Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter weekend and what I'm reading this week

Friday you're finally here!

I'm hoping y'all are ready for some linkage to peruse to make your work day go faster.  Yes?  Then lets get to...

8 Cost-Effective Ways to Get a High-End Look  (Ooh la la)

Teen Bullied Over Her Prom Dress Has the Last Laugh  (I LOVE this!)

After Daughters Act Up, Mom Turns to Facebook to Make Amends  (I love this just as much because it shows some parents actually, you know, parent.)

22 Easter Bunnies That Are Definitely Serial Killers  (Hide yer children!)

Emily Debrayda Phillips obituary  (Trust me, you'll want to read it)

Big Love: Getting Beyond a 100 Pound Weight Gain  (Get it, girl!)

Herb Garden Essentials: How to Grow Basil (I always have such lofty plans for basil.  This year I want to follow through, dammit!)

Cool ways to dye Easter eggs  (Pretty cool but I've always been a Paas girl)

A High-Fat Diet Could Be Altering Your Behavior and Not Just Your Waistline  (Interesting stuff)

'Desperately Seeking Susan' Turns 30: An Oral History of the Downtown Classic  (I was positive this was going to be my life.  I would live in NYC, know cool people like Susan and hang out in seedy magic clubs. be young and full of 80's movie dreams)

Pope told to lay off the pasta and exercise more after weight gain  (Aww, pudgy pope.  Lil nugget)

A Look at What 100 Calories of Easter Candy Looks Like (Hint: Not Much)  (Yikes)

We're flip flopping our high cal day to Sunday so we can just have one day of pseudo gluttony over turning it into two.  We picked a few things for our Easter candy and I told my mom no candy this year.  Let's hope she listens.  I don't want to have to stave off temptation if I don't have to.

I'm bringing a strawberry and vanilla bundt cake and I saw Trader Joe's has cookie butter oreo like cookies so I bought those so I could try one (or two) and let the family dingoes eat them.

What are you doing this weekend?  Happy Easter!

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  1. We definitely need to make this Easter a win but I'm glad we're swapping cheat days so that we can still enjoy some extras too. Sticking within our guidelines for a cheat day will help a lot.

    1. Yeah me too. Usually we go into it having our Sat high cal day and try to eat decent at Easter dinner and fail miserably. Ham = 5 days o' bloat.

  2. Happy Easter to you too! I'm not sure what Easter will be like this year. Mom has had a physical decline this week so she does not want to get together for Easter. I offered to come out tomorrow by myself but have not heard back from her. I will definitely take the dogs for a walk and try to make the day fun for them. I got off work early today (I've made Fridays my early days since I have to work longer during the week but can't go over 40 hours) so I'm thrilled to be home. I'll be going to Ulta with a gift card I have to pick up my Redken and then over to Catherine's to pick up my spring jacket that I just love--white with blue around the waist--very nautical looking. Trying to keep my chin up, but boy has it been hard this week! The sun is shining though and I'm off of work (and not on-call this weekend) so that puts a smile on my face for sure! Enjoy your weekend!!

    1. I'm so sorry to hear that about your mom. I hope you're able to get together even if there isn't much fuss. Try to enjoy the weekend and get out in the sunshine!


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