Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Patio clearing and butt kicking

Yesterday I couldn't take how grody the patio looked anymore and decided to dig up and throw out all of the plants from last season.  I know, you're supposed to do that in the Fall, we don't.  Never have and I'm not going to lie and say we're going to start now.  We're just lazy like that.  When I threw away the potted palm (what was left of it) I found this little guy/girl so I gave it a twig to crawl up and out of the pot at its leisure.

By the time I was done, I was apparently covered in something that irritated me because I was itching everywhere and the spots that are STILL there from my allergy test were itching.  So I peeled off my clothes in the basement and showered to wash everything off.  I ran the sweeper on the rug, swept and cleaned the floor and ran the air purifier in the living room to try to get everything settled down.  It seemed to help quite a bit but it's irritating I would have to do that.  Hopefully it's only when kicking stuff up/planting when the time is right and not just a result of having the door open or anything.  Yeesh.

Sunday, the Mr put some graphite lubricant (affiliate link) on some problem boards in our kitchen.  It's a bummer that less than a year after getting our floors done that they already have squeaks.  If we had it to do over again, I think we should've put new luan down to replace what we ripped up with the other floor.  I just assumed we didn't need it and I think our friend said if we had it that there would be a weird angle in the floor that couldn't be there.  But now the boards move so much when I'm trying to film things that it's maddening.  Maybe we should've put the luan down throughout the living room to meet up with the kitchen but too late now.  Wah wahhh.  So the Mr did some research and found that graphite lubricant between the boards can really help with boards rubbing against each other.  It has helped tremendously.  There are a few stubborn spots but nothing another treatment or two couldn't help with.  So if you have squeaky laminate, there's your tip for the day,

I saw Fitness Blender just posted another strength workout on our strength day so I figured why not get our butts handed to us for our workout?  That it did.

Dinner was coconut shrimp and thai lime rice.

Do you clear your plants in the fall or the spring?

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  1. We always think we have a few more weeks before the winter really comes in. But this year especially, it came in and pretty much stayed with no let up so we didn't have a chance to clear the patio or anything.

    That fitness blender workout was no joke! Ouch!

    1. Well I think we were warm-ish until almost January this year and kept thinking we'd have a day we could enjoy the patio but just didn't. I was also horrified to find we forgot to wrap up the cushions for the year under the cover. Oy. Patio fail.

      I am SOOOO sore!

  2. I usually pull up any vegetable plants I have in the fall, but the flowers wait until spring.

  3. We're lazy too and do the clearing in the spring. We plant fall flowers too (marigolds) but they mix in with the spring/summer ones so it's easy then. I've been wanting to look into cork flooring for the kitchen. I read up on it a few years ago but need to research it again because I forgot most of what I read. =o)

    1. Good, I'm glad I'm not the only one! I read up on cork and I can't remember why we didn't go with it. Oh, I think because we know we'll be selling in a few years and weren't sure how people felt about it as a selling point so I think we skipped it until our next home. It's supposed to be nice and cushy on your feet. :)


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