Friday, April 10, 2015

Weekend ready and what I'm reading this week

It's been a long week and I'm ready for a bit o' relaxation.

Whose with me?

While we're all waiting for the clock to let us go home, let's get to...

What Tech Experts Do at the ATM to Protect Their Accounts and You Probably Should, Too  (Will do!)

7 Reasons to Start Your Day With a Glass of Lemon Water  (I wish I could down a whole lemons worth of juice in the morning...wretch)

The Farmer's Share Of The Retail Dollar  (This is very sad...these people provide our FOOD for God's sake!)

Students experience living history on retired aircraft carrier  (So sweet.  All kids need to be this interested in learning)

The Rewards of Saying “No”  (I LOVE this response and just used it today!)

What’s the Deal With Matcha, Really?  (I may need to start forcing this down once a day)

Why Facebook’s Scrapbook Is Bad For Your Baby  (I have never agreed with people sharing their kids photos on FB when they have no say in the matter but this is a whole other thing)

Travel Mistakes I Always Make  (Love Samantha Brown)

The Golden Girls Lego Set Might Soon Be Reality  (courtesy of The Mr)

The Hidden Dangers of Makeup Brushes  (Given the crap I'm going through right now, I learned a hard lesson but not like this poor woman.  CLEAN YOUR BRUSHES!)

27 Insanely Smart Ways To Save Money At Whole Foods  (Other than not shopping there)

Nothing on tap for the weekend that I'm aware of which is fine with me.  I'd like the house to spontaneously clean itself but I'm guessing that's not going to happen.  Hmmph.

What are y'all getting into this weekend?

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  1. Definitely glad the weekend is here. It has been a long week. Those are some good links as usual. I can't wait to see the ATM security one because I do some things already and I want to see if I'm right.

    1. You've had a long, gross week. We should do something fun to flush this week down the twa-let.

  2. This weekend will be the usual - grading and cleaning. Blech.

  3. Driving back home from grandma's house on Sunday. It will be a 13 hour drive, but the time with her is always worth it.

  4. Recovering from the gazillion tornadoes that ripped through here. What a night!! 100 year old trees lifted straight up out of the ground, roots and all. A restaurant got obliterated, but the people got to the basement and only had minor injuries. The sheriff lost his house, too. The Red Cross is out in the towns that got hit the worst and they are checking credentials and won't let anyone through who doesn't live there. At one point there were 4 funnel clouds in the sky dancing together as they touched down. It was freaky! One of my dogs is just a wreck with rain and wind, so he's been a mess for two days. We had a thunder-boomer so loud that it shook all the houses on our block so hard that everyone's car alarms went off in the garages. What a night. Aside from a dentist appt tomorrow and planning my food for next week, I'm not doing squat!

    1. I wondered if that was near you or not. I'm glad you're okay and have said prayers for those affected. That had to be so scary! Relax this weekend and give that pup a relaxing massage to calm his nerves! ;-)

    2. dalbador1 we must live close to each other...

      I can't believe the devastation that went through this area last night. So sad. :(

      We were running errands when the EAS went off. We pulled into Lowe's and got out of the car to see the funnel off in the distance. We had to stay in the break room of Lowe's to wait it out. Our daughter was in the basement of a Starbucks. When the thunder boomed so loud that it shook that huge building that Lowe's made us realize just how small we truly are on this big planet. Scary night. I'm glad to hear you are okay dalbador1. My prayers are with all those who lost so much.

      Not doing much this weekend. That was enough excitement for a few days.


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