Thursday, April 30, 2015

Annual date with the metal bird

Ahh, nothing like waking up and realizing it's annual day.

The hope that you weigh less than the last time you were there, somehow being surprised when they ask you the first day of your last period even though you've been asked it every single year for as long as you can remember, the paper towel they give you to wear while you wait.

Speaking of the wait.  Why do they bring you back so early when you just sit there and wait and wait and wait?  I'd rather wait out in the waiting room with the Mr (yes, he goes with me for moral support, always has and gives him a reason to take off work).  Maybe I'm the only one who has a wait as long as I do but my gynie is worth it.  I wouldn't trust anyone else with my lady bits.  She actually takes the time to answer any questions and that's why she's never on time because of how much time she takes with her patients.

Honestly, of all the doctors appointments I've had to go to this year, it's pretty sad when getting a speculum in the tunnel of love is the least nerve racking.

Do you get your annual...annually?  Or is this your reminder that your health needs to take priority and you're begrudgingly calling your gynie because you know it would suck if you got something you could've caught early but didn't because you were afraid?  (See how I did that?)

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  1. I'm off getting my annual by a month - I know this since my prescription just ran out. Oops.
    I'm good about this annual because I've had a scare in the past and I needed to go every few months.
    Ovary and breast health are very important. So I'm good about going even though it's super awkward

    I'm also pretty good about going every year for my eyes.
    I haven't found a new dentist since I moved, so I haven't gone in a year.
    I haven't seen a regular doctor in over 2 years since the last one made me feel really bad about myself. But my work has health screenings as part of our insurance discount program that I've participated in but since the move, I need to go find a doctor =/

  2. I go pretty much annually, but over the years my "date" has moved from summer to winter so it's probably more like 13 months than 12. Partly my fault (procrastination) and partly the fact that my doctor is really busy and is always booked far in advance and I have to schedule around work so it seems my appt gets pushed a little every year. Now I'm hoping to push a little further and get back to summer appointments.

    I really like the PA I've seen the last couple of times. She's really great and answers my questions too. She only works part time though so scheduling with her can be a challenge too. She's the one that found the lump in my breast last time, and even though it turned out to be nothing I'm grateful that she was so thorough.

    You're not the only one that has to wait. Last time I took my own robe so I wouldn't have to wear the paper towel, and I'm so glad I did. I will never not do that from now on. I ended up waiting for like an hour after they took me back to the exam room.

  3. I finally went after missing it for like 5 years. After having my second child, I really felt so uncomfortable with so many strangers seeing all my parts. Then I had to wait for insurance since my husband kept changing jobs. It was my first annual after turning 40--which apparently there is another area they now check and don't tell you until they are basically doing it. NOT COOL! Don't know how I am going to force myself to do that again next year. Also got the first mammogram. I am not sure why there is such a big deal made over it. It is way easier than the annual. Still uncomfortable standing there with my boobies out, but not as bad as I thought. I was more scared not getting checked thinking all sorts of bad things were happening on my insides. I feel so much better knowing it is done and I am okay!

  4. I'll just say props to all the ladies that have to do this. Doesn't sound like fun but it is the best way to stay healthy so good on anyone who does it annually!

  5. I get mine annually, although I'm a couple months behind because of my insurance changes. It's never really bothered me going to this appointment; I figure I'm done with the actual procedure in less than 10 minutes. My doc has those cool tile scenes on the ceiling that are a hoot to look at. And what I really like is although I have a looooong wait sometimes, she personally comes knocking on the door 5 minutes before she's going to come in to let you know to go ahead and change into the gown. So sitting in the room isn't too bad because I always bring a book to read and just sit in the chair until she comes a knockin'. I actually get more stressed out at my annual physical than I do with the gyne. Not sure why.


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