention despite having 12 bottles of water on Saturday alone. I'm hoping that will get better as the infection goes away. Female parts--aren't they grand? Pfft.

    1. Good Lord woman, I keep praying you'll be cut a break. I don't know how you keep your sanity. Try to hang in there. :-\


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