Thursday, April 16, 2015

Video doesn't lie

Thanks so much for the kind responses yesterday.

It was a pretty lackluster day.  I got to work on some stuff I needed to get done and counted down the hours until the Mr got home since the day seemed to drag.

Last night we did a circuit workout and a few of the songs brought back memories of our 2001 trip to Hawaii.  I always remember that as one of my favorite trips.  I thought I looked decent, we went to three islands and I knew we'd be taking my friend the following year so we filmed it kind of travelogue style which is fun to watch.  We broke out the DVD's and reminisced.  Then I realized that "ahh, I didn't look as good as I thought I did!"  I definitely held my weight differently because I don't think I'm too far off weight wise than I am now.  So weird how that is.  Plus our voices sound so young, well I guess we were young, I was 26 and he was 28.  My voice is now grisled by life.  Nothing more frustrating than looking back on a trip 14 years ago and realizing you're not much better off weight wise.  Sigh.

Then it reminded me that we never really put together our vacation video from last years trip to Carmel and San Francisco which means it'll never get done.  That's not like us.  I think when we went through footage we weren't thoroughly impressed with what I took.  Double sigh.

Dinner was salmon and brussels.

I'm ready for the weekend...if Garfield didn't give you the hint.

Do you ever look at pics or video of a time when you thought you looked good and recoil in horror?

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  1. It was good to watch the old trip but at the same time it was eye opening to see that I was so wrong about my body image when I used to look at pics from that timeframe. You're right too, we were both about the same weights then that we are now but we do have a lot more muscle tone and I think that makes the difference. However, I am not delusional enough to think that there won't be future time where we look at pics of ourselves as we are now and have the same eye opening again. It just happens but in a way it's a good thing when you can finally see yourself the way others see you.

    1. Yeah it's totally in the way I hold the weight now. My face and upper body were much heavier than they are now but my legs are much bigger now than they were then. I looked more proportionate back then even if it was fat all over. So weird. I remember seeing pics from that trip and thinking "if I could only look like that again" and now I don't want to!

  2. I don't think I have a single picture that doesn't make me cringe. No... I think I have 3 that don't horrify me. Otherwise every picture I have of myself looks like a mug shot. Seriously, I don't photograph well at any weight.

  3. Recoil indeed! I never, ever think I look as bad as I do until I see myself on film. I'm far bigger and my head looks like this little pin on top of a potato. And I never realized how I have virtually no defined neck because my face is so fat. It's like when I look in the mirror I see "some" of that, but the reality is so much different when I see it in pictures.


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